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Top 11 Photos of 2011

In past years I’ve done ‘Best Of ‘ posts leading to New Years Day, but when I contemplated doing them this year I realized this has been a pretty well rounded year for us. No one favorite song, toy, food, or anything this year. Perhaps 2011 was the year everyone expanded their horizons?

And so instead, I’m doing the Top 11 Photographs of 2011. 2011 was the year I figured out my camera and actually tried to get certain shots. It seems fitting to wrap up the year this way.

1. Caden in Disney World. She was so upset by the characters and was in the stroller trying to avoid them.

2. Caden again. I think this was one of the first pictures I took with my 50mm lens. I finally got the blurry background I’d been after! And this is perfect Caden. A little dirty, with a smile.

3. Technically, this photo isn’t the best. The background is distracting and Laney isn’t really in focus. But, I totally captured Laney. And! Her first black eye which was epic!

4. Sisters! Perfect evening sun, cute matching dresses, and happy girls.

5. This was from the rodeo we went to in July. Prior to this Caden liked horses, but was scared of them. This was when I knew she loved them. Love that she’s wearing her Twins hat here too!

6. We spent so much time in pools this summer and this perfectly captures how much fun the girls had.

7. Oh Caden. This shot has been featured several times, and is blown up big in their room. There is just something about this picture that makes me very happy.

8. I almost chose this picture to print out big for their room, but didn’t because you can’t see Delaney’s face. But, I love the composition. I love how her head is thrown back, her zebra skirt, and that you can just barely see her pirate eye patch.

9. I’m a sucker for Caden in this hat. The hot pink makes her blue eyes pop!

10. I love the way she’s looking up at someone, love the frosting everywhere, and love the unexpected holiday bokeh.

11. I wanted to end with one of the two of them, and I have been scrolling and scrolling through my pictures trying to find *the* one. This one needs some editing, but I think it captures their relationship well.

In 2012 I want take more pictures, and finally get better at editing pictures.


Sensory Art

The nanny had Friday off so my friend Amy and I took the girls to their art class. We were the first to arrive so it was a nice chance to talk to the teacher. She explained again that the girls were almost too young for the class, but whatever. I don’t care. I just want them to do artsy craftsy things once a week. We got set up coloring in stencils, and Delaney greeted everyone as they came in.

Amy & Caden.

After doodling a bit, we all gathered together and sang a song. Then the teacher explained the main craft. My bad! I thought the whole stencil/cut out/glue it on was our main craft! For the main craft we were using foam paint. Think shaving cream that is colored and non-toxic. And then think about your 1.75 year old playing with that. My eyes got bigger and bigger as she explained what we were to do. Amy and I immediately scaled things back. We wouldn’t necessarily do a bird, but just shapes. Grass & clouds maybe, feathers definitely.

Delaney loved it. LOVED it. She was scribbling on the paper with her pencil, and then was in heaven when I squirted the foam on. It was so fun to watch. The teacher came over to help her so I could snap some pictures and that’s when she did this:

She already had it in her hair, and now it was in her ears, on her face, it was everywhere! The teacher massaged it into her hands and she just kind of blissed out.

In contrast, this was Caden. Notice how the foam isn’t really spread out? And the colors aren’t mixed? She was not a fan. I’m not sure if she didn’t like getting dirty or didn’t like the feeling of the foam, but she stayed very clean.

Their finished pieces. Caden’s first. At the end of class everyone presents their art and explains it. Everything was very separate and had its own place. We all agreed she’ll be my Type A girl.

Delaney’s piece. She was a little more aggressive.

Next Friday – Mondrian paintings on canvas. Not even making that up! I had to ask a coworker what those even were! We’re supposed to take the girls to the museum so they can see some before class. Think the nanny will be up for that?


They really are girly girls

In bath news, we are working on ‘the water needs to stay in the tub’. It’s not going well.

I ordered bows! Since the girls don’t have much hair, I didn’t think bows would work for us. But, a good friend loaned me a few of hers and they stayed in! And so now when I put them in boyish clothes, I can counter that with girly bows. And then hopefully people won’t think Caden’s name is Kevin anymore.

Is this the part where I try to deny that I give my kids chocolate after dinner?

