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Life with identical twins


This is Huey. He’s a 7-year-old rat terrier and he was not handling being in boarding very well, so he’s hanging at our house for now. I’ve definitely realized that rat terriers with sad eyes are my cryptonite! We only have him until Sunday though, so it’s a short term thing.

When he got to our house he was clearly not feeling well. His tummy was gurgling and in distress. He’s been awesome about either going outside or in his crate though, so it hasn’t been an issue.

It’s hard not to compare him to Lark, especially since they look like twins at a distance. But, he clearly didn’t have the physical abuse that she had. He doesn’t mind being picked up, crashed out on my lap the second night, and is generally much more trusting of humans than she is. His body is in rough shape, but good food and time will hopefully heal that.

With Trump in office, I’ve definitely needed an outlet where I feel like I’m doing some good in this world, and the rescue dogs have been that for me. I’m more active behind the scenes with the rescue, and it’s been so rewarding watching Demi, Nevada, and now Huey become the dogs they were meant to be, and hopefully find forever families. I give money to various organizations, but having a cause where it’s more than just writing a check has been healing for my soul.

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Tiny Bits

* Who else saw Beauty and the Beast this weekend? We LOVED it! My jaw dropped in several scenes, this movie was that beautiful. So well done! While the girls loved the end scene when everyone turned back into a human, my favorite scene was the pub scene where they sing Gaston’s song. The dancing, the singing, it was super fun. Emma Watson did a great job, but for me, Josh Gad stole every scene he was in.

* We’ve been home every weekend for a lot of weekends in a row and we’re all over it. Normally we break things up with a few trips to Mankato, which is good for everyone. Away from the cleaning and to do lists, it’s relaxing. But with my parents in Arizona this year, we’ve been home and while we are a routine loving family, we are ready for a change!

* I was a little over asking the girls to do their cleaning tasks over and over all weekend and maybe at times I expressed that I was angry I had to do this. Sunday evening I said to Delaney “Your ballet bag is still by the door and I’m a little angry about it.” She replied immediately with “You’ve been angry all weekend.” Parenting your mini me is HARD.

* We live on a quiet street that makes a nice loop with the street just down from us. It’s awesome for Lark because our walks are quiet. Except now that it’s nice out everyone is out walking. We run into other humans, dogs, kids riding bikes, and kids in strollers. Lark has actually handled it really well, but the look on Nevada’s face as she tried to hide in my legs when she saw the (little)kids on bikes was hilarious!

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First, thank you to everyone for your laundry related advice. It was good to know I’m not alone, and good to get advice! When we put laundry away, I fold t-shirts and pants, one girl does socks and underwear, and the other girl puts things away in the closet (hanging, tank tops, riding, ballet) and helps with pants and pajamas. Now, socks and underwear will also have to inside out anything that hasn’t been.

It’s almost softball season! The girls got new gloves for their birthday, and on Sunday we headed out to get Delaney new cleats. Luckily, Caden can wear Delaney’s cleats from last year. She has been a trooper about wearing some of Delaney’s hand me downs (winter boots, now cleats), but she understands why and only complains a little.

I lobbied for black and white cleats but she said no. She loved these from the moment she saw them!  They look gigantic here!  (Prior to this we were at Target checking out flip flops.  I found a pair I liked and so Delaney tried them on in a size 6 womens and they fit her.  Sob.)

One small gripe. Maybe two. Dick’s Sporting Goods is a freaking madhouse every single time we go there to buy shoes. They always have two people working, and a million people crammed into these little nooks and crannies trying to try on shoes. It’s insane. Also? Their softball selection is miniscule compared to their baseball selection. It’s sad, but indicative of the equality of those two sports. Similarly, we have one decent field to play softball on while baseball has ten.

I offered up batting gloves but neither wanted them. I think softball practice starts sometime in April? We pick up uniforms April 30 and then games in May! I’m excited!

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I kind of lost my ish last night when we were folding and putting away laundry. Every. single. piece. of. clothing. had to be inside outed. Every piece! And I’m done! How are they 9-years-old and still doing this? And that’s when you realize, you have to tell them everything. So we covered how you can take your pants off without having them be inside out, and how you can take your shirt off sleeve by sleeve. And if you don’t want to do either, you inside out them before you put them in the hamper. I swear we have covered this in the past, but it seems like nothing ever changes until I lose it and yell. Apparently I need to be memorable to be effective.

