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Spring in February


Like the rest of the country, we had gorgeous weather this weekend! Friday was probably the best day in our area, 65 and sunny, just gorgeous. Saturday was also nice, not quite as warm but still over 60 so we were outside as much as possible. Sunday was cooler, cloudier, and windy. I took the dogs for a nice long walk, but that was about it.


Our driveway has been a sheet of ice all winter. I think I only got the snowblower out once or twice? The other times it snowed it didn’t snow much, but then it would melt and … ice. With all of the warm weather we’ve had, the ice was finally gone and they could scooter! You can kind of see in these pictures, but they would get their tires wet, then draw designs on the concrete. We also did a little bike riding, but Delaney’s brakes weren’t working well so they went back to scooters.


Also, any snow or ice you see here is now gone, and the tiny piles that remain will disappear today during the all day rainathon. We’ve got beautiful temps for a few more days, then a snowstorm next Friday. Depending on who you believe, could be 3 inches of snow, could be 10 inches. Ahh, weather forecasting. It’s going to be 40 right after that though, so the snow won’t stick around!

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No School

I was going to do an Arizona wrap up post, but by the time I got done posting everything, I forgot what I was going to put in the wrap up! Guess it wasn’t needed. The girls are off school today, which means they are coming to work with me. I have to give a presentation in front of our office, which hopefully will be fun for them to watch? It’s more fun than work, but still.


Monday. It was not super cold so Caden made the most of the last warm day and wore her vest. This was also cast removal day so we dressed strategically in a short sleeve t-shirt with a cardigan over. It took me a few tries, but I finally figured out what to wear to doctor appointments! (And in excellent news, so far from the bills I’ve received, insurance is covering everything but the copays for her broken arm. Current total – $3000 and that is missing two ortho appointments. I will likely pay $300. Thank you Anthem.)


Wednesday. I’ve been trying to get them out of their t-shirt and jeans routine and wearing some of the dresses. As long as they wear leggings underneath, they work at school and gym class.


Thursday. We shopped at Old Navy a few months ago and found some really cute long sleeve shirts that weren’t t-shirts. These are two of my favorite. Delaney is also wearing the shirt that Caden had on when she broke her arm. Luckily, it isn’t cursed.

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Sunshine and Silly Poses

Nothing but sunshine all week!

may 16

Monday. I had a meeting at a client later that morning, so Annie walked to the bus stop with us. Also, we bought Delaney’s sweatshirt before our Florida trip and one or the other of them has worn it almost nonstop this spring. Hoodies are always hit or miss for us. Either we wear them a ton, or we wear them never. It’s nice to see this one get some use!

may 17

Tuesday. So. I swear Delaney’s hair looked nice two minutes before I took this, but then she put on that sweatshirt and it all went to hell. Luckily we keep a brush in the truck just for moments like these.

may 18

Wednesday. Now that it’s warm, Caden is cycling through all of the capri pants we own (not that you can actually tell that in the picture, but trust me on this one.)

may 19

Thurday. No coats! I asked for a silly pose and this is what I got.

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End of April

How is it the end of April? So crazy.

april 25

Monday. I do enjoy Caden’s quirky poses. Adds a little something extra to the pictures!

april 26

Tuesday. How cute is Laney’s shirt? She picked it out when we got her new softball cleats. She even has matching pink tights to go with it!

april 27

Wednesday. I found these shirts on Zulily and love them! Super cute, perfect sayings, and really high quality cotton.

april 28

Thursday. It was cloudy and the light was low so I told them to stand still. At least they listened to me?

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Two out of four

This week we remembered to take pictures twice! Some of you probably wonder why I even try to take these pictures, but the offbeat goofy ones are hands down my all time favorite pictures of my kids. I think next week we’ll move to the back patio and try there. Perhaps a change of scenery will spark something!

april 11

Monday. I got a boring shot of them and then asked for a super hero pose. Nailed it?

april 12

Tuesday. I had to stop both of them from putting on their jackets to get this because what fun is that picture? My aunt made them these headbands which have been perfect this spring! They don’t really need hats, but they need something at recess.

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Happy Easter!

easter 1

I’m going to preface this with the fact that I am exhausted, so this post may be more pictures than words. Both girls were SO excited for the Easter Bunny to come to our house, that they couldn’t sleep and climbed in bed with me. Three people and three dogs is too many! Midas had to sleep on my chest so he wouldn’t get smooshed! Onward.

