The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

11 Years Old

Delaney – 87 lbs (57%) 59 3/4 inches (82 %)

Caden – 64 lbs (8%) 56 3/4 inches (47%)

If you want to see their previous weights and heights, go to About Caden or About Delaney on the right hand side.

This is well and truly the farthest apart the girls have been in weight and height. But! There is science behind it! When you hit puberty, you gain weight and you have a growth spurt. Delaney has hit puberty, Caden hasn’t. So it makes sense that there is a wider gap between them right now. Puberty is based on body fat and weight, so it could be another year or so before Caden hits it. If she grows another 3-4 inches in those years AND then hits her growth spurt? She could totally catch up!

The doctor thinks Delaney will be around 5’7″ when she finishes growing. She is just a hair shy of 5′ right now, so that makes sense. Until Caden hits her growth spurt it’s hard to tell where she’ll end up. Funnily enough, when the girls were one, we went to a clinic for follow up NICU developmental testing. The neonatologist proclaimed that Delaney would be of average height at 5’6″, and Caden would come in around 5’1″. We shall see how close he was!

The whole appointment was a lot of talk about puberty. Moods, appetite, body changes, what to expect when. I feel like I don’t see a ton of crazy moods quite yet, appetites are all over the place, and we are definitely in the body changing phase. It is an interesting season.

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New Rooms!

One of the reasons we chose this house was because there were three bedrooms, so the girls could each have their own room when they were ready. For a long time they were very codependent sleepers. They needed their sister nearby to fall asleep, and so I thought they may never want to separate!

For the last three plus years the girls have shared a room, and we’ve had a guest bedroom/office. It’s been awesome. I love having a dedicated place to work that is next to big gorgeous windows and lots of sunlight. And it’s been so nice having an extra bed!

So when little hints started dropping that the girls might want their own spaces, I was hesitant. How would we make it work? I really didn’t want to move my desk to the dining room (no light, would make it cramped) or down stairs (did that once, never again). And I also didn’t want to lose our guest bed! But! I finally realized that if we moved the bunk beds into the smaller guest bedroom, there would be enough room to keep my desk there. Which meant Delaney could have the queen size bed in the bigger bedroom. If we had guests, she could sleep in the bunk beds! Perfection!

And then we went out to San Diego. Our bedroom had a queen size bed and what I thought would be a sleeper couch, but was instead a trundle day bed. It was the perfect bed to lounge in and read a book. I asked Caden if she would be okay selling the bunk beds and getting a trundle day bed instead and she immediately answered yes!

We’ve done a little shopping for the room switch, but mostly I have held off on buying anything beyond Caden’s new bed until we see how the rooms shake out. I’ve convinced the girls to paint their rooms a shade of grey (the exact shade is still being negotiated. Delaney wants her room to be a cave, I’m hoping for something a little lighter than black.) so they are neutral, and blend with the rest of the house. (I painted the two bedrooms blue before we moved in and I’ve always regretted that move.)

Room switcheroo is set for Easter weekend! I’m hopeful it will go smoothly, but it’s a lot of moving parts swapping beds and painting. We’re going to do another purge this weekend, and move out as much as we can. I have to do some serious purging of my desk, since I’ll be sharing the desk with Caden.

Speaking of Caden, she’s super excited for this. She has declared that her room will always be clean, and that she’s going to do her own laundry so she doesn’t have to fold anyone else’s clothes. I’m looking forward to it!

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Final Four!

Perhaps you saw, but last weekend Minneapolis hosted the Final Four championship games. I work downtown, so when we host big events, I can easily check things out ahead of time to get the lay of the land. I did this with the Super Bowl before I brought the girls downtown and it was so helpful. So! I did it again with the Final Four.

We had so much fun walking through all of the Super Bowl stuff, I knew I wanted to bring the girls to this too. It was much smaller, but it was also warmer out so we didn’t really care. Most of the stuff was free too which was super fun and unexpected!

They had a Ferris Wheel downtown! And it was free! It took Delaney and I two blocks to talk Caden into going on it, and then we realized that the line was WAY long since it was free, so we skipped.

You can see our little shot glasses of Coke that they were giving out! They were sampling the new orange vanilla Coke (way better than it sounds). It was tasty, so we hit the next booth and got more, and then hit another booth to get an orange vanilla float! Why not right?!

