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Crazed weekend

Now that it’s October and the weather has cooled off, we are finally starting to see some action on the house. It has lessened some of my anxiety, but increased others since the showings create a scheduling nightmare. I had to do a timeline for Saturday (and Sunday) to figure out when we needed to leave and when to bring the dogs and when to drop them back at home. I’m over it, especially since we’ve gotten a few no shows.

We had three showings on Saturday, one in the morning and two in the afternoon. We also needed to get groceries and the girls had a birthday party to go to. We grabbed the dogs and hit the grocery store, then I dropped the girls at their party. I took the dogs back to the house and let them run around in the sunshine before heading out for a few errands. I really wanted to wander around the new Nordstrom at Ridgedale, but I knew I wouldn’t have time if I also wanted to mattress shop (by myself, can you imagine doing that with two 7-year-olds?) and buy the girls new duvet covers in peace. So I prioritized. Nordstrom I’m coming for you though!

After I picked up the girls and picked up the dogs, we headed to Target for a pair of boots for the girls. We still had an hour to kill before we could go home, so we went to the dog park. When I sold my first house many moons ago I spent a lot of time at the dog park. They are not my favorite. This time a smallish pit bull terrorized Annabelle (why oh why was he on the small dog side?) and a tiny pomeranian terrorized Lark. I gave my best death stare to no avail.

After all of these shenanigans we headed home to make a bonfire and some dinner. We had a bunch of random sticks and smaller logs that either needed to be put up off the ground or burned. I love fires, so I was all about burning them. Getting the fire going and continuing to burn down the pile of wood was the best thing ever for me. So soothing. I even let the girls make s’mores before dinner.


Sunday was also a little crazed. A coworker ran the Twin Cities marathon and we had an open house, so in order to keep my sanity, I brought the dogs to doggy daycare. Best decision ever. It added a little extra driving to our day, but it was so nice not to worry about them, or to drag them everywhere with us.

We made signs! We cheered for Sarah at mile 25 so I wanted to be mostly inspirational with a side of funny. I think we hit our mark? I was crazy impressed with all of the runners. Almost all of them were running, and only a few looked to be in major pain.

After lunch we hit a movie (Hotel Transylvania 2, not bad) and then shopped for a bit (still couldn’t go home) before picking up the dogs. Once home, I made dinner and then we all crashed. The girls watched a movie upstairs and I took the dogs downstairs to watch Project Runway.

I’m trying to find a good attitude about all of this, but I’m not quite there yet. I’m a planner, and I don’t do well with uncertainty, so this whole deal is not in my wheelhouse. On the flip side, I feel like it’s stretching me in the best possible way. I know good will come of this, through one path or another, I just want it to get here already!

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Homecoming Week

sept 28

It’s Homecoming week this week so the girls had dress up days every day. Monday was crazy socks day. Caden wore a pair of new socks that had acorns on them, and Delaney wore some neon yellow socks. I tried talking them into other socks, or even just pull your socks up high but no go.

sept 29

Tuesday. Wear your favorite sports team apparel. They went with their softball jerseys and medals!

oct 1

Wednesday the second graders wore blue, but we were late for the bus so no picture. This is Thursday, dress your best! Delaney went with the twirly dress, Caden chose sequins.

oct 1b

And one more because Delaney really wanted to get some poses in!

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Tiny Bits

* The morning routine for school is so much better for us than the summer morning routine for YMCA. We have more time, there is less yelling, it all just works better. Now I just need to start getting up 30 minutes earlier so I can get back into my exercise routine.

* I always think that since school is more low key than summer, they shouldn’t be as tired, but I forget all the social stress that goes along with those first few months. Both girls have an entirely different mix of kids in their classrooms, and it’s definitely taking some time to adjust. Delaney seems to have it a bit harder than Caden. Caden has two really sweet girls in her class. Delaney, not so much. She’ll find her groove, it will just take a little longer. In the mean time, I’m trying to ensure they get to bed on time and enforce lights out.

* I have a lot of thoughts about buying the new house and trying to sell mine, I’m just not sure how much I want to put down here. I’m a fairly decisive person, but major decisions make my head spin. I have had more than one moment where I wanted to back out of all of it, followed by the realization that this will be a good thing for us, it’s just going to be uncomfortable and a bit crazy for a while. I’m making a lot of lists, doing a lot of research, and trying to think through and anticipate the things the new house will need.