My kids are fairly helpful, and yet not helpful at all. They put their plates in the dishwasher after meals, but leave me to clean up the rest of the mess. They do socks and underwear and hang clothes, but leave me to inside out everything, fold it, and put it away. I have to ask 15 times for them to clean their room. I remind them to help more, to do the dishes, to wipe down counters, but man does it get old having to ask over and over and over again.

I’m tired. I’m ready for warm weather. Sunshine, green grass, and lake time cure all right?

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In general, when stating what time it is I’ll round up or down. If it’s 8:57 I’ll say it’s 9. If it’s 6:12 I’ll say it’s 6:10. This habit of mine drives the girls BONKERS. They are constantly correcting me. They love nothing more than to tell me “Mom, it’s not 9 it’s 8:57”.

To be honest though, doesn’t everyone do this? I can’t be the only one doing this right?

Last night in the car when I once again said it was 5:20 when it was really 5:22 Caden said to me “Mom? When you’re an adult do you have to round the time? Because you always do.”



I feel like it’s always dangerous sharing recipes because what my family likes, yours may not. That said, we’ve found a handful of new recipes these last few months that we are loving and have put on our monthly rotation so I thought I’d share them.

Grilled Chicken with Satay Peanut Sauce Technically we found this recipe last summer. It’s quick and easy (especially if you buy chicken tenders) and the dipping sauce hits the spot. Because we are averse to spice, we skip all of that and it’s still good!

Chicken Thighs with Sundried Tomatoes and Artichokes. I’ve made this in the crockpot and in my clay baker in the oven and it’s divine! I went with sundried tomatoes in oil from Trader Joe’s and they are no joke. We serve this over rice, but you could also do pasta. Excellent leftovers too!

Mango Chicken. We tried this a few weeks ago and to my surprise, the girls loved it. I was nervous, but it came together relatively quickly so is doable for a weeknight dinner. (We skipped the cauliflower rice and just did regular.)

Sausage Egg Roll in a Bowl. This recipe made the rounds on Facebook so I pinned it. I was not sure how it would be received, but Caden loved it. We both liked that it was something different.

Roasted Potatoes. I make some sort of potato hash every Sunday morning for my breakfast. I love crispy potatoes with drippy egg yolks. I usually do my potatoes on the stove, but loved the idea of roasting them in the oven. I scaled back the spices a bit, and roasted them for 45 minutes instead of 35, but they were AMAZING! Perfectly crispy, perfectly seasoned, just perfect. I threw in two sweet potatoes as well because I had them on hand. Not something I would make time to make every weekend, but will definitely be in our dinner rotation.

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I asked Alexa if it was going to snow and she said yes, to expect about two inches. I think we’re at 4 inches at this point, and it’s still snowing as of Sunday evening! Alexa, who gives you your forecast info???

Sunday after dinner I realized we had a low key, boring weekend and if I wanted some content for the good old blog, I should probably take some pictures. Threw the dogs out in the snow and voila! These were taken at 7:00pm, so they are heavily edited. Heavily. Also, I cranked up the ISO so grainy. Just look beyond that k?

Lark was not amused. Not at all. She avoids the snow at all costs and will normally only go where I’ve shoveled or Annie has worn a path, but she had no options and her fleece suit only covers so much. Sorry girl!

Nevada had her first adoption event on Sunday. I’m fairly proactive at events. When people approached the dogs I immediately went up to them and said “Are you looking for anyone in particular? No? MEET NEVADA.” She’s young, she can be an only dog, and she’s potty trained. She’s rescue dog gold! Unfortunately, no one we talked to today was interested in adopting right now, they were more looking for in the future. Also, we decided she’s a chihuahua/shiba inu mix based on her curly tail and her face/ears.

Annie is my only dog that loves the snow and doesn’t mind it one bit. She was tearing it up out there! Nevada finally joined her and raced around a bit. I really need those two to start playing to get Nev’s energy out, and to help her lose some weight. She’s already lost a pound!

This was the best picture I could get of all three dogs playing (I left Midas in the house, I’m not that cruel). Annie was having a blast and the other two were lobbying hard to go back inside.

Pretty girl.

And another pretty girl!

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Back to Cold

Sunday it was 60 and gorgeous, today it’s going to be 20 and cold. I’m not thrilled with a chilly weekend, but next Friday the 50’s are back and hopefully they will stay!

