The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Treehouse Blueprint

on March 30, 2015


I would like to note that this picture was taken last week when we still had snow on the ground. The snow is all melted now!

My dad and I built this playset five years ago. Last year we started brainstorming ideas on upgrades we could do. If we were going to stay in this house long term the plan was to yank out the rickety swing behind the tree house and double the size of it, really making it nice. But, we are not, and so our plans needed to be scaled back.

At this point, I think the plan is to take the roof off and make it taller so that the girls can stand up in it. They’re both on their knees in this picture, and can only stand in the very center of the platform. We also have a hammock swing that will replace the tire swing.

If the girls get their way, they will also get shingles on the roof, so they can be out there during a rain storm. They also want a door, but that may be something we do with some tent fabric or something similar. They also want “no holes” in it, but I think that’s the cool spring weather talking, because I’m guessing once it’s summer they will want the breeze.

We have a lot of spring projects coming up, but hopefully this one can be done easily in an afternoon. I’m hoping with just a few changes this tree house can be made into a super cool little spot for the girls.

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