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Catch Up

* Piano lessons started right after Labor Day. It’s been something of a challenge to find that routine of practicing every night. Delaney seems to take practicing much more seriously than Caden does, which shows at lesson time. Last year ┬áCaden got serious when she got a piece that she really wanted to master, hopefully she just needs that this time around as well. I am happy to hear the sounds of the piano through our house again. I love listening to them play.

* Ballet lessons started up two weeks ago. Lessons are Saturdays at noon which is not the best time. I keep thinking we have all this time in the morning to get the house cleaned and grab groceries, but the truth is we have to hustle to make that happen. Maybe that’s not a bad thing? They love their teacher this year, and their smaller class size. Last year there were 8 kids in their class? Not all of whom paid attention which made it difficult. This year there are 5 kids total, and the teacher is really able to correct the kids and give them a lot of individual attention.

* My dad came up last week and bunked the girls beds. They’ve been playing with their legos and magna tiles nonstop and want to be able to play with them in their room, rather than the basement or living room. Now their bunk beds are on one wall, and we moved a play table up from the basement so their legos are by the windows. I bought a little cart at Ikea last year that has been sitting in the basement, so last night we put that together and that will work perfectly for their extra lego pieces. We may need a few small boxes to organize them, but they’re using tupperware for now to figure out how big and how many. My living room floor is finally clear again, and their room looks cleaner, so this is a win. The only downside is that Delaney is now remembering that the dogs don’t want to be on the top bunk and that has been an issue. I think some bunk swaps are in their future.

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Back to the barns

I don’t think I’ve really talked about this here, but after adamantly telling people that we were just doing the horse camp over the summer, DEFINITELY not lessons, we signed up for lessons. The girls enjoy riding so much, they’re actually good at it, and it’s been such a great experience, that I definitely wanted to keep going. At this point we have lessons once a month. Lessons are expensive, and with ballet and piano added in, I needed to keep it at a financial level I could handle. After the new year we’ll move to twice a month, and then next fall the girls will likely have to choose between ballet or horseback riding. I’d love to keep them in both because I think they’re complementary, but there is only so much time and so many dollars available for kid activities.

Time at the barns continues to be the best possible way to spend an evening. If you love horses and ever want to join us, let me know. Also, these pictures are Delaney heavy. I took a bunch of Caden as well, but there always seems to be a bunch of other people in her pictures.


Delaney with Trueman. Trueman has been an amazing horse for her. Very calm, very steady, just perfect for Lane. I love watching her groom him and get everything ready to go.


Caden had Sassy for this lesson. You may remember Sassy from Horsecamp Week 1 when Delaney rode her. Sassy has a mind of her own, she trots fast, and she wants nothing more than to get her canter on. She gave Caden a run for her money! Caden has had Ziggy for all of her riding though, so I think a change in horses was good for her.


You’re a handsome boy Trueman! So sorry we forgot treats this week. I’ll make it up to you next time!


Their saddles are so teeny, I had to get a picture.


A cute picture of Delaney grooming Trueman. Notice her breeches? They wore jeans or leggings for horse camp, but once we started lessons we bought riding breeches. I intended to buy paddock boots and half chaps, but most of the other kids aren’t wearing them, so we’ll wait until their cowboy boots don’t fit to change up their boots.


Caden warming up Sassy. Technically their lesson starts at 5:30, but you really need to get there by 5:15 at the latest in order to get your horse saddled. The girls need help with the girths and bridles, so sometimes they have to wait for that help. The quicker you get your horse saddled, the more time you get in the ring.



I love Laney’s face in these jumping photos. She’s concentrating so hard on her form!

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Crazy Week

We have had a lot going on lately. It seems like there is something every night. Sometimes it gets a little crazy, but overall I think it’s better for us to be out and about than holed up at home.


Friday. Park pride day! I thought we were out of orange and black, but Delaney found the perfect t-shirt!


Monday. Just Caden. Doesn’t she look adorable in her dress?


Tuesday. Coordinating Old Navy jackets and head bands.


