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Home Stretch!

We did our last homework packet and had our last ballet lesson. We are in the home stretch! I’m so ready for it to just be summer. (Side note – did any other local parents forget today was an early release day? Good thing they call and remind us!)

may 23

Monday. The girls are nothing if not predictable. Delaney is wearing her favorite YES t-shirt, and Caden has a 3/4 sleeve shirt on with capri pants.

may 24

Tuesday. It’s been windy lately so I’ve been trying to talk the girls into ponytails because it makes their hair infinitely easier. Delaney doesn’t care.

may 26

Thursday. Notice anything wrong with this picture? Caden forgot her glasses! I pick them up from school on Thursdays and our neighbor was the one who noticed! She said she couldn’t see the board, but they had a guest teacher so didn’t use the board much throughout the day. Phew!

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Spring Piano Recital 2016

The girls had their spring piano recital on Sunday. I am so, so proud of how far they have come this year. They started off barely knowing any notes, and ended up playing pieces with some complexity to them! Overall, all of the kids at the recital did a really great job. The older kids played some beautiful pieces, they were so melodic and I could have listened to them all day. I’m super excited for next year.

Delaney was up first. Turn up the volume a bit, this piano seemed to play softer than they were used to.

Her second piece. This was her favorite and she played it just about every time she passed the piano. For Delaney, learning how to play piano is very much like a puzzle to her brain. She loves figuring out the notes and the rhythm, and being able to play something without needing to really look at the music. She would often focus on one piece above all others until she could play it well. She asked to take piano lessons this summer, but later backed off and now just wants to practice on her own.

Caden was next. Her first piece is Brahm’s Lullaby. This piece took her a while to learn, but I loved every minute of her practicing because this is one of the songs I sang to them when they were babies! When we had our lesson last Monday, her teacher didn’t think the second piece (Fanfare Minuet) was recital ready. Caden really wanted to play it and promised she would practice. The deadline really forced Caden to practice for extended periods of time which she doesn’t normally do. On Saturday morning we sent a video of her playing the song to her teacher and she agreed it was recital ready! I was very proud of her for taking on this challenge and working hard.

As their gift after the winter recital, their teacher gave them two books of duets. While they are the cutest thing ever when they play them, they hate practicing them and argue the entire time. There was a little glitch at the end of the second duet, but overall very good job!

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A Swing Again

Our yard is much, much smaller than our old yard. The girls loved our old playset and would spend hours on the swings and in their play house. Unfortunately, this yard doesn’t have room for a playset. Also they’re eight, so I wasn’t sure how much longer a playset would actually get used. We discussed having my dad build some sort of play house for them, but again with the small yard, I’m just not sure where we would put it.

swing 1

When my parents were here for Mother’s Day we knocked out a bunch of projects. It was getting late in the day and my mom really wanted to get going, but my dad wanted to hang up their hammock swing. We realized that the tree at the back of the yard had a branch that was high and strong enough. I thought this would take forever to do, but it was done in five minutes. The girls have been in it nonstop since it went up.

swing 2

While Delaney loves it too, it’s really Caden’s spot. There are mornings when she will just get up from the breakfast table and run out and swing for a bit. They push each other, spin it, read, do their bracelets, and let Midas nap with them in it. It’s been amazing! And very needed.

And so now, what else? We’ve chatted a bit and I pitched a teepee. I’ve seen some canvas ones that would be easy enough to put up and take down, and it would give them a spot to retreat to. I’m going to do some research on size and price. There is a corner of the yard by the garage that I think would work well for this. Cross your fingers! (and if anyone has advice or recommendations yes please!

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Sunshine and Silly Poses

Nothing but sunshine all week!

may 16

Monday. I had a meeting at a client later that morning, so Annie walked to the bus stop with us. Also, we bought Delaney’s sweatshirt before our Florida trip and one or the other of them has worn it almost nonstop this spring. Hoodies are always hit or miss for us. Either we wear them a ton, or we wear them never. It’s nice to see this one get some use!

may 17

Tuesday. So. I swear Delaney’s hair looked nice two minutes before I took this, but then she put on that sweatshirt and it all went to hell. Luckily we keep a brush in the truck just for moments like these.

may 18

Wednesday. Now that it’s warm, Caden is cycling through all of the capri pants we own (not that you can actually tell that in the picture, but trust me on this one.)

may 19

Thurday. No coats! I asked for a silly pose and this is what I got.

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Tiny Bits

* This week has been much quieter which has been nice. That said, I’m ready to move into summer mode. We had our last piano lesson on Monday, recital is Sunday. Two more ballet lessons and that recital Memorial weekend and then it’s just softball and YMCA! The girls asked if they were doing ballet lessons this summer and NO thank you.

* I registered the girls for a horse camp and they said it can be helpful to do a lesson beforehand so the kids are less nervous. I agree, but it’s expensive and there are really only a handful of days when we could do the lesson. To make this work or not to make this work? Also, the girls need cowboy boots. I’m hoping we can get them big enough that they will work next year as well.

* Caden’s ipad has a big black line running vertically down the screen. Google tells me to take it to the Apple store. I do not feel good about this one.

