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End of Summer


We headed out to the lake one last time before school starts, and my parents close everything down. The weather was hot and humid. It was sticky! And there were crazy thunderstorms at night. I found out that Lark does not do well with storms! She will surely need a thunder shirt next summer.

We did a shrimp boil for dinner Saturday night. So easy and so tasty! It’s the perfect meal for us. Sausage, shrimp, corn, and potatoes all in one tasty pile of goodness.


The lake is definitely the girls happy place. They got in all of their favorite activities, and helped out with the dogs.

midas et

Poor Midas. I think sometimes the girls forget he really isn’t a doll. I had to laugh when Caden did this to him though, he looks like E.T.!


In years past, the girls have worn five or six different suits throughout the summer. This year, a lot of their one piece suits (which is they preferred suit) were stretched out from being pulled on and off too many times. When they have to get dressed themselves, tankini suits can be difficult, so we headed to Target and got them each a new suit. 2015 will forever be the summer of Caden wearing this suit nonstop. We both loved this suit, here’s to hoping it still fits next year!


One final pool picture! They sure are lucky to have a grampy who gets in the pool with them and tosses them around.


Last pool day

Our pool closed yesterday. Last year I was apparently on the ball about this, this year it totally caught me by surprise. It’s going to be 95+ all week. I planned on hitting it at least a few nights after work. WTH?!

So anyway, we went yesterday afternoon knowing it would be crazy, but it was extra crazy because it was the last day. People were everywhere! Luckily our neighbors were there, so we hung with them and stayed close. It was nice to have two adults to keep eyes on the kids. With so many people, I get nervous. Anyway, it was hot and crowded and by the end, we were all in bad moods. Since it was the last day and I refused to go out on a bad note. The tube line didn’t look super long, so we ran over there and grabbed three tubes. You can’t help but smile as you’re going through the slide, and I was right, it did turn things around. After, all three of us raced into the water and swam and played for another 30 minutes. A bunch of people had cleared out, so we actually had room to swim and play.


Goodbye pool! Until next year!!

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An Easy Decision


This summer has been weird. We had some hot weather in June and hit the pool a ton. Then the weather cooled down. We went a few times, but our pool isn’t heated so even if it’s 80, it feels chilly by all the water. I made a promise to myself that if it hit 90, I was spontaneously taking the day off and hitting the pool. Yesterday, it was 90 and we were at the pool!

We invited our friend Michelle because the pool is always more fun with friends. We had the perfect spot, right by the area the girls like to swim. We could sit with our feet in our water and chat, and if Caden needed some time out of the pool, our chairs were right there. And when one girl wanted to go through the pool and one wanted to go around the pool to get to the snack stand, we could divide and grant both wishes.


Both girls were so happy the entire day. Caden has really had a rough patch lately, between anxiety and nightmares she’s just been sad a lot of the time. It was so awesome to see her smile and dance around. It was really good for all of us, to take a day off and just have fun.

To continue the fun, we hit the frozen yogurt place. It was just down the road, how could we not?! The girls have finally realized that they need to dial back the crazy toppings. This time they went with fruit and chocolate chips. And guess what? They actually ate their yogurt because it wasn’t a gross mess!

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The Year of the Pool

This summer will forever be the Year of the Pool. In past summers we’d hit the splash pad with varying luck, tried out pools with no luck, and in the end, spent our summers fairly waterless. But this summer we found our pool and our groove.

My parents bought a castle pool for us two years ago. The pool is long gone, but we still have the blow up knight shield. The girls use it as a kickboard. Or something.

The girls have really become best friends this summer and the place you can see that most clearly is definitely the pool.

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Swimming Pool!

The super antibiotic is awesome. Both girls were fever free and completely new people today! Delaney was so happy to get back to school that she ran around and gave all of her teachers hugs this morning. It was cute.

It was hot and humid out today. Finally! Summer is here. I love it. We had two options after dinner – blow up our new swimming pool or play in the downstairs play room. No way was I staying inside! The pool was perfect. It cooled everyone down as we walked in and out of it. Of course the first one in was the dog! And of course the first pictures I took were the best, but my lens was all fogged up!

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Actual pool time

At the moment, the pool is emptied, but we did log some time in it. Delaney seems to like it. She would rock and make the waves go back and forth. She also loves buckets and watching things drain, so she would do that over and over.

Caden wasn’t as into it. I think for her, it’s like having to take another bath and she’s not real keen on those these days either.

Truly though, at this point in the day the water was about 85 degrees, so it wasn’t like it was refreshing. The hose Delaney is hanging on to is part of the sprayer. We couldn’t get the sprayer to work correctly. When I would hook it up to the hose it was more of a shooter, than a sprayer.

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Pool time!

Last fall, my parents bought a pool for the girls on sale.  My mom kept saying it was a big pool, but I hadn’t seen it yet.  They brought it up this spring and YES, it’s a very big pool.  Two pools to be exact, with a slide in between.  Something that once blown up and filled, is going to stay put for a bit.  And kill my lawn.

But, today was hot and they are predicting solid 80’s for the next few days.  We’ll be close to home so it seemed like the perfect time to bust out the pool.  After dinner, the girls and I headed outside with our trusty air pump to blow it up.

Best news ever?  It really *is* two pools.  So I just blew up the smaller pool.  It’s small enough that we can heat up the water easily enough, and it has a sunshade!  And it’s shaped like a castle!  The girls loved tumbling around in it tonight even without water, so I’m guessing tomorrow they’ll have a blast with it.


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