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A Day Off

Even after all the work I did yesterday, my house still looked like a bomb went off this morning. I thought order would never return, especially since every time I looked into the living room toys that I had just organized were now on the floor. But, I think we’re good for the moment.

Delaney got two sets of paints for Christmas and desperately wanted to paint today. I told her we couldn’t paint until all the toys were cleaned up. She’s quick when she wants to be! Toy Story 2 was on tv, so they watched that and created their art. I love the Crayola washable paints. They use them at school too, and we’ve never had any problems with them.

I’m off tomorrow, but the girls are going to daycare. It’s their first trip over to the Young Preschool room. I’m dressing them completely different because I don’t know their teacher, and I have no idea if she knows the girls at all or can tell them apart. I’ve heard one of their favorite part time teachers is also in that room, so if nothing else, she should be able to identify them. They’re excited, but also nervous. They finally realized that going to preschool means leaving their friends. At least this week they only go over for part of the morning. They’ll still eat their meals and take naps in their regular room. Hopefully it will all go well!

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Finger/Hand Painting

The girls got finger paints for their birthday. I intended to bust them out on a nice day this summer, I just never did it. Since Saturday was likely the last 80 degree day we’ll see in 2010, we finger painted. I think the good thing about this project was that they finger paint all the time at school, so they totally knew what to do. The bad thing was that the finger paints were super stinky. The girls didn’t care, but I turned on the fan to clear the air a bit.

At first the girls were dainty and just did one finger.

But eventually they did their whole hand. This is Caden’s masterpiece. She was very particular about her painting. Every so often she would run to the bathroom to wash her hands so that her colors didn’t mix too much. She actually did a really good job getting her hands clean. My bathroom was a little worse for the wear, but it all cleaned up easily.

And Delaney’s masterpiece. Her colors muddied a bit and became brown/purple until I topped off the colors in between paintings. They loved to shout at me to give them more paints.

I have six of these decorating the sun porch. Who wants one?

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The girls got an art easel and supplies for Christmas. We’ve used the magnetic letters, the chalk, and colored on paper, but we hadn’t busted out the water color paints yet. Since my parents were up visiting on Sunday, I figured it was the perfect time to try them out. I put their art aprons on, got them a bowl full of water, and let them get to it.

Grammy, Caden, Delaney
Caden was mostly interested in the water. She didn’t get a lot of color going.

My mom would direct her to the paints, but she just kept going back and getting more water on her brush.

Delaney totally figured out the color! She was very busy, and finally wanted her own space and went to the paper on the other side of the easel. Every night she asks me to paint again. I feel bad because they had so much fun, but it’s not a quick project!

As a bonus, you get a little Delaney happy feet, as well as a very Minnesotan “You betcha!” by me. You’re welcome.

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Mondrian Art

Here are the girls Mondrian art pieces from art class last Friday. They turned out really well! The girls didn’t want to paint quite as carefully as we needed to, but with a little help, we got it done. I definitely want to frame these, just not sure where they’ll go in my house. Maybe the dining room?

Delaney’s artistic masterpiece –

Caden’s artistic masterpiece –


Sensory Art

The nanny had Friday off so my friend Amy and I took the girls to their art class. We were the first to arrive so it was a nice chance to talk to the teacher. She explained again that the girls were almost too young for the class, but whatever. I don’t care. I just want them to do artsy craftsy things once a week. We got set up coloring in stencils, and Delaney greeted everyone as they came in.

Amy & Caden.

After doodling a bit, we all gathered together and sang a song. Then the teacher explained the main craft. My bad! I thought the whole stencil/cut out/glue it on was our main craft! For the main craft we were using foam paint. Think shaving cream that is colored and non-toxic. And then think about your 1.75 year old playing with that. My eyes got bigger and bigger as she explained what we were to do. Amy and I immediately scaled things back. We wouldn’t necessarily do a bird, but just shapes. Grass & clouds maybe, feathers definitely.

Delaney loved it. LOVED it. She was scribbling on the paper with her pencil, and then was in heaven when I squirted the foam on. It was so fun to watch. The teacher came over to help her so I could snap some pictures and that’s when she did this:

She already had it in her hair, and now it was in her ears, on her face, it was everywhere! The teacher massaged it into her hands and she just kind of blissed out.

In contrast, this was Caden. Notice how the foam isn’t really spread out? And the colors aren’t mixed? She was not a fan. I’m not sure if she didn’t like getting dirty or didn’t like the feeling of the foam, but she stayed very clean.

Their finished pieces. Caden’s first. At the end of class everyone presents their art and explains it. Everything was very separate and had its own place. We all agreed she’ll be my Type A girl.

Delaney’s piece. She was a little more aggressive.

Next Friday – Mondrian paintings on canvas. Not even making that up! I had to ask a coworker what those even were! We’re supposed to take the girls to the museum so they can see some before class. Think the nanny will be up for that?



* On the Signing Times DVD they cover fish and really, it’s not like the girls run into fish every day of the week. A few weeks ago when we were at the doctor’s office we checked out the fish tank and Caden said “FISHIES!” I think she was beyond excited to finally see one and recognize it.

* Last night I taught the girls a trick I’m certain will come back to haunt me. I was sitting on the couch with Caden on my lap looking through the American Girl catalog. Delaney wanted to see too so she dragged the wastebasket over, turned it upside down and stood up on it just like they always do. A few minutes later she decided she wanted on my lap, so she pulled herself over the arm of the couch to get there. She thought it was funny and did it again. Then Caden wanted to do it, but she’s smaller so I had to help her. I taught her to tuck her head and do a somersault as she was coming over. One would go, then I would put them on the floor while the other sister somersaulted over. Round and round we went. They could not stop giggling. We did this for probably 15 minutes before bed? Not a sound out of them after I put them down!

Artwork from last week. I’ve been told they drew the fish with crayons and then something about oil paint over the top? Either way, very cool. I’m anxious to see what they come home with today!

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The girls are taking an art class at the community center this winter. You have to be 20 months old to take the class and we only made the cutoff by a few days, so clearly, they are the youngest in the class. But, I wanted them exposed to crafty type things, so I think it will be good for them. Their first class was last Friday. The nanny said the teacher was great and even helped one of the girls out. Their first art!