The Munchkins

Life with identical twins


The girls and I are in a good groove right now and I am eating it up. They are adorable and funny from the moment they wake up. If you anger them get out of the way because they’ll be swinging, but aside from those moments it’s all love. We’re in one of those phases where if I could take two weeks off work and just hang with them I totally would, and that’s something I don’t say lightly!

Here is Miss Delaney modeling her outfit of the day. The shirt she’s wearing is a one off, I don’t have another shirt that matches or coordinates with it so it doesn’t get worn often. Since we’re at the end of the summer I pulled it out, along with a denim skirt she doesn’t wear often either. She has paired it with her iCarly Keds. I wish I would have known how much she would love those shoes because I would have used them as a potty training incentive!

Bath time has been a rollercoaster for us since they were newborns. They loved it, they hated it, they loved it, they hated it. I loved it, I hated it, I loved it, I hated it. We were in something of a downswing lately. They don’t play with bath toys so they only want to be in the tub for 10 minutes max. It was a huge waste of water. I floated the shower idea on Sunday and they loved it. They both love the feel of the shower on their back. Caden even loves to get her hair wet. We’re full time shower converts now and I couldn’t be happier. Everyone is excited to get clean again!

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Some Messy Fun

Last year on New Year’s Eve I gave the girls some pudding on their highchair trays and let them go to town, then I threw them in the tub. This year, I put the pudding *and* them in the tub and let them go to town. I even added some jello for extra sensory fun.

The set up.

I know it looks like Caden is going to stick her finger in the jello, but don’t be fooled. She wanted nothing to do with any of it. She crouched in a corner and said “No, no, no” over and over. I finally took her out, wrapped her in a towel for a bit, then let her set up all of the step stools so she could do her climbing.

Laney loved it. LOVED IT. I knew she would though. She painted her body with pudding, she painted the tub, I gave her a mohawk with the pudding. She had so much fun.

To clean up, I used the sprayer attachment I use to wash the dog and sprayed everthing off, including Delaney. Wow was that a mistake. She hated it. Cried and cried, was so upset. I frantically tried filling the tub up with water thinking that would help, but no. I washed her hair and body as quickly as I could and got her out of there. Meanwhile, Caden was happy as a clam in the tub by herself.

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Bits & Pieces

* Tonight we all realized that Delaney can climb up onto the kitchen stools. This means that if I put something I don’t want her to have, like the box of rice that she somehow thinks is a snack for her, on the kitchen counter, she can push the stool over by it, climb up and get at it. Lovely.

* Delaney prefers the bath water to be lukewarm. Tonight it was a little warmer than I intended and she refused to sit down. I asked her why she didn’t want to sit and she said “I’m scared, okay?”

* We’ve been working on counting quite a bit lately. Caden loves it! “One …. two …. fwee!” The other night Delaney had woken her up so she was in bed with me and she decided 2:00am was the perfect time to count the buttons on my headboard. “One, two, fwee! One, two, fwee!” Over and over.

* My favorite part about bath night is playing with Laney’s hair. It’s getting so long! And check out those curls!

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Tonight in the bath tub Caden put both hands on Delaney’s chest and pushed!  Yikes.  I was right there since they had just gone into the tub, but honestly!  And the smile on her face while she did it makes me wonder how long she’s been plotting that one.  

Caden took, I think, three tumbles in the tub tonight?  The water seems to cushion everything, so even when she fell straight backwards and all that was above water were her eyes, nose, and mouth, she wasn’t hurt.  In fact, I think she came up laughing every time.  Even when she was sputtering water!  Perhaps we have a fish on our hands?  I definitely want to do swimming lessons with them at some point, but I think that is  going to involve bribing a friend to go with us.  At what age do babies not need an adult in the water with them for lessons?

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Big tub

A few weeks ago the girls got too big to both fit into the little duck tub anymore so we made the move to the big tub.  The first few weeks were anxiety ridden since their balance wasn’t the best and they were fascinated by all the room they now had.  But, their balance has improved significantly and now everyone loves bathtime.  As soon as I lay Caden down on the bathmat to strip her, she gets excited.


Can we talk about the little buddha belly Caden is now sporting?  I finally put some good weight on my girl!

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Two babies, One tub

I think we’ve worked out a system that should work for a few weeks.  Getting them into the tub is easy, it’s getting them out that is tricky.  The plan – Caden comes out first,  gets a diaper on and sits in the boppy*.  Then Delaney comes out and gets a diaper on.  Everyone goes in the nursery and someone hangs in a crib while the other gets pj’s.  Switch!  


If the girls spot something, they have to play with it.  Note that ALL of the bath toys are in the bath with them.  Delaney saw the cup that we use to wash hair on the side of the tub so I threw it in by her.  She immediately tried to take a drink from it!  They drink out of a big girl cup at meals, so I thought it was cute she tried to do it here.  No worries.  There wasn’t any dirty bath water in it!



*Caden can sit up, but not the best.  Since the bathroom tile would make for a big *bonk*, we put the boppy behind her to give her some stability and cushioning.

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They say as soon as you get into a routine with kids, everything changes.  That has certainly been the case regarding bath time.  When they first came home from the NICU they got baths in a tiny tub.  Baths were very hit or miss back then.  Sometimes they liked them, sometimes they screamed the whole time.  They loved the running water and would look for the faucet when they heard the sound.  It worked well for a few weeks, but it was messy and they soon outgrew it.  We moved on to a tub that had a hammock in it.  They could stretch out, baths actually happened in the bathroom instead of the kitchen, but they were still hit or miss.  Lots of screaming baths.  Once they learned how to roll over the hammock had to go.  There was a spot in the tub where they could kind of sit, but it just didn’t work.  I hated bath time because they were slipping and sliding all over the place.  

So I brought out the rubber duck again.  We had used it once or twice when they were little, but it was too big then.  Now it’s just the right size!  They’re long enough that they can lounge and kick, plus it’s small enough that they can sit up without the worry of toppling over.  I’m sure they’ll outgrow it soon enough and then we’ll move onto something else.  Maybe the big tub?

Miss Caden lounging in the tub.  She always takes a bath first and so gets more playtime.  By the time Delaney gets in the tub Caden is demanding her bottle so we fly through Delaney’s bath.

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Bath night

The girls have had some sort of stomach bug for the last week.  They’ve tolerated it pretty well, but they’ve gone through a lot of diapers if you know what I mean.  But, I think everyone is turning the corner.  The diarrhea is almost gone, the resulting diaper rashes are almost gone, the girls are chatty and happy again, and everyone slept through the night last night. 

We had bath night last night, slightly delayed due to illness, but necessary at this point.  The only pictures of their baths I have are from the NICU!  Then again, it’s a little more difficult to bathe them and snap photos at the same time. 

Both girls love hoods and hats.  I think their favorite part of baths is when they get dried off in their hooded towel (used to be getting their hair washed). 

I usually have one hand behind them, but in order to take this picture I leaned Caden all the way back and she loved it!  Maybe I’ll start giving them a little more independence in the tub.

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