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Bikes and Sunshine

We had the best weekend! It was gorgeous on Saturday. I love a good sunny day, especially when we get one on the weekend. We grabbed our groceries right away, so we could get to the girls haircut appointment on time. After a little lunch, we tackled some yard work. You know what’s amazing about having a small yard? Yard work is actually fun! I raked all the leaves that were left over from the fall and cleaned everything up. At our old house, that task would have been overwhelming and I probably wouldn’t have done it. It felt so nice to get the yard cleaned up!

Before dinner we went for a nice long bike ride around our new neighborhood. It’s so fun to explore and check out all of the houses. Best thing about the bike ride? No crashes! When we tried after their birthday party they crashed three times.

bikes 1

Sunday was as fairly chill day. I did a bunch of loads of laundry, but we mostly just hung out and caught up on dvr’d shows. In the afternoon we took the dogs for a walk, then the girls wanted to do some more bike riding. I snapped this picture, then Caden went right out into the street without even looking for cars. Needless to say, her bike was parked after that. We have had many conversations about how they have to look both ways before they go into the street so she knows, I just don’t think it’s habit yet.

bikes 2

My parents got them new bikes for their birthday. Aren’t they fancy?! They are five speed bikes with hand brakes. They took a little getting used to, but I think they have the hang of them now!

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Bike Rides

Since the girls have learned to ride without their training wheels, going for bike rides has taken on a whole new level of fun. We stopped biking around our circle (so many cars always coming and going, it was stressful) and found a bike path near the house. We do have to cross one busy street to get there, but after that it is smooth sailing and so much fun! I can’t believe it took us so long to do this, but I was never confident going too far away from home when they were on their training wheels.

Given this new level of confidence, my dad suggested we bring their bikes down to Mankato last weekend. There are a lot of bike paths near their house, and a Sunday afternoon bike ride sounded just about perfect. I borrowed Sue’s bike, and we hit the trails. The girls did awesome. We stopped by a lake to check out the baby geese and have a snack, then headed over to a playground for another break. Out last stop was Jimmy John’s for lunch. It was sunny and warm and the only downside was that I forgot sunscreen and was worried everyone was getting a sunburn. I loved it. It was the perfect family activity.

I definitely want to start doing bike rides, but need to get a bike carrier for my car so that we can travel with all three bikes. The girls will also need bigger bikes soon. I’m hoping to take them to a sporting goods store to try out a few, then keep my eye on Craigslist for a deal.

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No more training wheels!



On Saturday my brother and sister-in-law dropped off my niece for a Disney on Ice Frozen sleepover. My brother was chatting with the girls and he said “You need to get rid of those training wheels!” Ugh. He’s right. We really need to work on it, but when we tried last spring it was a disaster, so I was not looking forward to doing it again. On Sunday Delaney wanted to ride bike so I said “Should we take off your training wheels?” She was in and five minutes later they were off. A year makes such a difference. She’s stronger now and more confident, and fairly quickly she was able to pedal on her own. Very wobbly, but we made it back and forth on the street a few times with her going farther and farther on her own each time! She was elated!

Caden decided to take a turn next. She was a little more wobbly than her sister, but also got the hang of it fairly quickly. She got fairly frustrated because the bike was all over the place, but she really wanted to keep trying until she got the hang of it.

We were out there again last night, going back and forth in front of our house. They are getting so good! And the pure joy on their face that they are mastering this is so fun to see. Caden kept doing these little jumps into the air and Delaney just grins. They are not yet steady enough for me to let them go on their own, so I’m sprinting back and forth with them. I have no idea how we’ll tackle a bike ride with the three of us unless I run, so for now I’m happy that they are willing to stay close to home.


Fresh Air

I had two bridal showers this weekend so the girls headed down to my parents’ house for a little grandparent time. They came back up Sunday afternoon and with perfect timing, it turned into a beautiful day. By the time I got back home the bikes were out! I have high hopes that *this* will be the summer biking is fun for everyone. Cross your fingers.

bikes redo

I considered trying to edit Caden’s mustache out, but I’m not that good. This is what happens when you’re playing outside and have a runny nose I guess! ETA: I have the best friends! Thank you Kyla for cleaning her up.

bikes 2

bikes 3

bikes 4

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Beautiful Weekend

The weather this weekend was warm enough that we spent a good portion of it outside and it was awesome! We’ve been stuck indoors for so many months now, it’s just so nice to watch the girls race outside to play and see the complete joy on their faces. It wasn’t even that warm, but they were so happy to be out there!

