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Piano Recital 2017

Ballet was Saturday, piano was Sunday.

We had our ups and downs with piano as you do over nine months, but this spring both girls really hit their stride with piano. They found pieces they really enjoyed (I should say Marta found them pieces she knew they would enjoy playing) and practicing wasn’t such a chore anymore. Both girls ended up playing their pieces so much they memorized them. Delaney could play hers at just about any speed, preferably super fast. At one point Caden and I said “Enough! We don’t want to listen to it anymore!” Which is something you don’t necessarily expect to say but there you go.

They did not want me to video their individual pieces, but said I could tape their duets. The first duet did not go so well, so that can stay on my phone. This is their second duet. I love this song and even though playing together is really difficult for them to do, I hope they keep playing duets in the future.

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Ballet 2017!

The ballet recital for our studio is very low key. Rehearsal is just before, they wear their regular leotards but add a hair piece. I clearly wasn’t too worried about it, because we all overslept and only had 45 minutes to get ready and out the door!

My last ballet bun! And it was quite possibly my best. It didn’t do well once Delaney pulled her shirt over her head, but for a moment, it was perfect.

During class, most of the moms run errands, so we haven’t really gotten to know each other. But, one other mom and I have chatted a few times, and run into each other at Trader Joe’s while we’re both getting groceries, so we hung out during rehearsal. That was nice, otherwise it would have been a very long day.

The one picture I got of them! I bought them those ballet sweaters last year and they wore them almost every class. At least they got a lot of use out of them! On the recommendation of their teacher, we pulled Caden’s hair half back. We talked about a low pony, but I don’t think it would have stayed in. She could not wait to get that out! Delaney left her bun in most of the day. I just love her with her hair up.

I shot this during rehearsal, while also trying to snap a few pictures with my big camera. Of the younger kids, they knew their routine the best (although I think they also had the shortest routine and it repeated which helped). I absolutely loved their teacher and all that she taught them. They made huge progress throughout the year, and for the most part, really enjoyed class every week.

As we tend to do at this time of year, we talked about possibly doing one class next year. The classes they would be in are actually at 6:00pm, which we could make more easily than the 4:45 classes. It wouldn’t be a Saturday class, but with piano and riding, it would mean three evenings a week and do I want to do that? No, no I don’t. If we only do riding twice a month it’s a possibility? But I also would love to not spend $900 on dance again. If they had a lot of passion around dance it would make it an easier decision, but they love riding so much more, it’s not a contest.

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Early Release

You guys. Where did May go? The girls only have two more weeks of school left!

Monday. Caden got a few dresses for Christmas that were short sleeves and so hadn’t been able to wear them yet. Over the weekend I pulled all of the winter dresses from their closet and replaced them with their summer dresses. She was so excited to wear this! It’s super soft. (Delaney was running late.)

Tuesday. The beginning of the rain. Caden is obsessed with 3/4 sleeve tops, so she was super happy to see this dress again. Delaney was super happy to not be late.

Wednesday. No Delaney again. Caden grabbed another dress from Christmas! This dress actually reaches her knees, but I hate how so many dresses for kids are so short. Is that really necessary?

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Tiny Bits

* I didn’t pack swimsuits for the girls because it was early May and I figured even though it was going to be 80 degrees out, the lake would be cold. Caden was so angry at me! The lake was really calm and she wanted to paddle board. After our boat ride my mom and I went inside to get dinner started and my dad snuck off with the girls and the paddle boards. They just paddle boarded in their rompers and since neither fell in, no one got wet. Caden was so proud of herself! She loves to prove me wrong.

* It’s like Nat Geo Wild at the lake. My mom has bird feeders everywhere and there are so many beautiful birds! We watched the Orioles swoop in and out on the back patio, and two hummingbirds came next to me on the front deck. It was crazy. Makes me want to do bird feeders at our house.

* It’s my birthday today! I share a birthday with a coworker (separated by only 20 years, which is awesome) so we decided to have a birthday donut breakfast at the new fancy donut place downtown. I’ve heard they have an oatmeal bar, cross your fingers on that one. For lunch, my other coworker is taking me out to a gluten free restaurant I’ve wanted to try for a long time. So excited!

