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Life with identical twins

Morning barn time

First off, summer is absolutely killing us. We have to get up about 30 minutes earlier than normal, but we of course don’t get to bed any earlier. YMCA wears the girls out, and work has been busy for me too. I keep the girls home with me on Thursdays and it’s supposed to be a day they can sleep in and relax, but we have riding lessons Thursday mornings this summer so they have to get up even EARLIER. Both girls were in tears before bed last night, so I’m hoping a quiet weekend will right the ship.

Morning lessons are the best. The barn is quiet, we’re the first lesson of the day, and it’s so peaceful. Last summer our morning lesson had six girls in it, this year there are only three girls! The girls were able to do four different courses during their lesson! It was really nice for them to be able to work on a bunch of different things.

Caden rode Frodo for the first time. Delaney has ridden him quite a bit, but this was Caden’s first time. He’s an amazing horse, and it was interesting to watch them work out their teamwork throughout the lesson.

Delaney was on Velvet. We all LOVE this little horse but she is a handful. She loves to go faster and faster. I’ve seen her dump two kids (Caden being one of them) because if you aren’t ready for her to take off, it can be hard to stay on. I talked to Delaney before the lesson to make sure she controlled the pace and didn’t let Velvet get out of control. She did SO well! You’ll be able to see in the video, but Velvet loves to canter out of jumps but Delaney was able to keep her under control.

First, the light coming through the windows and doors totally messes up my videos! But, here’s Caden on Frodo. They canter in a circle (they’re supposed to start at a certain point, then drop to a trot to do the jump. She didn’t quite get into her corner, but she did awesome! (If you click on the little thing in the lower right corner it will make the video larger.)

Here’s Delaney on Velvet. Watch as they canter out of the jump, Delaney sits back heavy to slow Velvet down. Well done Lane!

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Spring Piano Recital 2016

The girls had their spring piano recital on Sunday. I am so, so proud of how far they have come this year. They started off barely knowing any notes, and ended up playing pieces with some complexity to them! Overall, all of the kids at the recital did a really great job. The older kids played some beautiful pieces, they were so melodic and I could have listened to them all day. I’m super excited for next year.

Delaney was up first. Turn up the volume a bit, this piano seemed to play softer than they were used to.

Her second piece. This was her favorite and she played it just about every time she passed the piano. For Delaney, learning how to play piano is very much like a puzzle to her brain. She loves figuring out the notes and the rhythm, and being able to play something without needing to really look at the music. She would often focus on one piece above all others until she could play it well. She asked to take piano lessons this summer, but later backed off and now just wants to practice on her own.

Caden was next. Her first piece is Brahm’s Lullaby. This piece took her a while to learn, but I loved every minute of her practicing because this is one of the songs I sang to them when they were babies! When we had our lesson last Monday, her teacher didn’t think the second piece (Fanfare Minuet) was recital ready. Caden really wanted to play it and promised she would practice. The deadline really forced Caden to practice for extended periods of time which she doesn’t normally do. On Saturday morning we sent a video of her playing the song to her teacher and she agreed it was recital ready! I was very proud of her for taking on this challenge and working hard.

As their gift after the winter recital, their teacher gave them two books of duets. While they are the cutest thing ever when they play them, they hate practicing them and argue the entire time. There was a little glitch at the end of the second duet, but overall very good job!

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Batting videos

I debated putting these up since they’re pretty short, but perhaps that works in their favor. It’s hard taking pictures or videos since it’s through netting, but this station offered the best vantage point so I took what I could get. This station is with Senior, with whom they have a mutual admiration society. They love fetching balls for him, and he loves them. This night he was getting them to relax in between pitches, then get into their stance. He kept saying “Low toe touch”, which didn’t really relate? But they knew what to do.

Caden has a nice stance and a nice step towards the pitcher when she swings. He has to remind her occasionally to watch the ball, but she’s keeping her eyes on the ball fairly well.

Delaney’s batting stance has changed the most with this. They have her elbow down and she’s leaning back more. She doesn’t take a step with her swing, so sometimes her feet get a little too far apart. I say nothing though! Which is torture.

More videos next week because I do love watching these over and over.


Pool Tricks

We have had so much fun in the pool this year. Since the girls love to do somersaults and handstands in the water, we’ve started tossing them around as well. They’re so light and easy to flip! Every time we do this I think – We need to get this on video! So our last trip to the pool I brought my phone. Then we made ONE more trip to the pool so I brought the big camera. It was a little too dark to get really great pictures, but I got a few action shots.

caden flip

laney flip

I recorded all of these in slow mo, but for whatever reason, whenever I upload it anywhere, it goes back to regular speed. Annoying!

