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Softball v2017

We had our last softball game last night until the tournament next weekend. This year has been super amazing. The coaches I’m with are knowledgeable and really make the game fun, and we have a great team of girls. Everyone listens, works hard, and has a lot of fun. For the most part we had one practice and one game each week. A few weeks we had two games and no practices, and I feel like it was the perfect amount of games. We aren’t burnt out, but we’ve had our fill of softball. We won’t be doing fall ball this year, since last year that was too much. We’re all very ready for a break, and to move into a slower summer with a little more downtime and pool time.

Caden in the blue batting helmet, Delaney in pink. One of the downsides of coaching is that I can’t take pictures during the game! I grabbed these during batting practice beforehand.

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Softball season officially started last night! I’m super excited for this season.

We did not do a hitting clinic this winter, so we really hadn’t done anything all winter. Our softball association held open gyms, but we were never able to make it to one of them. On Sunday I finally pulled out their gloves to play catch with them and I was pleasantly surprised! Their throws were almost immediately solid and accurate. I’m continuously amazed at the different a year makes at this age.

Practice last night went really well. We have a great group of kids, and I’m working with some new coaches that I’m excited about. We only hit off a tee, but Caden absolutely killed it. Her swing has always been solid, so it was nice that she didn’t lose anything over the winter. Delaney did well too, although I think she’ll do better with the pitching machine.

We need a new bat, although I’m still debating which size to get. They also need bat bags and again, I’m debating on the backpack versus the other style. The last time we were at Dick’s I swear they didn’t have a great selection, but we need to head back and make some choices.

Other than that, we’re ready! The vibe already feels different this season. I can’t wait!

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First, thank you to everyone for your laundry related advice. It was good to know I’m not alone, and good to get advice! When we put laundry away, I fold t-shirts and pants, one girl does socks and underwear, and the other girl puts things away in the closet (hanging, tank tops, riding, ballet) and helps with pants and pajamas. Now, socks and underwear will also have to inside out anything that hasn’t been.

It’s almost softball season! The girls got new gloves for their birthday, and on Sunday we headed out to get Delaney new cleats. Luckily, Caden can wear Delaney’s cleats from last year. She has been a trooper about wearing some of Delaney’s hand me downs (winter boots, now cleats), but she understands why and only complains a little.

I lobbied for black and white cleats but she said no. She loved these from the moment she saw them!  They look gigantic here!  (Prior to this we were at Target checking out flip flops.  I found a pair I liked and so Delaney tried them on in a size 6 womens and they fit her.  Sob.)

One small gripe. Maybe two. Dick’s Sporting Goods is a freaking madhouse every single time we go there to buy shoes. They always have two people working, and a million people crammed into these little nooks and crannies trying to try on shoes. It’s insane. Also? Their softball selection is miniscule compared to their baseball selection. It’s sad, but indicative of the equality of those two sports. Similarly, we have one decent field to play softball on while baseball has ten.

I offered up batting gloves but neither wanted them. I think softball practice starts sometime in April? We pick up uniforms April 30 and then games in May! I’m excited!

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Almost rained out

This weekend was the girls end of season softball tournament. We played two games on Saturday which determined ranking, and then it was single elimination on Sunday. Our high point of the season was early June. We had been playing twice a week consistently, I had worked with the girls enough on their batting that everyone was getting hits, and we had quite a few home games with our pitching machine which threw consistent strikes. Towards the end of June we only played once a week, and the games were away on less than consistent machines. When the balls are coming high and low and outside and everywhere, we have hitting issues. No hits, no runs.

We did not play the best on Saturday. We could not seem to get a rally going where we could score a lot of runs, and our fielding was off. Oh well. It was sunny and beautiful out, and this season is really about learning anyway. The girls have come so far from the beginning of the season and that’s what counts.

Sunday morning I woke up to thunder and lots of rain. I thought for sure the games would be cancelled but the rain stopped, and with an extra few hours they had the fields playable. It wasn’t hot, but it was humid. We played another SLP team and were squarely beat relatively quickly. While I was sad the season had ended, we had a pool party to get to!


The club had a pool party planned and we were super excited for it! There was cotton candy (which we ate a TON of), snow cones, lots of food, a bounce house, tattoos, and some pool games. The best part was the DJ who played amazing music the entire time.


The pool was the busiest I’ve seen it and yet, it’s big enough that it wasn’t crowded. We ate as soon as we got there because we were all starving. From there we bounced between the pool and all of the games. I even got to read my book for a while which is always a bonus.


Luckily, there was some cloud cover or the day would have gotten crazy hot. As it was, it was a perfect afternoon. I love this pool. Pools tend to be our happy places and this one definitely fits that bill. I love that it’s around the corner from our house, I love that they serve good food, I love that it’s never crowded, I love how awesome the lifeguards are, and I love how awesome the families are that we’ve encountered there. It’s a little oasis of happiness that always seems to slot in just when we need it.

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Last One


The girls had their last softball game last night. We have a tournament in July, but this was our last weeknight game. I have been amazed at how much the entire team has improved since April!


We’ve really had a great group of girls to play with this year. Everyone has had a great attitude, and they try really hard every game.