* We’re supposed to have our first softball game tonight, but there is heavy rain forecasted. I can’t decide if I want the rain, or if I want to play.

* I need to write a post about how much I love age 9. Seriously, it’s the best so far.

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Mother’s Day 2017

You guys. We are so close! On Saturday we had our last ballet class (recital is this coming weekend and they are doing pictures the next, but it’s Memorial weekend so um, no pictures for us). This week is our last piano lessons and then the piano recital is Sunday. We are all ready for summertime!

Saturday morning we ran Huey over to his temp foster so that as soon as ballet was finished we could grab the dogs and head up to the lake. We were there for exactly 24 hours and we packed it in!

It was a crazy beautiful day, so we knew as soon as we unloaded the truck we wanted to get out for a boat ride. Delaney was so fired up to fish! So we tucked into a little bay and did some fishing.

I let the girls fish with my dad while my mom and I chatted and enjoyed our cocktails.

My dad caught one keeper crappie, and Delaney caught this bass (threw it back) and a 22″ northern (also threw it back). We went out fishing again after dinner and caught a bunch of crappies, and then we fished again on Sunday morning and caught a bunch more. Enough for lunch on Sunday plus some to bring home! We seem to hit the crappies this time of year, and then once June hits it’s more sunfish. Regardless, it was really fun fishing.

The dogs don’t really go anywhere throughout the winter, so Lark was VERY nervous about the car ride and new location. Luckily, once she got on the boat and got her life jacket on, she settled in. All of the dogs had the best time ever. Midas ran all over the place, wagging his tail and just enjoying his little self. Annabelle actually did not want to leave. When I grabbed her leash to lead her to the car she turned around and headed for my mom. One of these days Annie!

The girls and my dad made my mom and I breakfast Sunday morning. They also made our gifts! It was pretty sweet watching them run downstairs after our weeknight activities to plot their crafts and wrap everything up. They were very secretive! All in all, a very solid holiday.

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We have had sunshine and 70 degree weather all week and it has been amazing. For me, life is just easier when the sun is shining and the weather is warm. The weekend is supposed to be gorgeous as well. The weather was so nice on Thursday that for part of the girls’ riding lesson they rode in the outdoor ring. It’s so different riding out there. Lots more distractions, but the ring is also bigger and so are the jumps! Their lessons this summer will likely be outdoors quite a bit, so I’m excited.

Last Friday. Those are some pretty big smiles aren’t they?

Monday. Not so much for the smiles on a Monday morning are they? This was the morning where our sleep wars began. In case you were wondering, they continued all week, even though I put them to bed early every night to try to catch up on sleep and reset their sleep clocks.

Tuesday. I’m still trying to find good back drops for our morning pictures. I love all the green, but it makes it really hard to edit the color!

I thought I had a Wednesday picture, but apparently not. Thursday there is no picture because Caden woke up with both eyes mattered shut. Pink eye. Again. Luckily we still had drops left so we didn’t even need to see the doctor. When I picked Delaney up from school the teachers told me that it’s going AROUND. Like at least a kid in every classroom. Caden’s classroom disinfected, plus I kept her home so hopefully that’s the end of that!

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Weekend Activities

I saw an article on Facebook about a family that refuses to do any kid activities that fall on the weekends. My first reaction was – Right on! We have ballet on Saturdays at noon and while it gives us a whole morning at home to get things done, it also makes it difficult to do anything besides cleaning/errand running on Saturdays because of the lessons happening in the middle of the day.

But now softball has kicked in and our weeks are crazy. This week was piano lessons and softball practice on Tuesday, softball practice again on Wednesday, riding lessons on Thursday and the school carnival on Friday. Monday was our only free evening! Which reminds me again why I do choose to do dance lessons on the weekend.

I have waffled on this decision quite a few times, but we will not be continuing dance lessons next fall. I love ballet, the girls love ballet 95% of the time, but now that we are doing riding lessons more often, it’s too hard to fit in another activity. All things being equal, I would absolutely continue ballet lessons. Dance is good for the girls coordination, and I think it’s a great creative outlet for them. But lesson times for the younger girls are not at the best times, and financially, I don’t need another higher cost activity.

