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Field Day!

Today is Field Day at school! Once again, it’s a beautiful day weatherwise. At the last minute, I decided to take a half day from work and volunteer so I could see the insane shenanigans that go on. I’m super excited!

may 15

Friday. It was Twins Day at school, so you could either dress like a friend or wear Minnesota Twins gear. Obviously we had this on lock.

may 18

Monday. Ugh, weather! Even if it warms up in the afternoon, the mornings have been cool around here. The girls usually wear their warmer jackets, but pack their lighter rain coats for recess.

may 21

Thursday. This was pre-jackets, when they thought they could go without, but no! Too chilly!

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First softball game!

softball 1

The girls had their first softball game last night! They were both a little nervous and asked a lot of questions before the game. The rules are a little different for this league, so unfortunately, a lot of my answers were “We’ll have to wait and find out!”

softball 2

They play for an hour. Every girl bats each inning. Even though they don’t count three outs, if you’re out you’re still out. You get four pitches and if you haven’t gotten a hit at that point, they get the tee out. In the field, all the girls play as well so you end up with multiple girls playing each position (which is for the best).

softball 3

Since they look the same in a helmet, Caden is #52, Delaney is #51. Caden hit off the tee the first time, but got two hits after that! I was really proud of her. She hustled after the ball, even if it didn’t come right near her.

softball 4

Delaney’s swing was a little off, but I think she just needs more practice. I haven’t pitched to them in a while, but we will absolutely rectify that this weekend. She played first base for an inning and did awesome! She really wants to be in the position where she’s getting a lot of action which I love.

softball 5

Oh Caden. First, they ran out of socks so we will get our orange socks next week. Until then, grey and purple leopard it is. She was in position for every batter, so ready for the ball to come her way!

softball 6

We forgot their baseball hats! Next time. Delaney did a great job fielding as well. She hustled and got a ball, then threw it to third to get the out, but the girl playing third wasn’t quite at the base. At this age, there is just so much to teach them and with only an hour practice each week, they have to focus on certain things. The other team was better at hitting the pitches, but our team did a great job fielding and getting outs. It will be fun to watch the girls progress over the season.


Flowers v2015

flowers 1

The last few years we’ve planted flowers with my parents. It’s a fun group activity, and more hands make the work go faster. This year I scaled back my pots considerably. I don’t have a deck to put them on, the backyard is still in upheaval, so it made sense to just do a few containers for when the patio is eventually complete. Since we weren’t planting as many flowers, and Saturday was the sunny day, we got it done just the three of us.

One of the best tweaks I’ve made to our process is to dump the dirt from the flowers next to the shed in the fall, rather than toting it to the back of the yard. It makes it so much easier to fill the pots up in the spring.

flowers 2

We filled the pots with wet leaves, then dirt, and then placed the flowers in each pot so we could see what should go where. One big flower, one trailing flower, one pop of color in each pot. It didn’t take long to get everything set up. The girls would dig a hole, the other would put in the fertilizer, and I would plant the flower.

flowers 3

For Mother’s Day the girls got me a flat of petunias. Once the main pots had their big flowers in them, I let the girls go to town with the petunias while I did the flower boxes. I have a million cute pots in the shed, so they were running back and forth, filling things with dirt, then planting the flowers. I love these moments of creative independence, watching which pots they pick, how they work together, how they arrange the flowers. They did an awesome job!

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It’s my birthday!

Sunday morning I was awakened by two quiet little voices outside my door. Caden had requested streamers, tape, and a tray Saturday night, so I had an idea of what they would be up to. I dozed on and off as I heard them working together. At one point they were debating what they could make me for breakfast. Oatmeal? We can’t make that ourselves Caden. Toast? Fruit? At 7am they came in with huge smiles on their faces. The tray had a gluten free waffle, syrup, and a bowl of fruit (and my reflux meds because we don’t skip those). It was so adorable! And they were so proud of themselves. What a great way to wake up.

But the big surprise was yet to come! They had put streamers on my bedroom door. Somehow (they stacked a step stool on top of the dining room chair, I don’t even want to think about it) they got the streamers all the way to the top of my door and hung them to the floor. They did a really great job! I was blown away. It took them almost an hour to put all of that together, they put so much heart and effort into it. And then they let me sleep for another two hours while they played wii, which is just about the best present you can get.

The night before the three of us went out to dinner together. There’s a nearby restaurant that has a great gluten free menu that I’ve wanted to try. It’s a little more expensive, so a birthday dinner seemed like the perfect time to do it. It was us and the old people doing the early dinner thing! The girls were incredibly well behaved, I had a nice glass of wine, and once we completed their word searches and they could put the kid menus to the side, we had a really fun evening. We had an awesome waitress who treated the girls like adults which was also a bonus.

Sunday was supposed to be stormy, but somehow we had a break in the rain while my parents were up. We were able to get out and about and grab lunch, cupcakes, and a little Costco shopping. Such a great day!

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Rain rain go away

Just kidding! We totally need the rain. The cold could go away though.

We are all registered for softball! I connected with the coach and found out we only missed one practice. That makes me so happy because I really did not want the girls to have missed a bunch of practices or team bonding. Practices are Mondays, games are Wednesdays. Most of the games are at a park near our house that we can bike to. Bonus!

may 12

Tuesday. It’s been chilly this week! Heavier coats, hats, and light mittens were necessary. We skipped Annie’s coat this morning and the poor thing shivered the whole time!

may 14

Thursday. A rainy morning, but at least Annabelle had her coat on!