There was an Axe booth and they had video games on the outside of the truck, so Caden really wanted to go inside. We had to sign waivers to get in (I think just because they took photos?) We get inside and it’s not games, they had hair dye. What the what? Oh well! We all got blue streaks and went on to the next stand that was giving out free coke.



Last week Delaney rode a new horse! Which was both fun and scary.

Internets, meet Landra. As you can see by her ears, she was a little nervous. (as was Delaney)

A little backstory on Landra. First, she’s got some spunk to her. She is particular about her rider, so you need to be confident and keep your legs on when riding her. She has a mind of her own, which I love and respect. I laugh at the stories I’ve heard about her, because I kind of love that she has her quirks.

After each lesson I grab a handful of treats and give them out to all of the horses in the barn. But, I had heard that Landra was a biter, so I didn’t give her any. One evening I was walking past her stall and she put her head out and stopped me, like Where’s my treat? And that was the beginning of our friendship.

Delaney was nervous about riding her for the first time, so I went down and had a little chat with her about taking care of her rider. We agreed on the number of treats waiting for her after the lesson, and then I spent 10 minutes helping Delaney groom her since she decided to roll in the mud. The lesson went well. Not perfect, there were a few times when she did not want to move forward, but overall I was super happy. She is now in Delaney’s top 5 list of favorite horses, and we’re hoping to have more chances to ride her!

Not to leave Caden out, she rode Princess. Princess is huge and steady and gorgeous. She doesn’t go fast, but sometimes that’s what you need. Also, how gorgeous does she look with that teal saddle pad?!

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Virtual Reality

It’s Tuesday already! Sunday evenings are my planning nights for my business, and time always gets away from me before I can write up a post. Eek.

So our weekend. All winter we were hermits. We’re all home bodies, and love just being home. But it’s spring and it’s time to get out and about! Saturday we wanted to see my cousin at the State Science Fair, but that would be a quick visit and later in the day, so I decided to take the girls back to the Virtual Reality place we went to for their birthday. I booked a pod for an hour and a half, and since it would just be the two of them, they were super excited about all of the games they could play.

There is a game called Job Simulator that they love. I don’t get the appeal of it, plus it makes me nauseous, but it’s their favorite. They also played Beat Saber. Caden is SO good at that game! You basically have light sabers in your hands and you have to hit these blocks, and it goes to the beat of a song. Next time I’m getting in and playing that game!

We’ve been looking at virtual reality devices since last fall, but much more seriously since their birthday. It’s tough because the cheaper devices aren’t very good or robust, and the more expensive ones require a souped up gaming laptop on top of the VR equipment. I was talking to the guys and asking about various systems and in the end, it just didn’t seem like there was a good fit for us.

But! The VR place was selling Founding Memberships. You get a deal on the pod price, plus 10% off food and drinks. It seemed like the perfect compromise for us. They can get the expensive equipment (and update it!) and we can come once or twice a month and have fun with it! I’m also hopeful that this will get us out of the house a little more next winter, since we bought the year membership. And, I think it will be fun to invite friends and family along.

In other weekend news, Caden got a new pair of sneakers. Her old sneakers had shoelaces that were WAY too long, even when double knotted. They were constantly untied and everywhere, and I have never been so excited to throw away a pair of shoes as I was with those!

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Hidden Talents

At parent teacher conferences Caden’s teacher told me how she’s very intuitive with her classmates, and makes sure that everyone feels included. I don’t get to see this side of her much at home because it’s just the three of us. But, it definitely came out when we were on vacation. She was always checking in with my mom or my dad, making sure whoever was lagging behind had someone to hang out with. When we were leaving to go somewhere, she would always run back into the condo to grab the last person out. It was really sweet to watch her be so aware!

Then last week I had a quick business trip out to New York. One of my coworkers watched the girls. She’s watched our dogs before, so she knows the lay of the land, but she’s only met the girls at company outings. She said Caden introduced them right away, then started chatting away giving her the scoop on everything. The next morning Caden offered to make her breakfast! I had told the girls to be good hostesses, but I didn’t know she’d go that far!

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Let’s talk sleep. And for once, this isn’t about the girls, it’s about me!

Over the last year I’ve been trying to get up earlier so that I have more time in the morning to meditate, journal, read, take my time. But, in order to get up earlier, I have to get to bed earlier, and I’ve been awful about that. I’ve tried, and for a few days or a week I can be lights out by 10:30, but then I’ll slip and stay up until 11:30 again.