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Sleepy Kid

As far as sleep goes, the girls are very different. Caden turns her reading light out by 9:00pm at the very latest, usually before, and she falls asleep quickly. She’s up in the morning around 7:00am because she likes some time by herself to watch cartoons. Delaney generally doesn’t go to sleep until after 10:00pm. She usually reads late, but then doesn’t fall asleep quickly either. During the week I wake her up at 7:30am, but on the weekends she’s been known to sleep as late as 10:30. (Sunday I woke her at 10:00 because we were hungry and wanted to go to brunch.)

Saturday night the girls went to bed at 8:30 without any argument. I thought that was weird. Caden slept until 8:15 Sunday morning which must have thrown her off, because Sunday night she came out of her room at 10:00pm. I knew this didn’t bode well for her.

I finally went in and woke her up at 7:30 Monday morning. She was clearly still very tired and moaned and groaned for 30 minutes until it was time for breakfast. She told me multiple times she wanted to stay home so she could get more sleep, and when I said no she flopped on the table and said “I just can’t do this today!” Ha! Such drama! I told her to start counting down the minutes until she could go to bed again, like every mom does. She did not see the humor or logic in that.

When they got home from school I asked if her day gotten any better and she said “No! I had to run the mile today!” To top it all off, I made her eat meat! She’d already had meat for lunch! Why couldn’t she just have an egg?!

I offered up a 7:30 bedtime, but they both decided on 8:00 instead, with a hard lights out at 8:30. I would not bet on Delaney sticking to that though.

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May weather!

The meteorlogists keep forecasting lower temps than what we’re actually getting and it’s glorious! I do love May weekends. You’re so grateful for 70 weather and sunshine!

We had a weekend with that perfect balance of getting out and doing things, and having time at home. Or maybe it’s just that running errands in the sunshine and warmth is so much more fun than doing it in the snow? Saturday was another ballet/adoption event day. We also hit the rental house in the morning, which meant the girls got to head across the street and play with our old neighbors.

Slight tangent. I really miss our old neighborhood and how often we socialized with our neighbors. It is SO different when the people across the street have alleys, I never see them! But, I do love the people that live in our new neighborhood, so I’m making an effort to hang out with them more. On Sunday, the girls had a playdate with their friend a few doors down (that she set up, thanks Bridget!) and the mom and I talked about getting away and going for a walk together. I’m hoping that at least throwing stuff like that out there makes me follow through.

Sunday we hit up Dick’s Sporting Goods and Old Navy. You guys, bats are expensive. Yowza. I got real nervous when I saw those price tags! Luckily, we found some lower priced bats ($24.99 for the win!) that Delaney liked. Caden still uses our old bat, so we got lucky there. We also bought backpacks that will fit their bats, gloves, and helmet. They even have a spot for their cleats, and an insulated section! The girls are very excited. Delaney exchanged her swimsuit at Old Navy and they each found a romper they liked.

They went to their playdate and I took the dogs for a long walk. I took a chance and took them on some busier streets and Lark did so well! I only had to carry her three times. Every once in a while she just refused to move forward, so I carried her for a bit and then she was good to go. Who knows what goes through that dog’s head.

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Long Week

I thought I took at least one morning picture this week, but my camera says this picture is from April 28, so apparently not.

It’s been a long week. I had a work trip out to Los Angeles Tuesday/Wednesday. My work trips these days are generally just one nighters, which should be so easy, and yet they in general kind of wreck me. An early morning flight plus a super long day, plus 8 hours spent in an airplane make me want to curl up and sleep for days. The trip was fine and my parents handled everything supremely well, but travelling for work is still hard on everyone. (That said I hit all of my LA faves – Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, In & Out, and sushi. If I’m missing my kids, at least I can eat well and enjoy the sunshine.)

On top of that, our cable/wifi/phone/xfinity stuff all went out on Tuesday. I tried to troubleshoot from afar, but eventually connected my dad with Xfinity. We have had nothing but issues since we’ve moved into this house. Our cable constantly goes out, our wifi speeds are horrendous, and even after calling multiple times the problem seems to come back after a few months. The tech came out Thursday afternoon and determined that the splitters in the basement were causing the problems. Apparently our signal is super low, then it was being split, so it was no wonder we had problems. I’m hopeful that the amplifier he put in will fix things once and for all.

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