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Softball possibilities

I knew I wanted to sign the girls up to play baseball this summer. I kept meaning to talk to some of the other moms about it, to see where they were signing their kids up for, but I never did. There is the community ed stuff, but there also seems to be all of these other leagues that sometimes I know about, but most of the time I don’t. After signing them up for t-ball with community ed, I found out all the other neighborhood kids were signed up for Little League. Darn it! I knew I should have reached out.

I was bummed because I kept hearing about how great this league was and how much the kids were learning. Still, my kids had never played before and I figured easing into things with t-ball would be good. I checked out the Little League site just in case I could maybe sign them up, but found nothing.

Last night Delaney came home with a note in her folder from her friend. It said her softball game was at 6:30 at a park near our house. Softball? I didn’t even know there was a softball league! So we biked over and I chatted up the coaches and found out this team is kindergarten and first graders and it’s a totally recreational league. The coaches pitch but if the kid doesn’t hit it, they pull out the tee. Another parent recommended I see if I could sign up the girls, even though the league started a few weeks ago. I emailed them last night and they got back to me almost immediately that they had room on one of the teams! I’m so excited!

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In the trenches

I was talking with a coworker today, catching up, and he asked me how the kids were. I stared at him with wide eyes and shook my head. He just nodded and said it only gets worse!

Caden is fine emotionally, but she has torn three pairs of pants recently by climbing over things she should not be climbing over. She is also famous for asking me to make her something and then eating one bite and throwing away the rest. Or ordering a meal in a restaurant and eating two bites.

Something is going on with Delaney. Most days when she gets off the bus she goes straight for the backyard, to have some time by herself on the swings. When she does come inside she’s often cranky and wants to argue. She continually corrects me and tells me when I’m wrong, and loves to simply ignore me when I ask her to do something.

When the girls were younger and things got difficult, it was generally a matter of making sure they got more sleep, ensuring we had solid expectations and boundaries in place, or me getting a little breathing room. But I don’t feel like that is where we’re at with this.

Still, we reviewed the fact that I expect them to take care of their clothes and not to waste food and money. They’ve been told there will be no extra purchases for the foreseeable future. Not clothes or shoes or even snack food (until they eat what we have in the cupboards). And yet, last night we went out for dinner and Delaney insisted that she didn’t want the kids pizza, she needed the bigger size because she was SO hungry. She has eaten the entire kids pizza before so I ordered her the big size. She ate one piece. She will be eating that pizza every night for dinner until it’s gone.

I really have no idea what to do about the emotional stuff that’s going on with Lane, other than continue to talk to her, continue to let her know I’m here if she wants to talk, and try not to take it personally when she wants nothing to do with me. Luckily the dog still adores me, so at least I have that going for me!

This all feels like the tiniest slice into life with two teenagers and all I have to say is that I am not prepared for that at all. I definitely need to get my parenting game sharpened up before that hits.



The girls have been very excited about Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day and my birthday are always a week apart, and they take these holidays very seriously now. I knew they were making presents at school, and they were making plans with my dad. We headed down to my parent’s house Saturday afternoon. On the drive down I realized we hadn’t been to my parent’s house in a really long time. My mom and I figured out it was their anniversary dinner in December!

My dad knew I was in need of a break from the kids, so he took them to see the horses and baby kitties, and my mom and I headed to a bar to have a few drinks. It’s always nice to have some time just the two of us, where we can have an actual conversation. We had dinner on the deck that night and it was the most perfect evening. Great food, great weather, great company, and I even got to talk a little baseball with my grandpa.

Sunday morning the girls brought me breakfast in bed, and then my mom and I headed out for some coffee. My dad had projects for the girls to do which let me sneak in a nap with Annabelle, and a little shopping with my mom. It was definitely a recharging weekend!

I’m not one to write the sappy posts, but I am incredibly grateful for my parents and all they do for us, the moments of respite they give. When I think about what makes my mom a great mom, it’s that she’s always there. She was at all of my things growing up. Sports, dance, school. It didn’t matter if she was in the middle of going back to college, or if she had other things she’d rather be doing, she was always there to support me. I called her after every ultrasound with the girls, and she was there when they were born. She somehow loves all of my pets as much as I do, enough to drop everything and be there with me as Lucy took her last breath. Growing up, if I wanted something, wanted to do something, she made it happen. Her love and support gave me the confidence to know that I could do anything. I can only hope my kids feel the same way about me.


Friday Funday

Outfit pictures! Aren’t you happy they’re back? Now that it’s warm and the girls aren’t wearing coats most days, I’m back on the daily pictures. Annabelle even makes a few appearances! The girls love having her at the bus stop and it’s been good for her to make friends with the neighbors.

may 4

Monday. Trying to figure out how to do this again. Find the shade! Keep Annabelle close!

may 5

Tuesday. Trying a different set up. Clearly, this didn’t work well.

may 6

Wednesday. I have early meetings Wednesday mornings so no Annie. Instead, I asked for karate kicks and boy did they deliver!

may 7

Thursday. A little sass thrown in.


All the words

I had no idea seven is the age where they have SO much to say. My girls have always been chatty, but these days they are extra chatty. They talk nonstop. When they wake up, when we’re in the car, at the dinner table, at Target, it just doesn’t matter. Thoughts run through their mind and they must get out.

Last night we ran errands. On the drive from the gas station to Target I heard all about their “Reader’s Theaters” wherein Caden is Narrator 1. She highlights her lines but she uses a light color so she can still see the words. Usually a yellow, but sometimes pink. Delaney recited the tortoise and the hare story and then was astonished when I knew the ending! Slow and steady wins the race!

At work right now I’m in meetings all day. It’s nonstop chatter. If I’m lucky I have 30-45 minutes in the morning of peace and quiet in my office before the meetings begin. So when I get home? I’d love some silence. But right now I’m sucking it up and letting them talk.

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