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So close

A few weeks ago Delaney suddenly started having dry diapers in the morning. She’s done this before, but never consistently. Five days in a row her diaper was dry, so I asked if she wanted to sleep without a diaper and she was all in.

She’s been awesome! She generally gets up once to go to the bathroom before she falls asleep, and there’s no rush to the bathroom when she wakes up. It’s been so nice. We’re so close to diaper free I can taste it.

Except it looks like I need to be prepared for dream peeing? Wednesday night she woke up crying and when I went into their room she was standing by her bed. There was something odd about it and somehow I just knew she had to go to the bathroom. I brought her into the bathroom and as soon as we got in there she peed. On the floor. Which of course made her cry harder. I cleaned her up, got new pajama bottoms and she was back asleep within minutes. I thought maybe this would throw things off but the next morning she didn’t even remember it! Last night she asked me why her pajamas didn’t match but I just mumbled a reply. No need to relive that one.

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Uh oh

Not that I don’t frequently dress Caden like a boy, but even I wouldn’t send her to daycare in this outfit. These are her spare clothes that I packed in her cubby hoping they would never be worn. She had an accident during naptime, her second this week. She refuses to wear a diaper because she wants to be a big girl, but she’s just not quite there yet. She used to be embarrassed by her accidents, but now she doesn’t care. She’s had a fair number of accidents lately so I think it’s an attention thing? So we’re working on lots of positive attention for just about everything.

So the nuk story. On Thanksgiving we were trying everything to get Laney to poop, including bribery, which normally I don’t do because if it’s not something I would offer Caden to poop on the potty, I don’t think Delaney should get it for pooping in her undies. But we were desperate, so I told her she could have the nuk she found at Grammy’s for an hour if she pooped. That nuk made her really, really happy and she did poop so it was probably worth it. But she cried Sunday night when she didn’t get a nuk after pooping at our house, so it was probably not the best idea.

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PT Update

Since the last time I posted about potty training, things have been going much better. Number of trips to the potty have greatly decreased, while number of accidents have remained at zero. There are nights like last night when we went out to eat, got groceries, and played at the neighbors where they insist on visiting each bathroom plus our own a few times. But those nights are balanced out by peaceful nights at home.

Caden no longer wears a diaper at naptime (I wasn’t doing it at home, but daycare still was until this week). She poops in the potty like a champ without needing 14 trips to work up the courage. Our final obstacle is night time. About 25% of the mornings she wakes up dry, so I’m doing what I can to motivate that number upwards.

Delaney still wears a diaper at naptime since she’s been fairly inconsistent about waking up dry until recently. I think within a few weeks she’ll have that down though. She’s still very nervous about pooping on the potty. As I told her “Yes, pooping on the potty is hard, but I think you’ll find it rewarding in the end.” AJ, we may be calling you at some point for pooping tips. At least she’s aware of when she poops in her undies now. At first she wasn’t even realizing she had done that, so we’re moving forward.

I had been making an effort to get them to go on the big potty, because I was sooooo tired of rinsing out the little one. But then I’ll walk into the living room and there will be pee in there, and I’ll have no idea who did it since I didn’t witness it and I’ll think, maybe the little potty isn’t so bad! At least they can do it themselves.

I did sticker charts for both girls. Delaney gets a sticker when she wakes up dry from nap, and Caden gets one for waking up dry in the morning. I was going to do Delaney’s for pooping in the potty, but that didn’t seem fair since she doesn’t poop every day. Five stickers gets you lunch with Mom. We’ll see if that is motivational or not!

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New Groove

First, a cute story. We went out for dinner last night at a pizza place near our house. We sat near the front of the restaurant, kind of by the kitchen and cash register so a lot of people were coming and going. At one point the manager said hello to the girls as he walked by us. As he was walking towards again a few minutes later Delaney said “Hi! I have mac and cheese!” She was super chatty! Later she chatted with a woman waiting for her to go food, showing her how she could use a fork. She’s definitely coming out of her shell.