For Christmas I got an Apple watch from my parents. When I was researching the apps that work really well with it, sleep tracking apps kept coming up. I went with Pillow since it got great reviews. I love data. LOVE DATA! I was so excited to be able to track my sleep and know exactly ohw much I was getting.

This will surprise no parent, but I get a lot less sleep than I thought I did. When I was sick in January I was getting 8 hours fairly regularly, but I was also exhausted and going to bed super early. Once I felt better, I noticed I was getting 6 hours 39 minutes of sleep. Every night. Apparently my body had a sleep rhythm that it really liked?

It’s been very interesting looking at the sleep data. I don’t always go into REM every sleep cycle. There are a lot of nights when I hit REM a few times, but mostly cycle from light to deep sleep. (The more times you cycle through all three sleep cycles, the higher your sleep score.) I’ve noticed that if I remember my dreams, it was because I was just in REM sleep.

Overall, I feel best if I can get close to 8 hours of sleep, and my sleep score comes in at 75% or above. Most nights I’m somewhere between 6 and 7.5 hours, with my sleep score closer to 65%. On the weekends I had been getting up early to just have some quiet time in the mornings, but I’ve been skipping that lately in favor of more sleep, since it’s clear I need it!

Anyone else track their sleep?

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Sunset Pics

Seven years ago we were in Florida right around this same time on a family vacation. I really wanted a beach sunset photo shoot. I brought down coordinating outfits and everything! But we did it towards the end of our trip, the girls hadn’t napped, and while I thought it was a fail, my mom and I blew up most of those pictures and have had them hanging up for years!

There’s a picture of my dad walking towards the ocean holding the girl’s hands that my mom really loves, so we talked about recreating it. However, this was also towards the end of our trip and there were a lot of steps down to the beach and we were tired! So we decided to just try to get pictures at the edge of the cliff, with the ocean and sunset in the background. Maybe didn’t work the best? I was using my cheap lens, so they aren’t as crisp and clear as I would like.

I had Lightroom installed on my old laptop, but haven’t transferred it to this one and I miss it! This pic could definitely use some more editing.
Christmas card next year am I right?!
Slightly better? I would like to note again just how much my hair loves San Diego.
And my parents!
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Beach pics!

This is the last San Diego post I promise!

Let’s do a little wrap up before I move on to the pictures. First, this was definitely the vacation we needed. For us, the ocean is the most important. Would we all have loved it if it had been warmer? Yes. But it also didn’t ruin our trip that it wasn’t. We still hit the beach every day regardless of the weather. I’m also so glad we focused on the beach, and skipped the other activities.

Second, I already booked the airbnb for next year. I’ve had Hawaii on my list of places I wanted to go to for YEARS. But I never booked it because I assumed it was expensive. So I finally looked into it to see if it actually was expensive and guess what? It’s not! I found an airbnb from a host I trust for under $2,000 for the week. It’s on Maui, across the street from the beach, and I can cancel up to 48 hours before the trip. And I’ve got time to find good airfare. Done.

I brought my big camera down to the beach twice to get pictures. We also grabbed some sunset pictures on our last night (okay, I lied, those are coming tomorrow).

It was probably 65 this day. They didn’t care.
They always thought they could just wear capris and go into the ocean, but they always got wet!
I talked my dad into going out with them so I could get pictures of the three of them and right after, a huge wave came in and drenched all of them!
The sunset from our rooftop balcony. I think this was the second night?
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Tide Pools

I’d been chatting with my friend Stacey quite a bit about what we were going to do this trip and she suggested we hit the tide pools. There were tide pools in Carlsbad where she lives and we also found some down the beach from us in Cardiff. They were so fun!

So essentially, tide pools are shallow pools of ocean water that are still there at low tide. Where we were it was a lot of crazy rocks with water still in the dips and crannies.

Sometimes you can find creatures in the tide pools. Starfish, octopus, or sea slugs. We mostly found a lot of mussels and sea anemones. The sea anemones were so cool! If they were submerged under water they were open, with their tentacles out, and were either purple or blue. But, if the water had gone out, they closed up, and you could mostly just see the shells that had attached underneath. If you poked them, they collapsed a bit and squirted out water. The girls were obsessed with them and they were everywhere!

We hit the Carlsbad tide pools on Tuesday, then found the Cardiff pools on Wednesday, and went back to them again on Thursday. The tide pools were fun because it was a little something for everyone. You could explore, you could watch the surfers, you could just walk the beach. Highly recommend them!

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