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I asked Alexa if it was going to snow and she said yes, to expect about two inches. I think we’re at 4 inches at this point, and it’s still snowing as of Sunday evening! Alexa, who gives you your forecast info???

Sunday after dinner I realized we had a low key, boring weekend and if I wanted some content for the good old blog, I should probably take some pictures. Threw the dogs out in the snow and voila! These were taken at 7:00pm, so they are heavily edited. Heavily. Also, I cranked up the ISO so grainy. Just look beyond that k?

Lark was not amused. Not at all. She avoids the snow at all costs and will normally only go where I’ve shoveled or Annie has worn a path, but she had no options and her fleece suit only covers so much. Sorry girl!

Nevada had her first adoption event on Sunday. I’m fairly proactive at events. When people approached the dogs I immediately went up to them and said “Are you looking for anyone in particular? No? MEET NEVADA.” She’s young, she can be an only dog, and she’s potty trained. She’s rescue dog gold! Unfortunately, no one we talked to today was interested in adopting right now, they were more looking for in the future. Also, we decided she’s a chihuahua/shiba inu mix based on her curly tail and her face/ears.

Annie is my only dog that loves the snow and doesn’t mind it one bit. She was tearing it up out there! Nevada finally joined her and raced around a bit. I really need those two to start playing to get Nev’s energy out, and to help her lose some weight. She’s already lost a pound!

This was the best picture I could get of all three dogs playing (I left Midas in the house, I’m not that cruel). Annie was having a blast and the other two were lobbying hard to go back inside.

Pretty girl.

And another pretty girl!

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Ice Castles!

Every few years somewhere in town has a gigantic ice castle. It used to be St. Paul for the Winter Carnival, but now there’s a company that does them in a few different cities throughout the US. I am not the best at wintertime outdoor activities, so when I saw this, I thought it was something we could do as a family where I wouldn’t freeze my butt off. Some friends of ours also wanted to go, and it was a date!

The weather was 26 and sunny, perfect. Any warmer and we would have gotten dripped on the entire time, any colder and I would have been complaining. The ice castles weren’t as tall as I was hoping for, but they were definitely cool. Lots of cool ice formations, tunnels, domes, and a few slides. We spent about an hour there, which is probably typical if you’re there with kids.

And now, picture overload!


The ice was blue which made it look so cool.  There were also all sorts of nooks and crannies behind the icicles.


Caden was our official map reader.


The sky was such a deep blue, I couldn’t resist.


The girls kept finding photo ops and then posing for me.  They know what’s expected of them when the big camera comes out!



This was the Dome Room I think?  And curse that man for ruining my shot.


It’s hard to tell, but she’s kind of tucked back into the ice.  There were all sorts of indents and places for kids to explore.




These were the little slides.  I knew they had slides, and we saw these after we went through the ice maze.  We kept saying that a bigger slide was surely doable right?  I mean there was so much ice!  Surely they could make a little luge right?


And they did!  You had to crawl through a tunnel to get to the top, then the kids slid down through this long tunnel.  I kind of wanted to go down this slide, but the adults that came through didn’t seem to have the momentum to make it to the end of the slide, so I skipped.

Stillwater is a bit of a drive, but it was so good to get outside and do something on a sunny, winter day.  Thanks Corinne, without someone to go with I probably would have bailed on this!

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Three is our number

jan 23

Monday. This is the outfit that Caden picked out when we went shopping at Old Navy the day after Thanksgiving. She wears it all the time!

jan 13

Tuesday. I bought Delaney’s Hanna Anderson dress off Zulily this summer. It’s nice and thick which is perfect for winter. And I love that they pose a little now!

jan 14

Wednesday. They picked out their own clothes this morning which always makes me a happy mom.

laney sled

Thursday. We forgot to take pics inside because it was warm enough that they could sled for 10 minutes before the bus!

caden sled

I love how much they love sledding, and am so glad we have this perfect tiny hill in our front yard.

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A Little Snow

snow 1

Christmas was warm this year. I was taking Annabelle outside with no coat on on Christmas day! Friday night it snowed, which was honestly kind of welcome. The temperatures have plummeted, and if there was no snow for insulation, it would be rough on the grass and shrubs. Also, a little snow means less dirt Annabelle tracks in.

snow 2

We drove back up to our house Saturday afternoon, arriving just at dark. There was no way I was snowblowing anything then, so I did it on Sunday morning. The girls shoveled the steps, then got their new sleds out. We finally upgraded to the discs! They are very fast.

snow 3

Caden shoveled super fast so she could get to sledding. She was pretty disappointed that the snow wasn’t sticky enough to build a snowman.

snow 4

Delaney was tired and her cold is getting worse, so she was moving a little slower. I asked a few times, and she finally agreed to sled down the hill one time.

snow 5

Her hat was so low I have no idea how she could even see!

snow 6

I do love this picture. Kind of washed out from the snow with just a peek of her eyes.

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Winter is here

caden snow

Oh Caden, that’s how I feel about the snow too.

