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Off to the Vet

Taking three dogs to the vet is EXHAUSTING. I should have asked when they will need updated shots, but I think we’re good for a while.


Let’s start with Lark. She only weighed 8.5 lbs. I could have sworn she was closer to 10 lbs but oh well. The vet was happy with her weight and said she has slippery kneecaps, so it’s good that she isn’t overweight. I actually feed Lark extra because she burns so many anxious calories, and she still doesn’t gain weight. Lark was the only one to get an overall check up since she needed her skin looked at, and a rabies shot.

Lark has seasonal allergies. Brown spots started showing up on her skin back in March. You can see a few on her chest, but they mostly show up on the backs of her legs. The vet asked if her hair covers up the spots but no, I keep a very close eye on Lark and they aren’t there in the winter. ¬†Along with the spots her hair falls out, and her skin gets very red and inflamed. Last fall we used a spray that helped a lot, but she hated that. This year we are having good luck with Benadryl and coconut oil with lavender oil mixed in. Her hair is starting to grow back, so the vet thinks this is working well, and that we’ll only need to continue the Bendaryl another week or so. I’ll keep doing the coconut oil mixture throughout the summer since it’s good for her coat and anxiety.

She did awesome with the heartworm poke and the rabies shot, but was pretty stressed by the whole experience and went straight to her spot by the heat vent when we got home. Poor baby.


Midas was up next. He weighs 5.4 lbs! She was very happy with his weight loss. Midas completely charmed the vet tech with his grunts and cute face, but was not happy at all about getting poked. I thought he was going to hurt himself because every time the needle came close he bucked. But, the vet tech held him tight and they finally got the blood they needed.


Annabelle lost 3.5 lbs! She weighs 16.6 lbs now. We have finally figured out the correct food amount for her which makes me so happy. This is the first time in forever I have not gotten a lecture on an overweight pet. In fact, they were very impressed that I keep up with clipping their toe nails. If we can figure out a good brushing schedule for their teeth, we’ll be golden.

Everyone was heart worm negative, and we got heartworm, and flea and tick meds. Doing this X 3 is not cheap!

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Happy Birthday Annabelle!

annie 3

Our sweet Annabelle is TWO! She is in crazy mode right now, running and chasing all around the yard. It was hard to get decent pictures of her because they were all blurry! I love how much she loves our yard. I was worried it would be too small for her to be able to run around, but it’s worked out really well.

annie 1

Annie loves to play so much. Luckily, Lark is a fairly willing playmate. Occasionally their growls turn a little sinister and I have to step in, but for the most part, Annie plays the annoying younger sister part to perfection.

annie 2

We fall in love with Annie a little more each day. She has the best personality, and she loves all of her people. She sleeps with Delaney most nights, cuddled right up next to her. She loves nothing more than to hang out with us, wherever we are. She is the dog who healed not only our hearts, but Midas and Lark’s as well. We love you Annie!

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Saturday was such a fabulous day. We took our time around the house in the morning and ventured out for errands after lunch. I took a little nap on the couch with all of the dogs, then did some weeding and mowed the lawn. We had a Prince dance party, then sat down for the first Chicken/Bacon/Pineapple skewers of the grilling season. The girls took relaxing lavender scented baths, and I watched Purple Rain after they went to bed. It was such a perfect weekend day.

Sunday was pretty much the exact opposite. Woke up to pouring rain and realized two out of my three gutters were clogged. Of course all I have is a metal ladder, with the lightning storm I had to improvise and stand on top of my (plastic!) hose reel to unclog the worst rain in the pouring rain. I waited until the rain stopped to unclog the other. The girls were fine in the morning, but their attitudes quickly went downhill with any request to do anything (like practice their piano). Then! A friend called with a playdate request. Perfect! I shipped them off for three hours while I cleaned and worked out. Surely their attitudes would be better when they came home? Alas, no. They were worse. I love Delaney, but man does that kid have some crazy expectations and rules and wants to point out and argue every thing everyone does. It’s exhausting.

I’m not someone who hates Sunday nights, but I do hate when Sundays end with me having to ask 129384 times to do all of the little tasks I’ve been asking them to do all weekend. My kids are the WORST procrastinators. If they can delay doing something, they absolutely will and it drives me bonkers! Just get it done!

Anyway, today is a new day.

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Purple Rain

I still can’t believe the news about Prince’s death. It’s so surreal. Living in Minneapolis, Prince is completely entwined with this city. Everyone has a story about him, they’ve been to Paisley Park, they’ve seen him play. He’s one of ours. For me, he was a vision out of the small town I grew up in. A different way to be, a different type of music. And let’s be honest, Purple Rain is everything. The movie, the soundtrack, First Ave. His music has been a huge part of my life in so many ways.

april 18

Monday! T-shirts and shorts! It was a glorious start to the week. Also, first day of wearing her glasses to school for Caden.

april 19

Tuesday. Things started to get chillier. Delaney wore shorts and greatly regretted that decision.

april 20

Wednesday. Just Lane. I remembered at the last minute and Caden was already in the truck.

april 21

Thursday. Raining again so they brought their umbrellas. We are still searching for our perfect picture spot!