This was last Thursday? Nevada in her cone of shame. Little girl is all healed up from her spay now though!

Monday. It was so nice out we took the picture outside and the girls wore their thin spring jackets!

Thursday. These two pictures show why it’s hard to get pictures in the winter. Caden is in all of her gear and ready to go.

Delaney is just putting on her coat. At least we only missed the bus once this week?

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Monday night a local restaurant had a fundraiser where 10% of your bill went to Underdog Rescue, so of course we went. It’s across town and Google had us take back roads to get there to avoid highway traffic. I was a little annoyed we were taking back roads and the girls were a little annoyed they hadn’t brought books in the car and it was going to be a 30 minute drive. But as we drove we kept finding unique and cool houses, and then the more we drove we found unique and cool huge houses, and of course we had absolutely no idea where we were until we turned the corner and there was Lake Calhoun. But anyway, I do love that even random drives through random neighborhoods are fun with these two these days.

The girls had their Music Sharing Concert Tuesday night. They had one last year too and I remember it being a bit crazy? It went much better this year, mostly because I made sure to get there early so I had a good seat and could see the girls. I felt like the songs went better this year as well, but that could be faulty memory. The concert is 2nd and 3rd graders. Each grade does a few songs, and then they did a few songs together. Each class seemed to get to do something special too? Delaney’s class did a dance with sticks (so rhythm drumming + dancing and Delaney kept the straightest face ever, did not crack a single smile the entire time) and Caden’s class played their recorders. I believe next year they can be in band or orchestra? I’m not sure how I feel about that yet.

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Birthday ride

We tried to do their birthday ride so my dad could ride with us, but the scheduling didn’t work out. I really wanted it to just be the three of us in the riding ring, so we had our lesson on Sunday afternoon. I had no idea how busy the barn is on Sundays! There were lessons before and after us! Lots of kids there riding.

Caden has been riding Ziggy consistently since late December. I have mixed feelings about this because they are such a good team together, and she rides very confidently with him. On the other hand, I don’t love how nervous she gets with any other horse. That said, another barn mom told me some years are confidence building years and some years are growth years. That put things in perspective. She’s in a confidence building year and Ziggy is integral to that. I love watching the two of them together. They are such a great team!

How awesome is this picture? So much love right here! Trueman, you are such a handsome boy. Trueman has a little sass to him, and tends to canter out of jumps. Delaney gets nervous when he does this, but always handles it well so I’m not sure why she gets nervous at all.

The girls wanted to do some bigger jumps which we did. Ahhh! They were so fun. And addicting! We all really had to learn how to handle them, so it was great that Hanna could give us quick feedback and then we could circle around and do the jump again. Riding is a lot like any other sport. There are so many things to think of – heels down, hands down, short reins, grab the mane. We all loved it!

Me and Lacy. This was my second time riding her and it was nice knowing what to expect and how I needed to direct her. I also found my rhythm a lot faster this time around. The first lesson it took me forever to remember how to post in a trot, this time I found my groove quickly.

Poor girl got spooked by something Ziggy did (I think his leg hit the wall?) and threw me off. We were trotting around the ring when all of the sudden she stutter stepped and twisted. I thought I was going to be able to stay on, but when I realized I wouldn’t be able to I got my boots out of the stirrups, arms up, and tried to fall backwards. Luckily, there’s about 8 inches of soft material in the barn so it was a fairly soft landing. Little bit of an adrenaline rush though! We walked a lap, then watched the girls do the cavaletti jump a few times. As we were standing there Lacy rubbed her head on my leg to apologize. It was the sweetest thing, she felt bad! I told her I could handle it and we got back out there. Oddly enough, she was awesome after this and we finished the lesson strong.

Better me getting thrown than my kids, but I know their time will come as well. If you haven’t been thrown, you haven’t been riding long enough right? If you know someone who jumps, you probably know someone who has been seriously hurt jumping. They wear helmets, their trainer makes sure they’re as safe as they can be, and yet it’s highly likely they’ll get thrown off a horse at some point. Injuries happen in every sport, we just try to be as safe as we can be in any given situation.

Back to the good, it was an awesome afternoon. The weather was gorgeous, the barn doors were open, and we had an awesome time riding together. I wish I could ride with them all the time, but it just isn’t feasible. Yet another reason to get our own barn and our own horses! (major wink emoji here, lol, oh god I don’t know we’d handle all of that although I so badly want to do it)