* A good friend and coworker is running the Twin Cities marathon this weekend, so we are going to support her. I need sign ideas! Funny or inspirational, I’ll take any ideas.

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Corn Maze 2015

Since the corn maze was super fun last year, I really wanted to make sure we got back there again this year. With 75 and sun predicted for Saturday, it seemed like the perfect day to hit it up and it was!

The girls had a birthday party in the afternoon, so we headed out after that. I worried that we wouldn’t have enough time there, but we were there for about two and a half hours and that was enough. We hit the petting zoo, did the corn pits twice, and spent a ton of time in the corn maze. In the corn maze they have markers with letters on them, so you try to work your way from A to Z as you go through the maze. We completely screwed up the first part and found ourself at the back of the maze while still looking for A. Oops! So we slowed way down, took our time, and found as many letters as we could. We probably got 75% of them? And then everyone was hungry and tired and we headed out for some food. We ended the evening with a hay ride and the hay bale maze. And then showers at home, the corn dust was everywhere!

corn 1

corn 2

corn 3

corn 4

corn 6

corn 5

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Softball Tournament 


The girls had their first softball tournament this weekend. In the car on the way I finally asked them if the even knew what a tournament was. They didn’t. Oh the things you don’t really think about. Our first game started at 9:15, and we were there until about 4:00. It was a long day, but sunny and warm. It was the most perfect day to sit outside and watch softball. So much so that we all came home with sunburns because since it’s end of September, it didn’t even cross my mind to think about sunscreen. Oops.

The tournament was a bit of a shock to the team. It was the first time we played some really good teams, teams that could hit the ball into the outfield. Even though they lost all three games, the girls showed great sportsmanship and never complained, and they continued to have fun. The girls got some great hits and made some great plays. I was very proud!

This fall season has been such a great learning experience and definitely cemented softball as the sport of choice for the girls. We can’t wait for it to start up again next spring!

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Happy Friday!

The forecast for the weekend is 80 and sunny. Yes please! We are hoping to get some fall activities in finally!

sept 21

Monday. It was a lot of serious faces and headbands this week.

sept 22

Tuesday. I love this one. They are the very best dorks.

sept 23

Wednesday. Laney really committed this week didn’t she?

sept 24

Thursday. Caden did not want her picture taken, so Delaney went with the classic ninja kick pose.

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dogs 1

I took this picture Monday afternoon right after I let the dogs out of the house. They had spent most of Sunday in boarding, and that evening was rainy. When I let them out Monday afternoon and it was warm and sunny, there was pure joy! Look at Midas! He ran and jumped and did his funny chihuahua run. Some day I will absolutely get that on video because it is amazing. Everybody ran and ran and ran around the yard.

The Mighty Man has been doing really well. His marking in the house has decreased, he knows how to use the doggy door to get in the house, and will let me know if he needs to go outside. He continues to make us laugh and smile. Annabelle has started playing with him a little more, but she’s still unsure what to do since he’s so little. He’s a total mama’s boy which I love. He gets absurdly excited to see me, it is so cute!

dogs 2

Larky lark. She has made huge strides! When we first got her she would not come in the house on her own. There is something about crossing the threshold of a door that causes her anxiety. But! Now she not only comes inside on her own, she uses the doggy door occasionally! I think she usually follows another dog in, but still. She still gets scared with noises, but has figured out some safe spots that she can go to to get away from the noise when she needs to. She is slowly warming to the girls again, which delights Delaney to no end. They have both been very slow and cautious with her, and their efforts are slowly being rewarded.

Lark and Annabelle are still close buddies. Their favorite time to rough house is bedtime. Yay. They tear around my bed and growl and play. I try to ignore them and read my book. Luckily, it wears them out and as soon as I turn the lights out, they both fall asleep.

I was told that someone put in an application for Midas, but I haven’t heard anything more, so I’m guessing nothing happened with that. Lark made a connection with a couple at an event last weekend, so I’m hoping they follow up and fill out an application. I think it would be a good match for her. I’m still a little amazed neither of them has been adopted, but I’m still confident we’ll find amazing forever homes for them!

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Catch Up

Last week’s outfit pictures.

sept 14

Monday. My mom bought the girls these outfits earlier this summer and they wear them nonstop. The skirts are cute and colorful, but also comfy and they have shorts.

sept 15

Tuesday. Mixing it up a bit and posing on the stairs!

sept 16

Wednesday. Goofballs!

sept 17

Thursday. I think this was day 1 of Caden wearing that headband four days straight. My parents were not amused.

sept 18

Friday. We were late so I ran out the front door and snapped a pic from the top of the steps. Of course we then waited 5 minutes at the bus stop so who knows why I thought we were late.