The girls switch positions every inning. Last night Delaney played infield positions where they hit the ball to her a lot, which is obviously her favorite. She was catching and one girl hit the ball and it stayed near the plate. Delaney picked it up and threw it to Caden at first, but she threw it right down the line (excellent job!) nailing the runner in the back (oops!). She fielded two balls at first and got two outs there as well, and she’s out of her batting slump! She had a great game.

Caden got two hits, and also had a great game. She got a ton of balls hit to her in the field and almost got a few outs. It’s really good to see them hustling when the ball is hit.

Fall ball starts up mid-August, until then we have ballet lessons. I’m a little (a lot) regretting signing up for those.


Softball pictures!

The girls had an awesome game last night! Everybody hit and they got a bunch of outs fielding the ball. It’s been so fun watching these girls improve every game.

softball 1

softball 2

softball 3

softball 4

I wanted to get some action shots but I only got a few of Laney before we had to start warming up. Next time Caden!

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Softball Update

We are about midway through the softball season so time for an update. This year has been different from last year on a number of fronts. Last year we had one practice and one game each week. This year we had practices for a few weeks, then it’s just two games per week. The girls get solid game time every week and are challenged that way. I’ve been able to work with the girls on their batting between innings, but, it’s hard to work on their fielding skills without practice. That said, there has been serious improvement from the beginning of the season until now. Their throwing is getting better and more accurate, and their batting is getting more consistent. We’ve even gotten a few base runners out!

Caden has a really solid batting stance and consistently gets hits. Occasionally she strikes out, but she gets a hit the majority of the time. Delaney has struggled a bit with her batting stance. We’ve played around with her stance a bit in the last few games but the results have been inconsistent. The last two games I’ve stood directly behind home plate which gives me a perfect vantage point of their stance and swing. She’s right on, but somehow is still missing the ball. My dad is coming to tonight’s game, so maybe he will spot something I haven’t.

I was nervous to coach this year, but I’ve found I really enjoy it. It’s a natural extension of the coaching/leadership I do at work, and I like connecting with the kids and encouraging them. There’s nothing better than tweaking a girl’s batting stance and have her go from strikeouts every time, to hits every time! Being an assistant coach has been perfect because I can concentrate on coaching, and the head coach handles logistics and everything else.

I have been completely lax about taking pictures at games, but I’m going to take my camera to the game tonight and at least get a few pictures!

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Softball begins!

Last night the girls had their first softball game of the season! I thought for sure this game would get rained out, but the rained stopped about 5:00 and we were able to play.

I was really proud of all of the girls. They played really well. We only had six girls, so everyone got to bat quite a few times. There were a few times when a girl would score a run, then turn around and bat right away! Delaney struck out the first three times? Then I adjusted her batting stance and she got a hit the next at bat. I was coaching first base and the smile on her face as she ran was everything. Caden and Delaney got three hits each I think? Our fielding needed a little work, but it’s the first game so expectations were low.

Just as we were starting the last inning the coach from the other team came out to say he thought the game was over. There was a discrepancy about the start time and how late the last inning could start. They discussed the rules but in the end he said the parents were done, so they were ending the game. It was the weirdest thing. What does that even mean “the parents are done”? It was only 7:40, it wasn’t raining, and it wasn’t super cold. At that point, they were ahead 5-3, but we’re not sure if they will forfeit the game since they ended it early? Either way, it was a super frustrating way to end things.

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And so it begins

Softball has started! We had practice Tuesday and Wednesday this week. Tuesday was chilly, but last night was perfect softball weather. 70, sunny, with a nice breeze.

First, I’m an assistant coach this year. Last year it was Hard to sit on the sidelines and not coach, so I decided to sign up to be an assistant coach this year. It’s perfect because I can help out in practices and games , but it’s not the extra time commitment of booking fields and scheduling everything. I am maybe taking the lead on a lot of things in practice? But someone has to.

Second, oh the difference six months makes! The girls are already hitting and throwing better than last year. They got hits off the pitching machine, and had some of the best hits off the tee, I was very proud. Their throwing is a lot more accurate than last year too. It’s definitely going to be a fun year!

April and May are going to be tough months though. We have piano on Mondays and ballet on Thursdays, plus softball two nights a week as well. It stresses me a out a little, but we’ll adjust and get through this. Once we get through May, piano and ballet will drop and our schedule will open up a lot.

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Batting videos

I debated putting these up since they’re pretty short, but perhaps that works in their favor. It’s hard taking pictures or videos since it’s through netting, but this station offered the best vantage point so I took what I could get. This station is with Senior, with whom they have a mutual admiration society. They love fetching balls for him, and he loves them. This night he was getting them to relax in between pitches, then get into their stance. He kept saying “Low toe touch”, which didn’t really relate? But they knew what to do.

Caden has a nice stance and a nice step towards the pitcher when she swings. He has to remind her occasionally to watch the ball, but she’s keeping her eyes on the ball fairly well.

Delaney’s batting stance has changed the most with this. They have her elbow down and she’s leaning back more. She doesn’t take a step with her swing, so sometimes her feet get a little too far apart. I say nothing though! Which is torture.

More videos next week because I do love watching these over and over.