Miss Delaney

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She’s my brother’s niece

As we were eating lunch at the zoo, Caden was very daintily dipping her french fries. It was super cute. She would dip just the end in her cup of ketchup. And then all of the sudden, there was this:



We’ve been doing more and more things without the stroller. The girls are very used to walking into places holding your hand, and they’re generally well behaved while doing it. It’s nice not to have to drag out the stroller for every stop we make. I made plans to meet up with a coworker at the zoo last weekend and decided to try it strollerless. The indoor trail that we’d likely go on is difficult with a stroller anyway, so I decided to go for it. It went really well! It was fun to watch the girls navigate their freedom, although most of it was navigated at a dead run.

Still not tall enough!

Delaney was not so sure about this bamboo “door”.

The plan was to take the first monorail, but with all of the running, I wasn’t thrilled with the prospect of containing them for any length of time, so instead we hit the park. The last time I was at the zoo this park wasn’t finished. It’s so nice! I was worried the girls would be too young, but they did awesome. My coworker commented that my girls are very athletic. I hadn’t really thought about it, but they are. They run, they climb, they slide, they are all over the place.


Surprising right?

I know, I know, it’s always very surprising that people think my girls are boys when I dress them like this right?

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* On the Signing Times DVD they cover fish and really, it’s not like the girls run into fish every day of the week. A few weeks ago when we were at the doctor’s office we checked out the fish tank and Caden said “FISHIES!” I think she was beyond excited to finally see one and recognize it.

* Last night I taught the girls a trick I’m certain will come back to haunt me. I was sitting on the couch with Caden on my lap looking through the American Girl catalog. Delaney wanted to see too so she dragged the wastebasket over, turned it upside down and stood up on it just like they always do. A few minutes later she decided she wanted on my lap, so she pulled herself over the arm of the couch to get there. She thought it was funny and did it again. Then Caden wanted to do it, but she’s smaller so I had to help her. I taught her to tuck her head and do a somersault as she was coming over. One would go, then I would put them on the floor while the other sister somersaulted over. Round and round we went. They could not stop giggling. We did this for probably 15 minutes before bed? Not a sound out of them after I put them down!

Artwork from last week. I’ve been told they drew the fish with crayons and then something about oil paint over the top? Either way, very cool. I’m anxious to see what they come home with today!

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Ni ni?

Delaney loves her crib. She loves to sleep, she loves thinking about sleep, she asks about going to sleep. It’s all very cute. She usually starts asking about going to bed about 30 minutes beforehand. She’ll haul her blankets out, put them on the ground and then lay down on them with her little butt in the air. She doesn’t really want to go to bed, but I think she starts getting kind of excited for it. Lately, she’s been saying “Ni ni?” even during the day. The nanny said she curled up on the couch like this one day after nap.


Dentist and play time

The girls had two big events on Tuesday. First up, the dentist!

Last year during open enrollment I added the girls to my dental plan. I googled and somewhere it said that children should be seen by the dentist at around one year. It was something like $1 per month to add them, so I did. And then my dentist said she didn’t need to see them until they were three. Oh well. Since we have the coverage, in they went! This visit was really just to get them used to the chair and the office and the tools. The dentist looked at their teeth, but didn’t do any cleaning or anything like that. I did find out why Delaney has a gap between her front teeth. Her frenulum goes down too far, between her front teeth, and that is causing the gap. Likely around age 8 they’ll snip it.

Our second event was an Early Intervention Family night. Next fall Caden and I will attend a weekly preschool like class and so this was an opportunity to meet the other teachers and check out the classroom, even meet some other parents. Immediately upon entering the girls sprinted towards the playmats they had set up. Unfortunately, I wore a sweater and was sweating within minutes. But, it was really fun. We made and drank apple juice, colored, played with playdough, and tumbled a bit on the mats.

Caden was off on her own most of the time. She would look to whichever adult was nearby for assistance, but it didn’t need to be me. One teacher said she kept track of where I was, but I didn’t see her do that. Delaney on the other hand needed to know where I was. A few times she went off on her own and would be fine until she realized she couldn’t see me, and then she cried. Delaney was also the only child who left with marker all over her face. Always nice to hold that title.


Left Alone

This is what happens when you leave the two of them alone for two minutes while cleaning up dinner.

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