Wednesday. Delaney is wearing their new Under Armour leggings. I bought each of them a pair last spring and they wore them so much I bought another pair one size up. They are so cute!


Thursday. As part of their school supplies I had to buy a sketch book. I thought maybe it was for art? But they get to sketch every day after lunch if they choose to. Caden has been loving this and sometimes brings it home to sketch on the bus too.

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Corn Maze!

This was our third year at Sever’s Corn Maze. A few people were surprised we were going this early, but it was going to be warm out and we had no plans for Sunday, so it was perfect timing. Since it was also the Vikings/Packers game, there weren’t many people there at all, which made for extra good timing.


We did the corn maze straight away. We got there about 2:00 and I didn’t want to leave it until the end of the day and risk darkness. This year we actually hit all of the letters! The girls took turns getting us from letter to letter. It’s such a good lesson in map reading and finding your way, I totally love it.

After the corn maze the girls wanted to run around the hay bale maze. I love this maze since I always get great pictures!





They have two corn pits and this year, we only played in one of them. They buried each other’s legs, swung off the rope swings, did the monkey bars, and then they were done. The corn pits are generally good people watching, so play on.


A new addition this year was the pig races. I loved these! The announcer and his kids were hilarious, and it was fun watching the pigs zoom around the race track.


Another new addition was the Parakeet Landing. It’s like the butterfly thing we did at Como Zoo but possibly better since it’s super easy to get a parakeet to land on your stick! I have about 45 pictures from our 15 minutes here since every time the girls caught a bird, they asked me to take a picture. Also, as soon as they caught a bird, they shooed him off their stick and wanted a different bird. It drove me slightly mad since I was catching most of them, but oh well. At least the birds were very pretty. White, green, yellow, and all the shades of blue.

On our way out we bought a tiny pumpkin for our front porch, and a bag of local apples. Perfect way to end the day!

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This lovely lady’s name is Demi! She’s a one year old chihuahua who weighs 9 lbs. She is the sweetest thing ever! She broke her leg this weekend in a scuffle at the boarding place, so we ran her to the vet for x-rays. Even when she was in pain, she gave us kisses. She loves to snuggle, hangs out in her crate without barking, and is potty trained! She’s got the confidence to be an only dog, but (even with a broken leg) loves playing with other dogs. She loves kids, and has the softest fur ever. Who needs a little cuddler?

She’s staying with us until tomorrow when she can go back to her other foster mom, but if you’re interested in her, please go to Underdog and fill out an application! I’m making it my mission to find this sweet girl a home.

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Week Two

Week two of school is almost in the books! We do not have a regular bus driver yet, so there is some, shall we call it suspense?, around when the bus will arrive morning and afternoon which maybe isn’t the suspense I need in my life.


Last Friday, September 9. Delaney remembered her orange and black this week! We are going to have to get creative after this, possibly moving onto softball jerseys?


Monday, September 12. I’m unsure what Caden’s eating here. She always eats breakfast before we leave, did she sneak some candy and I didn’t notice?


Tuesday, September 13. This was the morning of our dentist appointment and I’m rather proud that we left the house with enough time to grab this!


Wednesday, September 14. Caden was crabby? And already in the vehicle so it’s just Delaney with jazz hands!


Thursday, September 15. Delaney is wearing my favorite shirt. It’s adorable and I’m hoping we get warm enough weather that she can wear at least one more time.

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This is the quick little Morning Routine checklist I made for the girls and hung in their room. Yesterday morning Delaney came out and said “Mom! Aren’t we going to eat breakfast at home anymore?” I replied that of course we still would! “But it’s not on our checklist!” Ha! Thought I could leave the obvious things off like get dressed and eat breakfast, but maybe not? That said, the girls beds were made, their teeth were brushed and we all made it out of the house on time! Day one down.

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Switch our Focus

There’s only so many things I can focus on in the day, and the girls’ tooth brushing skills hasn’t been at the top of my list probably ever. I’ve been chastised multiple times for this (generally not by our dentist, but by the hygienist or another dentist) and I care for about two seconds and then I move on. I make sure they brush every night before bed, and that’s about where we are.

