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Sunset fishing 


Last week we tried a few new fishing spots on the lake. After taking a cruise one afternoon, my dad and I realized that one of the bays was really clear, but had some good weeds that would make a good sunfish spot. We headed over there after dinner. At first we fished towards the lily pads, but the fish we caught there were teeny tiny, so we switched to the deeper water and tried there. Boy were there fish! The girls got hit after hit. Some were small, but eventually we found some pockets of bigger fish. I’m not sure if it was because of the weeds or what, but the sunfish had crazy coloring. Some were a very bright green, others were more black/purple/orange.

If we’re hitting them, we generally fish right until after sunset and that night, the sky didn’t disappoint.

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Played Too Hard

It was another lake weekend! My brother and sister-in-law were at a wedding, so my parents had my nieces this weekend. They headed up to the cabin on Thursday, and we headed up Saturday. It was hot out, so it was the perfect weekend to try out the swimming beach. We were a little worried it was too small, but they weren’t that many kids there, so it was fine. We had a bunch of floaty things, but agreed that a swimming raft or slide would be perfect.


I’m still figuring out how to have all three dogs up there and not go crazy. Lark does best when she’s with me, so I decided to just have her with me as much as possible, which meant she needed a life jacket for the boat. I bought this one from Amazon and it worked perfectly. For reference, she is 8 lbs and is wearing the extra small. She wears a fleece sweatshirt most days, so wearing this was NBD.

We took the boat out Saturday afternoon and the kids jumped into the water to cool off, so I jumped in too and brought each of the dogs in with me one at a time. It was pretty cute. I was holding them the entire time so there was absolutely no risk of anything happening, but their eyes were pretty big. All three of them swam with their legs, but I’m not sure how far Annie or Midas would have gotten. Lark’s life jacket totally held her up, so she was good to go. I’m annoyed because I bought one for Annie last summer, but cannot find it. It’s somewhere in the garage, but exactly where is anyone’s guess. I need to find one for Midas. He’s so little, will there even be one that fits him? But, the dogs all love going for boat rides, so he needs something. Safety first!

lake 1

We’ve found that we have the best luck when fishing after dinner, just before sunset. We were having a little trouble finding the spot where they were hitting, but my dad had a little luck off the back of the boat so boom! The three kiddos hustled to the back to get their lines in. They didn’t have any luck in that spot, but eventually Delaney started hitting crappies with her new red fishing hook. I don’t know what it was about that hook, but my line was a foot away from hers and she was the one catching all the fish! Luckily, Emma had a red hook too and caught a few, which meant Caden needed a red hook immediately. At least we caught enough for lunch the next day.

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Catching Fish

fish 1

After the girls’ recital we piled into the car and headed up to the lake. The girls were very excited to finally get to go fishing! We went out Saturday evening and got a bunch of crappies, so Sunday evening we headed back to the same spot.

fish 2

Didn’t take long before this girl pulled in a fish!

fish 3

After that it was fairly rapid fire.

fish 4

We were all fishing off the back of the boat and wouldn’t you know, they both caught a fish at the same time!

fish 6

Caden moves around the boat quite a bit, fishing in various spots. She was fishing off the end of the weeds when she caught a bigger fish. My dad came over to her to help her get it in when he shouted “Get the net!” I scrambled to get the net out of the back of the pontoon before she lost the fish. When I scooped it out of the water I couldn’t believe it! An 18″ walleye! She was pretty proud of this fish.

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New Cabin!


Last year when we went to Lake Mary, we really realized how a nice lake with good fishing changes things. The girls LOVE to fish, and my dad and I love to fish with them. Last summer during our Lake Mary vacation we fished every day and it was so much fun. It got everyone thinking that maybe it was time to look for a cabin on a lake with good fishing. While we were up there, we looked at a few different cabins, but nothing was quite right.


My mom kept up the search over the winter, and this spring a new place came on the market on a lake that we had fished last summer! It’s a nice big lake with clear water and really good fishing. The cabin even has four bedrooms so there is plenty of room for everyone! It was a great deal so they snapped it up, and this weekend we went up to help them move in. The previous owners loved wallpaper and animals, and don’t those two things make a great combo? When we left on Sunday the deer were gone, but there were a few more animal themed borders to come down.


We thought we might get fishing, but it was really windy and with a lake that big, you just can’t take the boat out when it’s like that. They checked the conditions a few times, but ended up fishing off the doc. Delaney had her heart set on fishing, so I thought she would be seriously bummed that they didn’t go out, but she handled it very well with no tears. The girls are going up in two weeks so I’m hoping the weather cooperates by then!

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Fish and more fish 

One of the things that has surprised me the most, is how much I love fishing with the girls. They get so excited when they get a fish, and even if the big ones aren’t biting, we still have fun. Our last time fishing we hit a really hot spot and Caden was on fire. She would shout “COME ON!” every time she caught a fish.

In the beginning of the week, Delaney caught most of the fish. This caused Caden to cry, because she hates anything that isn’t fair. One day we took the boat to a different lake to fish and about halfway through that day, the luck changed and Caden was the one catching the big fish. (The big bass she’s holding two pictures down was from that day.) We headed back to Lake Mary after that and found a spot where we caught some really big sunfish. Before that we caught a lot of little sunfish. I’m talking two inches long little. Fun for a second, but the girls hated that they weren’t keepers. The big fish are so much more fun to catch, and luckily Caden’s fishing rod was out of the water occasionally so Delaney got to catch a few too. My dad and I laughed because their bobbers could be 12 inches from each other, but every time the fish would bite on Caden’s worm.

fishing 1




fishing 2

fishing 3

fishing 4

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Swimming and Sunsets

caden pose

We’re back! This is our second time back at this resort. Last year we had an amazing time and the weather was complete crap. This time, the weather is beautiful and we’re having an even more amazing time! Every hour we look at each other and say “It’s absolutely perfect out! This is what summer is all about.”