They have been asking for months when we can get their bikes out. Their bikes were in the shed and I said the snow had to melt. I think we’re finally at the point where no more snow is coming, so we got the bikes out. They took off immediately! Bike rides are going to go so much better this summer. They both went relatively straight, and Laney only fell off twice. Big improvement from last summer.

omg how much do I still love their gymnastics sweatshirts? So much!

I will be very happy when things green up a little. The brown is a little drab.

The bow on top of the entire weekend came at dinner Sunday night. I made lasagna and was annoyed because it was all watery. Caden took a bite of the lasagna and said “This is a really good dinner Mama!” She wanted nothing to do with the noodles, but she ate all of the hamburger and sausage!

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Tiny Bits + a Video

* I talked to daycare about how Caden falls asleep for nap time. Basically, they do the same thing I do at home. I had thought maybe they were rubbing her back or something similar, and since I don’t do that at home it was taking her longer to fall asleep, but that’s not the case. Maybe she just takes a bit to wind down?

* My parents live about an hour away. Close enough that we see them often, but not so close that they can just drop by. Last night my dad had an appointment near our house so they came up and had dinner with us. My mom hung out with us while my dad met with his customer. It was so nice to have them over randomly during the week!

* Monday night at swimming lessons Caden announced she had to poop. Amanda ran her into the bathroom quickly. The group of women that swim laps after us were outside the bathroom stalls and heard Caden announce “I POOPED!” She came back to the pool and very excitedly told me “I pooped on the potty! I didn’t poop in the pool!” At least I know she isn’t scared to poop on the potty. And I really need to kick potty training in gear.

I took this video Monday night, so the very next time we were out riding bikes. Delaney just took off! (Which also confirmed that one bike pedals better than the other because Caden had issues. Ball bearings have since been fixed.) The look on Delaney’s face as she pedaled and pedaled was pure exhilaration. And she got her first crash out of the way too.

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Riding her bike

First, the state of our house. Toddler beds have been ordered and will be here next week. I’ve had social outings the last two nights so babysitters have put the kids to bed. (love) Tuesday night they made a few attempts at climbing out, but Wednesday Caden only shook her crib bars. I was hoping to use the time while the beds are shipping to reinforce bedtime rules – No horsey and Stay in your crib. So far it’s working, but we’ll see if they push my buttons Thursday night.

Bikes! I’ve done bikes twice with them and my dad had Caden out by herself once. We took the bikes out again Wednesday after dinner. I put Caden’s helmet on and off she went! She can even steer! They both know not to go in the street, but Caden hasn’t mastered braking yet so I still have to watch her closely. And yes, she’s just in undies. She pooped, took off her diaper, handed it to me and asked for undies.

Delaney is closer, at least she knows she has to do the work. Once Caden got off her bike Delaney hopped on it, which I thought was a good call. Who knows, maybe it does pedal smoother? She gets close, but when the back foot comes up, it falls off the pedal. A few more lessons and I think she’ll be good.


First Bikes

Both girls have been obsessed with bikes all summer. It doesn’t matter whose bike they see – the boys across the street, my niece, my cousin – they want to ride it. My driveway is asphalt and it isn’t smooth at all, so I was worried that they wouldn’t have a good place to learn how to ride. On top of that, I was worried the 12″ bikes either wouldn’t fit them, or would only work for one summer. After having them obsess over my cousin’s bike all vacation, we made the trip to a local sporting goods store (I really wanted to buy them from a local store) to check out their bikes.

We went with the entry level 12 inch girls bike. This size bike will work for this year and next at least. Oh the Trek was pretty and they may have been able to pedal it better, but it wasn’t worth an extra $100. For their next bike though? Definitely. (The 16″ bike is purple & green harlequin pattern. It’s adorable.) For their helmets we upgraded to the Trek helmets. They should work for a few years, and safety wise, they are definitely better than going cheaper. Can you tell Caden is pumped about her bike?

I think if we were on a smooth flat surface Caden would have zero issues pedaling. But, on our driveway she has trouble keeping things rolling. She will go round and round three or four times though. Delaney doesn’t really get it at all yet. She wants to put her feet on the middle bar and have me push her. I don’t think so. It’s back breaking for me, so we only work on it for 15 minutes or so. I’m hoping by the end of the summer they’ll be pedaling fine and we can maybe even take the dog for a walk.

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