Our last dentist appointment was awesome! No cavities! This dentist appointment was a bad one. Caden has three cavities, Delaney has two. I feel like I limit their sugar as much as I can, but they love ice cream and still eat way too much of it. It’s a battle. Plus they definitely need to brush twice a day. Delaney’s hygienist gave the awesome suggestion of “Just get up two minutes earlier every morning!” Except that’s not really our problem. The problem is that we all leave the breakfast table at the same time, but the girls take longer to get their shoes on, etc and don’t have time/don’t want to brush their teeth. My hygienist was really awesome about it and suggested I buy nice electric toothbrushes. Apparently they are proven to remove more plaque. I’m also hoping they will make the girls want to brush their teeth more often.

As far as our morning routine goes, I’m going to try to tweak that a bit as well. I printed out a word doc listing all of the things they need to do before we leave the house, hoping this will bring back making their bed as well as add in teeth brushing. They must have their hair brushed before they can eat, and I’ll shoo them out of the kitchen a little earlier so they have time to brush their teeth. This whole thing really needs to become a solid routine that they do on their own, without a ton of intervention from me. It’s gross that they don’t brush their teeth in the morning, but up until now I’ve been picking my morning battles. It’s time to step up our hygiene game!

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Getting Things Done

Over Labor Day weekend my mom and I discussed fall. She hates this time of year. For her, it’s a reminder that it’s going to be winter soon. I don’t mind fall. It’s not my favorite season, but summer is always so crazy busy, I’m ready for quieter weekends (although definitely not ready for cooler weather). (For me, I hate January and February. The holidays are over and you have nothing to look forward to until the snow melts.)

Edited to add! I was reminded this morning by another post on social media that September is a time when a lot of people are depressed because of the weather change. My mom is definitely in that camp! So don’t forget your vitamin D! I take mine every day, but it’s especially important this time of year.

Saturday we were very productive. The house has been a bit neglected this summer, so we all pitched in to clean. We ran our errands and still had time for the girls to play with their magnatiles/lego creation for a few hours.

Saturday night a friend of mine hosted a Cabi party. I had been to one a long time ago so I knew the clothes would be cute! I’ve been evaluating my winter clothing, so I had a pretty solid idea of what I needed to fill in the gaps. Their stuff did not disappoint! And trying clothes on with your friends is so fun. It was a super fun evening out for everyone, since the girls (and Annabelle) were very happy to see our babysitter Amanda.

Sunday was weird. My reflux has been really flaring up so I wasn’t feeling the best. The girls were fairly worn out as well. We had planned to go to church and do Rally Sunday, but decided to stay home. I finished up some cleaning and yard clean up projects, then we headed out to our softball games. Our fall ball team just hasn’t gelled well, hasn’t found it’s groove. It’s been frustrating because the girls have so much potential! It also doesn’t help having Sunday afternoon games. All of the girls are tired, and then we have to play a double header. Only a week or two left there luckily.

So that’s our weekend. Kind of lame, but I’m guessing that will be how most of them will go for a while!

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Morning Pictures!

When my camera broke, taking the morning picture was the thing I missed most and what really drove me to replace it quickly. I do love this little capture of their personalities every morning.


Last Friday. The first pic with the new camera! The kids are supposed to wear black and orange every Friday. We don’t have much black and orange (why couldn’t their school colors be blue and white like I grew up with?) so we’ll see how well we do with this. (Delaney forgot the first week so clearly, not a good start.)


Tuesday. It was rainy, so a quick picture under cover before we waited for the bus. At least they’re excited to take these every morning!


Wednesday. Don’t let Delaney fool you, she was going for the serious pose. Also? She actually asks me to do specific things with her hair now. Love.


Thursday. Work from home Thursday means Annie comes to the bus stop! One of the other parents said “So that’s the dog I was chasing the other night?” Yep, she’s our fence jumper. Also, look at her look straight at the camera! Pup knows what to do when the camera comes out.

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