Saturday was gorgeous and both girls immediately put their suits on and hit the lake. They very quickly made friends with the two neighbor girls who the same age. While they always have each other to play with, it’s so much fun to watch them make friends. Another year has made them strong swimmers, and made it easier to play on the aqua mat and swimming raft. We spent 15 minutes on Sunday thinking up different ways to jump off the raft. Last year the weather was so much cooler, we just didn’t swim as much.

fish 1

We have not yet found the hot fishing spots, but I’m hopeful. We tried a few spots that we fished in last year with no luck, and tried a few new spots, but no luck there either. Delaney caught one sunny that was keeper size, otherwise we’ve caught a bunch of tiny perch. Caden is less than thrilled.

Sunday was HOT. It was awesome. We swam a ton and soaked up the heat. But, with that kind of heat comes crazy weather and we got that too. We knew a storm was coming, but I was shocked when the weather alert on our phones went off. It wasn’t one of those where maybe a tornado was coming, it was the warning where a tornado had been spotted. Yikes! I snapped a few shots of the crazy clouds, then we hit the bathroom for a bit since that was the safest spot. I’m a big fan of a good thunderstorm, and it was way cool to watch it roll in across the lake, but I much prefer riding them out in the comfort of my own basement. That got a little scary.

sunset 1

Monday evening the weather was perfect so I had the girls do some posing to see what kinds of sunset silhouette shots we could get. We kept playing around with jumping shots, and then I asked Caden to fly. I love this one! It needs some tweaking, but it turned out better than I expected. Nice shot Laney!

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First Crappie!

fish 1

We’ve done a lot of fishing this year. It’s been fun to move off the dock at my parent’s lake and find some fishing holes where we can catch a bunch of fish. (It looks like we were fishing in a field which cracks me up. No! Just fishing deep in the weeds.)

fish 2

For whatever reason, Caden is obsessed with catching different types of fish. She really wanted to go trolling for northerns, not really even understanding what that meant. So far, we’ve caught sun fish (and the bass she caught at my parent’s lake). But last night we put minnows on and the crappies started biting. They were fighters and took a little more finesse to catch, but it was so fun. She was beyond excited to catch one!

fish 3

Wednesday night my dad took them out fishing and they caught a bunch of sunnies. The girls wanted to help him clean them. The fish cleaning house is decent so I let them, but man oh man did they stink when they came in so they went straight to the bathtub.

fish 4

We had enough fish to do a fish dinner last night, and freeze a few packages. If the weather is decent today (it’s supposed to be windy) we’ll head out and try again. For me, if it’s nice out I don’t even care if we’re catching anything. I just love being out on the boat, it’s so peaceful.

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Go Fish

The girls have had fishing poles for a few years. We’ve fished off the dock and they’ve liked it, but this year THEY ARE ALL IN. My dad got them new big girl fishing poles for Easter, and they are so much easier to cast and reel in. They love everything about fishing, and are very serious about it, it’s so fun to watch.

This weekend was the Kid’s Fishing Tournament at my parent’s lake place. They had a casting contest first (the girls completely bombed at that, even though they are chamionship casters), then everyone headed to the docks to fish until 4:00pm. It had rained all morning, and while the sun was trying to come out, it was chilly. The girls didn’t care though, they just wanted to win!

fish 2

fish 5

We didn’t catch any fish on Saturday, but no worries. The sun came out and it was an absolutely beautiful day! It was only about 67, but there was no wind and it was just so nice. We grilled burgers and played catch, hung out around the campfire and went for a few golf cart rides. Just an absolutely perfect evening.

Sunday was gorgeous as well. After lunch I wanted to head back, but the girls wanted to fish again so I said yes, but just for a little bit. We were fishing in fairly shallow water and could see the fish swimming around. There was a big bass that would come through every once in a while. Everyone tried to catch him, but Caden was the winner!


She was so thrilled! It was adorable how happy she was. The rest of us were happy *someone* caught him! It felt like such a tease watching him swim past our worms time and time again. Definitely worth staying a little longer.

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Fisher Girls

fish 1

Both girls love to fish. Love! This is one of the activities they were most excited for our weekend at the cabin. Friday night they caught a bunch of fish off the docks. Big enough to actually keep! Saturday afternoon Caden caught this fish in about 30 seconds. We threw it back into the ‘ocean’.

fish 2

Delaney was not thrilled with her tiny catch. But! She did grab hold of it and toss it back in. I was so proud of her! After our first two catches, things slowed down considerably so Delaney headed to the pontoon with the rest of the relatives for snacks instead.

fish 3

But Caden stuck it out! She loves to cast and is just like me, if it doesn’t go to the exact spot she wants it, she reels it in and tries again. The fish around the dock are tiny, and the lake is clear enough that you can see them nibbling at your worm. She was fascinated by this.

fish 4

Okay seriously, check out this girl cast! She’s a pro!

fish 5

She would cast out, then plop down on the dock and wait. I could have died. I kept snapping pictures and getting her new worms. Such a perfect way to spend an hour.