The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Family Photos

family 1

I thought I had gotten more family pictures but alas, no. Oh well. It’s always difficult trying to get pictures with us together because I feel like a giant. And I hate when I have good hair and the picture falls flat!

family 2

Same outfits, different pose. Still not fabulous.

family ledge

This was the last night of our trip. The lighting was perfect just outside my parents condo, and the ledge put us all at the same height. They were terrified they were going to fall off though, so all I could do was put my arms in front of them to hang on which looks silly. Also, someone should have told me my hair was flat. That’s what I get for letting it air dry.

family sunset

And sunset family picture fail.

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Caden on Vacation

caden sunglasses

This time, Caden in the shade changing her shoes. With a snotty nose.

caden blue sky 2

I have a thing for close ups with the big blue sky in the background. Love this silly kid!

caden shell sunset

Sunset, Caden showing me a shell she found on the beach. I love this shirt on her, perfect colors for her.

caden splash

This kid is such a fish. She was in and out of the water all day, splashing and jumping.

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Delaney on Vacation

delaney hat

After one of our beach walks we came to the edge of the sand to put everyone’s shoes back on. It was perfectly shady so I snapped a few pictures. I should probably crop this a bit to get the other distracting things out, but oh well.

delaney sunglasses

I swear we tried on swimsuits just before we left, but once down there two of them were suspiciously small on Delaney, so she was basically left with this Ariel suit. It’s her favorite suit so it wasn’t a hardship!

delaney windy_

I love this picture because it is just so out trip. Her sunglasses on, big grin, with her hair in her face.

delaney sunset 2

Another sunset picture. She was drawing things in the sand. What you don’t see here is her sister literally running circles around here, but I love that this is a moment of peace.



This year I made a concerted effort to get a lot of pictures with both girls in the same shot. So often I end up with a bunch of pictures of each of them, but none together. I love these! They show their relationship so well.

both beach

Most of the time they had hats and/or sunglasses on while we were at the beach, so I love that you can see their eyes.

both dresses

Against my better judgment I let the girls pick out these dresses. I’m not entirely sure why I was against them, I thought they wouldn’t fit well or something. But, they are gorgeous! Very summery, very twirly, perfect for them.

both hats

They picked these hats out at Old Navy. My girls are hat girls, especially Caden, so I knew fun hats would be perfect beach accessories. I die every time I see a picture of their hats. So adorable!

both sunset

They were so goofy when we were trying to light their lanterns. I love this shot. Pure sister love joy. (Contemplating printing this one out for their room.)


Thrilled to be here aren’t they?


Final Beach Walk

beach walk last

Things warmed up here on Tuesday, which is when we hit the beach, but beyond that the winds and the chill have stuck around. Wednesday was very windy. So windy we never even made it in the pool. I was determined to hit both the beach and the pool on our last day, even if that meant a chilly morning beach walk.

delaney hoodie

Delaney was not thrilled. She demanded a short walk, but once we got going we all realized a short walk was in our best interest. The breeze was brisk!


We found a dead crab and a dead fish though, so at least we had some interesting treasures on the walk.

caden hoodie

We headed indoors after this for some coffee and ice cream. The wind died down and the sun warmed up and we were able to hang at the pool for the rest of the day and bask in the sun (with spf 70 on so we wouldn’t burn). This possibly wasn’t the warm weather vacation we were hoping for, but we did have a blast, and our weather was miles better than the huge snowstorm we had back in MN.

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Sandcastle Building

sand 1

Sandcastle building is an essential part of the beach experience. I’ve learned the hard way that in order to build a decent sandcastle you have to have the right tools. We bought two pails with shovels at Public, along with two perfect molds.

sand 2

Their castle came complete with shell topped towers and a moat!

sand 3

My dad laid out the design, but Caden was a tireless worker. She kept at it all day long. They mostly finished this in 30 minutes or so, but she kept adding and enhancing the rest of the day.

sand 4

Caden worked so hard on the moat. She was constantly trying to get it deeper and get it to hold water.

sand 5

The plan was to stay at the beach for two hours, and then head back in for a nap. But, the day was absolutely beautiful. The sun was out, it was warm but not so warm anyone was melting. We were having such a great time, and I knew it was probably our only gorgeous day, so I just couldn’t justify making the girls leave.

sand 6

It was worth it. I definitely paid the price, but we had an amazing day, and built an amazing sandcastle!

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Lanterns Rise on Faith

lantern 1

When discussing what cool things we could do in Florida for the girls birthday, my cousin Alyssa mentioned lighting lanterns on the beach. Since Delaney really wanted to be on the beach at nighttime (request #2 right after picnic lunch on the beach), floating lanterns would be perfect. Plus, Tangled right? I love that scene at the end. So pretty.

lantern 2

I ordered these ‘sky lanterns’ off Amazon because they got great reviews. But, the beach is windy this time of year and they were proving very difficult to light. My dad wanted us to bail and light them by the pool, but Amanda persevered and finally got one to light. Delaney made her wish as we held on to it, waiting for the heat to lift the lantern. (The directions were in Chinese, so we weren’t entirely clear on the process.)

lantern 3

But it wasn’t going anywhere, so finally we just released it into the night, hoping it would find a gust of wind and go. It skipped a bit on the sand, as I chased it hoping for the best.

lantern 4

And then it took off. It just floated into the sky. By this time a group of about 15 other people were watching us and everyone cheered. Delaney was Thrilled! It was by far the coolest thing I’ve seen. We didn’t think it would go anywhere, but it floated! Off into the sky!

lantern 7

And then it was Caden’s turn. We learned from the first lantern and lit this one behind a cabana where there was less wind.

lantern 6

As it caught fire Caden made her wish, hanging on to the edge ready to release it. We waited and waited for the heat to make it rise, thinking again that it just wasn’t going to happen. We finally released it and once again, it skipped across the sand. Amanda and I chased it, finally catching the edge to give it a boost.

lantern 8

And up it went. Again, an unforgettable moment. Wishes and dreams really do come true.


A Comedy of Errors

caden swim

First off, it’s cold down here. Even when the sun is out, there is a brisk breeze. And so, we have done morning beach walks, but are spending most of our time at the pool since it’s sheltered from the wind.

laney pool

I thought it might take a bit for the girls to get their swimming groove back, but it hasn’t at all. They jumped in and swam like it hasn’t been 9 months since they’ve seen a pool.

laney swim

Their swimming and diving skills are growing by leaps and bounds down here. Delaney can swim underwater for 10 seconds or so. She would swim towards my dad, turn around, then push off of him, and swim back to the steps. Caden figured out how to point her head down and kick hard to get to the bottom of the pool where her dive toys are.

squirt gun fight

Despite the chill, we’ve made the best of things. Of course to throw one more wrinkle into things, I got food poisoning Saturday evening. We were out to dinner and I realized “Oh no, I’m going to be sick.” I spent the next nine hours throwing up. The girls were scared, they’d never seen me sick like that before. But, at least I was around family and friends who could pitch in so I could be sick in relative peace and get whatever sleep I could. Delaney was so nervous that I would be sick on her birthday. I felt amazingly well Sunday morning, and ate slowly and carefully. I needed a few naps to get through the day, but I made it.