I know potty training is supposed to be a step forward, but I feel like for us it’s been a step backward. With Caden, it hardly factored in, yet felt like such a huge accomplishment. With both of them, I feel like all we do is go potty. It doesn’t help that the evenings is when they poop, which involves sitting on the potty over and over and over while they get up the courage to poop. (Which Caden does, and Delaney does once I put her in a diaper.) We had to leave the restaurant and the playground early because of this. I’m not even going to attempt the state fair because I would spend all of my time hunting down bathrooms. We had such a good groove going before, it was so easy to be out and about with them. I know this period won’t last, but I also feel like it won’t get a lot better for at least a few months.

And to close, a family picture from Saturday. I need to teach my dad how to compose pictures and to use my lens to zoom in. I cropped quite a bit because no one really needs to see their giant tv!


Buh Bye

There used to be a diaper champ that sat next to the wastebasket you see here. I got rid of that last weekend. It was gross, but it did it’s job. Last night I was throwing away something in the girls room and I noticed that the waste basket was full. Again. I hate emptying that stupid wastebasket. Even though we only kept the pee diapers in there, it stunk. And then I realized, no more diapers! I wasn’t just going to throw the bag of diapers away, I could throw away the whole wastebasket! Oh sure they still wear them at night, but those can go in the kitchen wastebasket! I have never so joyously walked anything out to the garbage like I walked that wastebasket out.

I knew I needed to enjoy the sunshine and rainbows around here while I was in it, because it wouldn’t last. Two newly potty trained toddlers is about how I thought it would be – exhausting. Caden was so easy. She went when she had to, or when I needed her to, with few false alarms or curiosity breaks. With two? Not so much. We got to my parents house on Friday night right dinner time. We sat down to eat and Delaney immediately said she had to go potty. My parents said “Not now honey, you can go after dinner.” Clearly, they had no idea how this weekend was going to go. When they say they have to go, you take them. Every single time.

Delaney is still gaining confidence, so she wants to go at the first sign of anything. Plus, you know how it is. If someone else even mentions going to the bathroom, five minutes later you have to go too. On Saturday my mom and I went to a fabric store, where there were five potty trips. At Caribou I took them twice. At Old Navy there were three potty trips. All in two hours. Saturday afternoon we went to my cousin’s wedding. We were sitting across the reception hall from the bathrooms. Some family friends were sitting near the bathrooms and they just laughed as my mom and I made trip after trip after trip. At least no accidents that day, but seriously.

I’m hopeful that as Delaney gains confidence, these trips will be less frequent. Until that happens, we’ll stay close to home when possible. Although even that doesn’t help. Post nap Delaney pee’d five times? How can anyone pee so much?



I was really trying not to push Delaney on the potty training front. When we were home (and I remembered) I put her in undies for practice, but she stayed in diapers during the day at daycare. At the end of last week and the beginning of this week she had some successes at daycare. When we were at the neighbor’s house and she told me she had to go potty, and then she actually went, I knew she was ready for more. Wednesday daycare put her in undies after nap. Thursday *she* asked for undies after breakfast! She pee’d seven times at daycare, with zero accidents! We even survived a trip to the grocery store. Starting today, she’ll be in undies full time.

We have an hour drive to Mankato and a wedding this weekend, so it should be interesting!

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* Caden had an accident at school today. She told the teacher she had to go, but she had just went 20 minutes ago and apparently had been asking to go all morning with mostly false alarms. So the teacher told her no, and she pee’d her pants. Like I said yesterday, she really likes that one on one time. We had a talk that she needs to only tell them when she actually has to go potty. I think another mother/daughter lunch is in our future.

* When I came into their room to pick them up, I saw the bag of clothes from Caden’s accident. I didn’t recognize the undies in the bag and that’s when I realized that I had put her in a diaper that morning! Yikes! They gave me their cold and I must have been really out of it when I dressed her. (The undies were an extra pair from her cubby.)

* Daycare sent Caden home in her spare capri pants and the room’s spare pair of shoes. The shoes have Elmo on them and are coveted. I was in the kitchen making dinner and came into the living room to see what was going on. Delaney had stripped off all her clothes and was buck naked, wearing the Elmo shoes, playing with her babies.

* Caden no longer fits in the jackets she wore last spring, her arms are too long. Delaney has a hooded sweatshirt she wears, so I gave Caden Delaney’s yellow jacket. Oh boy! That was a bad idea. Delaney didn’t want Caden to wear her yellow jacket. Caden has a jean jacket, but that seemed a little much for what was really just a slight chill. I’m hoping it stays warm until I can convince Caden to wear the hooded sweatshirt.