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We are a family who loves celebrating sunsets. But at our old house, if you looked west you mostly saw our shed and the neighbors. There were never any sunset moments.

At the new house? It’s so nice. The golf course is west of us so there is open land and we get some really amazing golden light. We’ve had a few evenings like this in the last few weeks and every time I can’t believe how amazing the light is and how nice it is to be able to enjoy a sunset again!

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Here she is!


When we ordered Caden’s glasses they told us they would take 7-10 business days. For some reason, Caden kept saying she was going to get her glasses on Friday, which was 8 days from when we ordered them. She said it so often I finally called because if they weren’t coming in, I needed to let her know. Luckily, that’s when they were scheduled to be done! Since their office closes at 5:00, I picked up the girls from school to make sure we could pick them up before the weekend.


The woman talked directly to Caden and gave her some basic rules. Caden took it all in and is really taking this seriously. She knows not to let her friends try them on and to keep them in her case when she’s not wearing them. So far, so good. She’s been very responsible with them.

Right now, she’s going to wear them to school, but take them off for recess and gym. Her case will stay in her backpack, which should also work this summer when they are at the YMCA.


Aren’t they adorable? They have a bit of a cheetah pattern on the bows, along with a little color! They really are the perfect frame for her face. And they make her look so grown up!


New Fence!!

The new fence is in! My dad tore the old fence down last Sunday, they put the new fence posts in on Monday, but the fence didn’t go up until Saturday. All week we had to take the dogs out on leashes and that did not go well. I have no idea how people have dogs without fenced in yards.


A quick reminder of the before. The fence was awful. If you didn’t have dogs maybe you wouldn’t care, but with dogs it just was not safe.


The first fence company I talked to wanted me to do a 6 ft privacy fence around my entire yard. Um, no. It would have boxed in the yard and wouldn’t have been neighbor friendly. The second fence company actually listened, and came up with a plan to do privacy on one side where we need it, but a four foot scalloped picket fence everywhere else.

After the fence was finished we were out in the yard with the dogs chatting with these neighbors. Their dog (the pitbull who jumped the fence last fall) and Annie were racing back and forth along the fence line, playing and racing each other. We were dying! Also, all three dogs passed out completely at bedtime. Midas slept for an hour without moving a muscle that’s how tired he was.


The crazy thing? They build the entire fence on your property! I thought they brought it in in panels and just put it up but no! This allowed them to keep the fence all the way to the ground, even though my yard goes up in the back by the golf course. I was super impressed.


This is the view we’ll have when sitting on the patio. The neighbor’s patio is right on the other side of the fence and while he isn’t out there much, I really wanted privacy here. I’m super happy with it. It looks nice and I no longer have to look at his 1,452 lawn ornaments.


Two out of four

This week we remembered to take pictures twice! Some of you probably wonder why I even try to take these pictures, but the offbeat goofy ones are hands down my all time favorite pictures of my kids. I think next week we’ll move to the back patio and try there. Perhaps a change of scenery will spark something!

april 11

Monday. I got a boring shot of them and then asked for a super hero pose. Nailed it?

april 12

Tuesday. I had to stop both of them from putting on their jackets to get this because what fun is that picture? My aunt made them these headbands which have been perfect this spring! They don’t really need hats, but they need something at recess.

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And so it begins

Softball has started! We had practice Tuesday and Wednesday this week. Tuesday was chilly, but last night was perfect softball weather. 70, sunny, with a nice breeze.

First, I’m an assistant coach this year. Last year it was Hard to sit on the sidelines and not coach, so I decided to sign up to be an assistant coach this year. It’s perfect because I can help out in practices and games , but it’s not the extra time commitment of booking fields and scheduling everything. I am maybe taking the lead on a lot of things in practice? But someone has to.

Second, oh the difference six months makes! The girls are already hitting and throwing better than last year. They got hits off the pitching machine, and had some of the best hits off the tee, I was very proud. Their throwing is a lot more accurate than last year too. It’s definitely going to be a fun year!

April and May are going to be tough months though. We have piano on Mondays and ballet on Thursdays, plus softball two nights a week as well. It stresses me a out a little, but we’ll adjust and get through this. Once we get through May, piano and ballet will drop and our schedule will open up a lot.

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Messy Hair Don’t Care

messy 1

messy 2

messy 3

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