* Lark has been extra anxious the last few days. It’s hard to watch. I’ve been doing lavendar oil and holding her as much as I can, but I hate seeing her this way. We upped her prozac dose but that doesn’t seem to make a difference. I so wish we could figure this out for her. I’ve been planning to bring in a private trainer and thought it would be $$$, but it turns out they usually come out for one visit and give you a plan and you go from there on your own. I need to get this set up in case they can give us more insight into her.

* Midas is very chatty these days and it never fails to crack me up. He has a lot to say! He loves being outside, loves sitting in the sun, and is always the last dog to come into the house.

* If I recommend a book to the girls it’s a guarantee they won’t read it. Their birthday weekend they watched the Harry Potter movies and ever since then I’ve been subtly trying to get either of them to read the books. Delaney finally bit and is almost through the first book! It took her a while to get hooked, but she brings it to school and has been reading it there and on the bus and that gave her the time to get deep enough into the story. I’m trying to decide if I should just buy the set on Kindle so she doesn’t have to drag around the rest of the books, or if we should stick with the paperbacks as long as we can.


Birthday Girl

It was my birthday yesterday! Birthdays are weird when you get older, right? But, my kids are getting older now and oddly that has made my birthday a lot more fun.

The girls did not get me any presents for my birthday which was fine by me. There was nothing I wanted, and it was good to talk about presents we can give that don’t cost any money. The night before they asked me what I wanted and we came to an agreement. They really wanted to make me breakfast in bed, but that isn’t really my thing. I love when we all eat breakfast together in the kitchen. I requested that they take the dogs out in the morning, then make me breakfast. They were very excited.

Delaney has clearly been watching in the kitchen, because she turned out sauteed spinach with two perfectly cooked over easy eggs like she’s been doing it all her life! I was VERY impressed. She even fried up some diced pancetta to sprinkle over the top! Plus, we were all up a little earlier than normal, so we were able to take our time and have a relaxed morning. It was the best way to start the day.

I took a coworker out for her annual review lunch at one of my favorite restaurants, stopped in to get my free Starbucks coffee in the morning, and my free Caribou iced tea in the afternoon. As a girl who loves her freebies, it was pretty much a perfect day!


Captain America!

In the past few years I’ve kind of gotten into the super hero thing. It helps that I work with people that are also super hero geeks, that the super heroes are super gorgeous, and that my kids are totally into them as well. Since the new Captain America movie was out, my coworkers planned a day filled with Captain America! And, we celebrated my birthday. We watched the first two movies, went out to dinner, then hit the theater for Civil War. It was so much fun! It was fun to hang with my girl friends for the day and geek out on Chris Evans, and fun to plan the whole thing for the last few weeks. It was the perfect break just when I needed it.

The girls went with my parents up to the lake. Unfortunately, it was chilly this weekend! Perfect weather for movie watching, not perfect weather for fishing. But, they braved the weather and fished Sunday morning. They didn’t catch anything, but I told them soon, our luck will change.

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One in each spot

This week we took the picture in a different spot every day. I would love to tell you this was by design and that we were gathering data, but it was completely happenstance. Anyway, at least we know the backyard doesn’t work!

may 9

Monday. This is the spot that seems to work best for pictures. I don’t love the concrete driveway, but we’re in the shade and you can see some green grass. Love their faces in this one!

may 10

Tuesday. The rain had arrived full force. These are the smiles I get when I tell them “Don’t move! There’s no light!”

may 11

Wednesday. Aka Quick picture before we run out the door!

may 12a

Thursday. Thursdays are my work from home day which means our mornings are nice and relaxed. Since we had time, we went into the backyard to take the picture. This did not work at all since they were looking directly into the morning sun. Delaney was not happy.

may 12b

And the look Laney gives her sister when she gets super goofy.

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In the backyard we have two fairly large dips in the lawn. In order to level things out we added some dirt which meant we had to reseed that grass. New grass seed means sprinklers, and once I had the sprinkler going, they couldn’t resist. Both days this weekend they got on their swimsuits to run through the water. I’m still terribly in love with the light in the backyard!

sprinkler 1

sprinkler 2

sprinkler 3

sprinkler 4

sprinkler 5

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Softball begins!

Last night the girls had their first softball game of the season! I thought for sure this game would get rained out, but the rained stopped about 5:00 and we were able to play.

I was really proud of all of the girls. They played really well. We only had six girls, so everyone got to bat quite a few times. There were a few times when a girl would score a run, then turn around and bat right away! Delaney struck out the first three times? Then I adjusted her batting stance and she got a hit the next at bat. I was coaching first base and the smile on her face as she ran was everything. Caden and Delaney got three hits each I think? Our fielding needed a little work, but it’s the first game so expectations were low.

Just as we were starting the last inning the coach from the other team came out to say he thought the game was over. There was a discrepancy about the start time and how late the last inning could start. They discussed the rules but in the end he said the parents were done, so they were ending the game. It was the weirdest thing. What does that even mean “the parents are done”? It was only 7:40, it wasn’t raining, and it wasn’t super cold. At that point, they were ahead 5-3, but we’re not sure if they will forfeit the game since they ended it early? Either way, it was a super frustrating way to end things.

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