* We went shoe shopping! Both girls got sneakers, and Caden got two pairs of casual shoes. One hot pink, one stone/pink. Gotta love Stride Rite’s BOGO sale. While we were there Delaney did not want to try on any of the shoes I had picked for her. She was whining and I said “No crying in the mall! We are shopping! We are happy!”

* Both girls wanted the ugg type boots bad. I told them to talk to Grammy on that one.


Really, really happy

There’s been a subtle change in our house lately. The mood has gone from tense and angry to relaxed and happy. Everyone has noticed it, even the girls. Daycare reported that they’ve been saying “Mommy is really, really happy.” That is true.

The why of all this can be traced to a few things. First, the girls are sleeping better. They are falling asleep faster and I don’t always have to wake them up from a dead sleep in the mornings, so they’re well rested.

Second, they’re eating better. Caden got a sunshine today at daycare! That means she tried everything on her plate. Everything! Those habits have transferred to home luckily. Eating well at dinner also means they don’t wake up hungry in the middle of the night, which means better sleep.

Wow is Caden happier lately. She’s happier at home, tests boundaries less and listens better.



* Both girls have runny noses and coughs. My guess is it’s allergies, so they’re taking Zyrtec again. Caden’s eye has been watering ever since her nose got just a little stuffy, and she’s even complained about it a few times. Her second surgery is scheduled for October 13. I actually scheduled it over a month ago, and I’m so happy I did. We have the surgery time I want – 9:15 arrival, 10:15 surgery – that allows us to have a normal morning, but have the surgery early enough that Caden won’t melt down from hunger. And she won’t have to deal with this again.

* I trimmed the back of Delaney’s hair this weekend. The mullet had gotten out of control. I keep thinking that their hair will grow and even out but the reality is, it’s slow growing and the back is way long and the sides way short. She has my hair so when it’s humid, it curls up and it’s not as noticeable. But when it’s not humid, she looks like she could be Hulk Hogan’s daughter. I only took about 1/2″ off, but it does look a little better.

* There was a fair amount of potty trips in public restrooms this weekend. Caden did awesome and had zero issues using those toilets. The only problem? She would go, wipe, and then turn around so I could pull up her pants. As soon as she turned around she put both hands on the toilet seat. It didn’t matter how many times I told her not to touch that, her hands went right back on the seat. We all washed our hands thoroughly on the way out.

* When she pees in the bathroom I usually sit on the edge of the tub to wait until she’s done. If I lean in too close to her she says “Beep beep Mama!” and gives me the evil eye.

* The phrase of the weekend was “really, really fast”. Delaney tries to work it into every conversation. She runs really really fast, the stroller goes really, really fast, she rides her bike really, really fast, and she mows the lawn really, really fast. I tried so hard to get her saying it on video because the way she says it is so darn cute, but she would say it as she was running away from me so I never quite caught it.

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Outing Fail

It has been hot and humid here all week. We’ve tried playing outside a few times, but it’s just gross out there. After 10 minutes everyone is sweaty and crabby. So I decided we would run a few errands instead. Wednesday we went to Home Depot to pick out some paint chips. It was a very nice outing. The girls stayed near, they did not demolish the paint display, and we happily walked through the nursery checking out all of the plants. It was so nice I decided to hit Kohl’s last night.

Slight tangent, but before we left both nights I asked Caden if she had to go potty. Yes, she did and so we would head into the basement bathroom. She’s so cute how focused she gets when she knows she should go. She went, and off we went! Have I said I’m in love before? Because I am.

Kohl’s went poorly as soon as we walked in. Delaney went one way, Caden went the other. All I needed was five minutes to see if they had some cute shirts on sale for their pictures next month! They did, and they also had some amazing sales. I was trying to scan the sales rack for 3T shirts and 2T pants while also scanning for the girls. I forgot how much fun clothes racks are to play in. Yikes. We won’t be doing that trip without the stroller any time soon.

The biggest bummer of the night was that I let Caden pick out some new undies (Minnie Mouse!) and when I unwrapped them I realized they’ll be way too big for her. They’re size 2T/3T and she’s more of an 18m/2T girl.

When we got home Laney cooked for Caden. They like to play with their toy food, but this was the first time I’ve seen them get this detailed with it.

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