Saturday we headed out to my aunt Lisa’s for Easter with the family. The girls helped dye eggs, I stayed out of it.

easter 2

After eggs was the craft! I will probably not explain this well, but we put drops of nail polish in hot water. They mixed together and created kind of a film on top of the water, and if you dipped a coffee mug in just right, the nail polish clings to the mug and you have a pretty design!

easter 3

This was definitely a craft where you learned from your first round and made adjustments. Some nail polishes worked better than others, smaller drops worked better than big drops, and some people went with just one color which looked super cool. Super fun craft!

easter 4

We did an egg hunt outside, then the kids got Easter baskets. This picture is a bit blurry, but the photo bomb was too good to leave out! Dinner was my uncle Stan’s ribs and I definitely out ate everyone at my table. Word.

easter 5

The girls are super into Star Wars still, which made Easter Baskets easy. The Easter Bunny hid plastic Star Wars eggs with stickers in them, they got totally amazing marshmallow Storm Trooper and BB-8 things, Star Wars eggs, and some paper Storm Trooper things that I’m leaving for the babysitter to do with them today.

easter 6

Best gift? Light saber bubbles! They light up! So totally amazing (found at Walgreens). Because no one got much sleep our morning was a little slow. We hit the late service at church, then had brunch out and about. Our church is trying to make services more family friendly so they have replaced some of the chairs with round tables that the kids can color at. It worked perfectly for us. We were kind of off by ourselves, the girls brought books so they could read (and listen), and I didn’t feel like we were bothering anyone around us. Two thumbs up.

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They’re back!

Thank you to everyone for their glasses advice! I’m glad I have a few weeks to do some research. Also glad my FSA account still has plenty of money in it!

I’d honestly forgotten about the daily pictures I used to take until I was reading through old blog posts and saw them from last year. In the new house we drive to the bus stop, it’s no longer a leisurely walk across the street. Pictures just haven’t been in our routine as we race out of the house, but I’m hopeful we can get back in it because I love looking back at these! They are definitely some of my favorite pictures.

march 21

Monday! I wanted them in front of the gray wall, since their First Communion pictures turned out so well, but they wanted to be here. Then they got the giggles. Sorry for the blur!

march 22

Tuesday. Almost forgot, but snagged a quick one outside the house. I love love love Laney’s hat.

march 24

The girls have been getting up extra early all week so that they can watch a bit of tv after getting their ‘chores’ done. It makes all the difference in our mornings! They’re dressed, their hair is brushed, and everyone is smiling and happy, not rushed and crazed.

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Bikes and Sunshine

We had the best weekend! It was gorgeous on Saturday. I love a good sunny day, especially when we get one on the weekend. We grabbed our groceries right away, so we could get to the girls haircut appointment on time. After a little lunch, we tackled some yard work. You know what’s amazing about having a small yard? Yard work is actually fun! I raked all the leaves that were left over from the fall and cleaned everything up. At our old house, that task would have been overwhelming and I probably wouldn’t have done it. It felt so nice to get the yard cleaned up!

Before dinner we went for a nice long bike ride around our new neighborhood. It’s so fun to explore and check out all of the houses. Best thing about the bike ride? No crashes! When we tried after their birthday party they crashed three times.

bikes 1

Sunday was as fairly chill day. I did a bunch of loads of laundry, but we mostly just hung out and caught up on dvr’d shows. In the afternoon we took the dogs for a walk, then the girls wanted to do some more bike riding. I snapped this picture, then Caden went right out into the street without even looking for cars. Needless to say, her bike was parked after that. We have had many conversations about how they have to look both ways before they go into the street so she knows, I just don’t think it’s habit yet.

bikes 2

My parents got them new bikes for their birthday. Aren’t they fancy?! They are five speed bikes with hand brakes. They took a little getting used to, but I think they have the hang of them now!

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scooters 2

Our new driveway is cement! Beautiful, smooth cement. Our old driveway was asphalt and it was rough and full of pockets. The girls could scooter, but it was difficult. Now they have a long garage, plus a good driveway, and our street is quiet enough that they can go out into the street as well. While I loved our old neighborhood, our street was busy and people drove fast so I was always afraid to let the girls scooter or ride bike.


Can you believe it was November and we were all outside in long sleeve shirts? It’s been glorious! They scootered Saturday, Sunday, and even a little Monday evening. You can see that Delaney has an old scooter my parents got her when she was three maybe? A new Razor scooter is on her Christmas list!

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Fall Parties

The house is about 75% packed, the girls have their fall parties today, and it’s going to be decent weather for Halloween. You can’t ask for more than that! Bring on the weekend!

oct 23

Friday. Black and white for a change! Mighty Man gets dragged into a lot of pictures these days.

oct 27

Tuesday. Caden looked so cute in her little fur vest and hat! Very hipster.

oct 29

Thursday. Jackets, hats, and gloves are needed most mornings now. Ugh. I can’t wait until we’re in the new house and can get organized with all of this stuff!

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