There is a girl at the YMCA that drilled, and I mean drilled, the girls on their diving. She was only seven so I told the girls they could just do their own thing, but clearly she knew what she was doing!

I love that they love to do cannonballs.

My favorite trick!


Dance Recital 2014

The girls have been adamant that they are done with dance. This year was a struggle all year long for many reasons. We skipped a few classes to attend school things, and I stopped at McDonald’s for treats on the way home occasionally to give them something to look forward to. But in the end, I can’t make them love dance so this may be our last dance recital. They both love to dance, so maybe in a few years they’ll want to come back to it? A mom can dream.

I took videos at dress rehearsal, but the routine was looking rough. Let’s just say we practiced a lot between Thursday and Sunday, and it made a definite difference on recital day!

Here’s their tap routine! Delaney and Caden are on the right side, Delaney is in the light and you can tell Caden by her impressive hip pops.

Ballet to I Feel Pretty, which my mom said was one of my grandma’s favorite songs. This was their favorite routine and favorite costume. We will definitely wear this again!

And a picture with their flowers. So pretty!


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Video Gold

Oh my god you guys, this video is so awesome. You know how after your kids go to bed and there is all this noise upstairs and you’re thinking, the room is dark right? What on earth are they doing?? And then they offer to show you.

They showed me a version of this, so I said we have to tape that. But when they did it the second time, you can clearly tell I was surprised by the full trick. My reaction may be the best part.

Delaney, man. That kid is going to kill me. She saw me do this trick to Caden, only I did the thing where they put their stomach on your feet, which is clearly safer? But she plotted and she planned and she figured out how she could fly Caden. And so she did.


Winter Recital

In the middle of all of the holiday happenings, the girls winter dance recital got lost in the shuffle. Truly, when I say recital I use that term very loosely. Their ‘recital’ was at their normal class time, and was held in a larger room at the studio. They showed a few of the technique things they are working on, and then performed the two routines they’ve been practicing. The thing about both routines is that they really drill the basics of ballet and tap, so as they practice they are learning the foundation steps. And! We got to see their costumes for the spring recital! Two! Gorgeous sparkly costumes. Very excited.


Their teacher told them to wear something festive and fun, so Delaney asked to wear her dance costume from the spring. Perfect idea!


My parents brought them flowers, which they loved.

Every week I watch their dance class, so I knew all of the moves but had never heard the words. This is such a cute song! You can also definitely tell that not all of the kids have the same ‘passion’ for dance. Even with my two, Delaney practices at home all week, Caden gets distracted and bored by the end of the class.

Love this tap routine! We practiced what I could remember at home, but they really picked up on the steps as they got closer to the recital. Step ball change was difficult, but they both got it down!

I can’t say enough good things about the new studio we’re at! The teacher is so great, everyone is so professional, and the girls are learning so much. I also think it’s huge that there are older girls in classes while the girls are in class. They see girls in pointe shoes and girls doing leaps and turns every week. It’s nice to see what they’re working towards.

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Throwback … Friday?

I’m sick. Bah! So in the interest of sleep I give you two of my favorite videos of the girls. One old, one not so old.

My favorite video ever. This one never fails to make me laugh. Ah, Choo Choo Soul.

I’m a flower! The girls giggles get me every time.


Dive for it!

I mentioned before that my mom bought dive sticks for the girls. We hadn’t used them since the 4th of July? So the girls were very excited. Well, at least Caden was. Delaney was a little wary of going underwater at first. But Caden was all over it! Fearless and wanting to do it again and again and again. My absolute favorite part every time was how she would triumphantly hold the dive stick in the air when she came up.

But on the next try she got it!

I always wonder what the other parents think of us shoving the girls under water over and over. On Sunday we even had them racing each other for sticks. Make them competitive early on right? At least on Sunday I tried to give them some breathers in between. Both girls passed out cold for two hours after swimming on Saturday. Diving wears you out!

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Swimming Videos!

Here is Laney backfloating. She’s doing much better. She can maintain for a few seconds before she realizes she’s on her own.

And Caden backfloating. I’m so proud of her that she faltered, but recovered. As her teacher said, she could do this all day long.

Here’s Delaney just after she jumped in, swimming over to the edge. She does so well!

And Caden doing her backfloat over to the stairs. Her kick was a little too big and she faltered, but this is the swim she did entirely on her own the other night.

So proud of them! They really made so much progress in these two weeks. Now to continue hitting the pool to keep up the momentum.