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When I walked through my house with the realtor to figure out what needed to be done before we put the house on the market, I figured he would tell me to take a few personal pictures down, and maybe to reorganize the toys. Not quite. Every room we went into he wanted furniture removed. This dresser, that bookcase, that cabinet, that bookcase, this cabinet. All I could think was – How did we accumulate so much stuff??

Every night I would tackle another closet, another part of the house, removing things that we didn’t need. I made a lot of trips to Goodwill. A lot of trips. With every trip, I could breathe a little easier. There was less clutter in the house, and more space. I had no idea how I needed that space!

I’m not a hoarder. I don’t keep things. I regularly purge and sell things or take them to Goodwill. And yet, we had stuff everywhere and it was taking over our house. Art supplies, easter baskets, purses, and so many random things that I was hanging on to for no good reason. Cabinets upon cabinets full of stuff. It felt so incredibly good to finally get rid of it! The crazy thing is that I read multiple simple living blogs that are all about simplifying your space and living with less. And yet, I was clearly not practicing any of that!

After I made an initial pass through the house my mom came up and we did more cleaning and organizing. Then I ordered a POD and we moved all the excess furniture there, and packed up as much other stuff as we could. With every thing that left the house, I felt better and better.

You know what is the best part? The house is so much easier to keep clean now! I had no idea! All those toys that the girls rarely played with but that made the whole room look junky? Gone! (In the POD so they’ll come back. Maybe.) With so much open space anything that gets left out is super obvious, and so it also gets put away quickly. I was crazy worried about keeping the house clean for showings, so this revelation has been life changing and will absolutely be something we carry forward in our next house.

This whole ordeal has been such a learning experience. It’s amazed me how much I’ve learned about myself at every step, and it’s clear I needed this to really make some changes. I’ve told my mom to hold off on any decorating ideas for the new house, because I intend to be very intentional about everything that makes it’s way into the new house. I don’t want to just unload all of the junk without being thoughtful about if it really needs to be there, and I don’t want to buy anything without really thinking the purchase through.

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The House

I feel like since we went to that open house at the end of August, our life has been consumed with selling our current house and finding a new house. Painting, cleaning, organizing, constant searching on the internets. Ugh. I will be very happy to move on to packing as my main focus because this whole thing has been stressful!

Let’s start with our house. It officially went on the market Friday afternoon, with showings to begin Saturday and an open house on Sunday. I expected to be bombarded with showing requests and so sent the kids and Annabelle to my parent’s house for the weekend, and boarded the two foster dogs after the adoption event on Saturday. And then … crickets. We had two showings on Saturday, not nearly what I had hoped for. The open house on Sunday was a little better, but still, not the crazy amount of traffic I had hoped for. Then again, it was an absolutely beautiful fall weekend, and I’m guessing most people chose outdoor activities over house hunting. Hopefully this week will be better.

I’m apparently the opposite of every one else, and stalked the new listings every day. I wanted to start looking at houses so that when our house sold, I wouldn’t be at square one. There are a lot of houses for sale in our city, but they span a wide range of prices and square footage, so that in any given range, there aren’t a ton of houses for sale. We looked at the listings I’d been eyeing and they were all a no go. Thursday evening a few more came on the market and from their pictures, they were all contenders. We walked through them Friday evening with my parents and instantly fell in love with the one of them. It’s around the corner from our current house, so it’s in the same elementary school district. The house was completely renovated, so no crazy diy projects for me to do. The yard is nicely sized, but more manageable than my current yard. It checked off 90% of our requests and we were all really excited.

One of my main stressors has been selling our house, but not having one that we want to buy. I have nightmares about it, and it causes anxiety in the girls as well. I have two kids and three dogs, who is going to rent a short term apartment to me? Or let me live in their basement? Serious nightmares. So when we found this house and all loved it, I turned around and made an offer. Possibly stupid since we haven’t sold ours yet? YES.

The seller accepted our offer yesterday. Everyone keeps telling me my house will sell quickly and I hope it does. Let’s hope I didn’t just sign myself up for two mortgages.

And you can bet your reformed Catholic behind that I ordered a Saint Joseph statue from Amazon to be buried asap!



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