I feel like in past years I’ve bought winter coats and gear on Black Friday? And yet, the forecast was showing snow, snow, and lots more snow for Monday so off to the sporting goods store we went! Other years I’ve gotten whatever coats we could find that fit and were the right price. This year, I went with Columbia. I wanted them to be warm and want to play outside, and I wanted winter gear that would last two seasons if at all possible. We got there just after the store opened and tried on a ton of jackets. There were jackets everywhere! I thought they might go with something more like a ski jacket, but they both liked this style. As they have the last few years, Caden went with pink and Delaney picked purple.

laney snow

Isn’t Delaney’s owl hat hilarious? She always steals my hats, so I’m glad she got one she really loves. Caden’s hat is reversible, and she reverses it every five minutes. They both reported that they were warm to hot in their new gear, so definitely a success.

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Sledding leads to sleep

After sledding while waiting for the bus last week, I knew we needed to sled down our front hill this weekend as well. The girls were totally up for it Saturday afternoon.  It was about 20 degrees out, so not crazy cold, but cold enough that we only stayed outside for 20 minutes or so.


The thing about the snow right now is that it’s about two feet deep. That kind of snow is no joke. It’s hard to slog through! Luckily the sledding was fun enough that they were willing to do it.


It took a few times down the hill before they had a decent track. Of course as soon as that happened, Delaney had to go to the bathroom!



Because we’ve gotten so much snow, the sides of the road have built up from the snowplow and created a nice bank that stopped the girls from sledding into the street.  At least it’s good for something?


Once Delaney went to the bathroom, this kid went down over and over and over.  She was zipping down the hill and laughing so hard when she got to the bottom!


Instead of climbing back up the hill, I convinced them to cut over to the driveway, then go up the steps.  It was at least a little easier than trudging up the hill.

The unexpected benefit of this outdoor time was that we were all exhausted.  I ran just before we headed outside, so after dragging the sled up and down and dragging my sorry butt through the snow, I was almost comatose.  Both girls were asleep within minutes of their heads hitting the pillows that night.  I think we all needed the fresh air and exercise!

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Up North

I’ve posted bits and pieces of our snow adventures up north a few weekends ago, but haven’t really posted the rest of the pictures. Let’s see what’s left that is fun.

chickens 1

The chickens laid some eggs! The girls were so excited to gather them up.

chickens 2

Delaney is still the chicken whisperer.


Uncle Jeff had a rocket that he kept shooting off. It was super cool and the kids love gathering around and pushing the button.

caden sky

I seriously can’t get enough of this kid in her winter gear. The white snow with her pink hat always kills me.

delaney skate

Delaney got to ice skate for the first time! My aunt had some skates that were just her size and she was beyond excited.

delaney smile

This kid had zero fun. None.

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Caden, The Broken Collar edition

caden 1

Caden has really dealt with this whole broken collar bone thing very well. For me, this whole thing was a complete pain, but it was never that for her. She wears her sling when she’s supposed to, and never asks to take it off early.

caden sn ow

But, she hasn’t let this stop her from having fun. I thought she would end up stuck inside the house, or sitting by the fire the entire time up north, but she was sledding and riding the snowmobile the entire time. There were a few times when I had to make the call that the sled was too bumpy, but she took those in stride. I’ve been amazed and in awe of her and how she finds a way to do the things she wants to do.

girls now

She’s incredibly self aware and several times has asked to wear her sling to bed at night to keep her arm in position. Technically she doesn’t have to sleep in her sling, but the more her arm has healed, the more she moves around in her sleep which has meant more pain in the mornings. I think the pain is the thing that has taken me most by surprise with this. With her surgeries or other injuries, it hurt for a few days but then she was back on track. At almost three weeks in, she is still taking pain medication daily. Mostly in the mornings, but often before bed as well.

caden chair

Today she heads to the chiropractor to get an adjustment. She’s been complaining that her neck and back hurt. We have the sling cinched up fairly tight, so that doesn’t surprise me. Friday we have a re-check with the pediatrician to see if it’s healed. Given the level of pain she’s having now, I have no idea what to expect. I’m guessing the sling will come off, but there will still be plenty of pain and soreness as she starts using it again.


No Fear

We spent the weekend up at my uncle’s house in northern Minnesota for the family Christmas. We had amazing weather both days, and were able to spend a large chunk of time outside. Considering Sunday was well below zero, it really was a Christmas miracle. I have more pictures to share later in the week, but these of Delaney I wanted to get up right away. They had been sledding behind the snowmobile and four wheelers all day, and we were just about to go inside when Sheila mentioned the sledding hill. Delaney and Samantha were all over it (Caden wanted to SO bad, but mama said no!). Delaney went down over and over again, with a bigger smile on her face each time. You can see from the pictures, she got some decent air off that jump! She’s definitely a girl who likes some speed!

laney sled

laney sled-2

laney sled-3

laney sled-4

laney sled-5

laney sled-6

laney sled-7

laney sled-8

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Snow Fun!

sled 1

After aunts and uncles left the holiday gathering, the four cousins suited up and headed outside to do some sledding. Even though it was freezing, I grabbed my camera and headed out with them because I love capturing moments like this. (Caden, Emma, Delaney)

sled 2

Samantha was awesome and pulled them down this little hill. Once they got some speed going, they zipped down to the bottom.

sled 3

Love this shot of serious Emma. After a few trips down the hill, my dad pulled the sled behind the four wheeler. He didn’t even make a full circle before he got stuck in some deceivingly deep snow. I tried to help him get out, but my brother had to come with the other four wheeler (which made me think – why on earth do they have two?) to pull him out. After that, I went inside because it was too damn cold out. Lesson learned, we all need better cold weather gear for the Grunst family Christmas up north!

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