The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

4 Year Stats

34 lbs (42%), 39.5 inches (45%)

31 lbs (10%), 39.25 inches (40%)

Delaney is perfectly following her growth curve. She grew 2.5 inches in a year, and is at basically the same percentile for height. Caden shot up! She’s only 1/4″ shorter than Delaney now, whereas a year ago she was a full inch shorter. Love it!

It was nice that Delaney’s pooping is in a relatively stable stage, so we could get solid clarification on when we can stop the Miralax. Both girls are doing awesome with fine and gross motor skills. Caden holds a pencil/crayon incorrectly, but that is more of a finger strength issue than anything, so we’re working on that.

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3 Year Stats

The girls had their three year check up today. It was so cute to see them doing an eye exam! Both girls are following their growth curves. Delaney is smack in the middle for weight and height. Caden just inched onto the charts for weight, but is 20% for height.

29 lbs, 37 inches – 43%
She grew three inches in one year!

26 lbs, 36 inches – 20%
She grew three inches in one year, an inch in the last three months!

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Earlier this summer when people would ask me how old the girls were, I would say they were two. But often, they didn’t seem satisfied with that answer so I started saying they were two and change. Over a month ago I started saying they were two and a half. I maybe shouldn’t have jumped the gun so much, because I feel like they turned two and a half awhile ago and yet, that milestone wasn’t reached until today.

This summer has been such an amazing time for us. The girls are more and more independent, but I think we are even tighter as a family. I also think I’ve really found my parenting groove this summer. As we turn this corner and start marching towards three, I see so many good times and adventures ahead!

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27.5 Months

Mark it down. Three of the things I’ve been waiting for happened all at once.

1. This morning Delaney decided she didn’t like the outfit I picked out for her. “I no wear pants!” Oh yes you will! (For the record they were jean shorts, not pants, paired with a cute flowered top.)

2. Last night Caden pronounced “No! I do it!” I’ve been trying to remember all morning just what it was that she wanted to do herself. I think it was adding the laundry detergent into the washer (also the latest thing, they like to help me do – laundry), but it also could have been scooping Maddy’s food.

3. I still swear in front of the girls. I know! I know. But traffic! It’s my weakness. Stupid Minnesota drivers. Anyway, I was heading out of downtown and even though I had my blinker on, this guy refused to let me over. I may have referred to him as a jacka$$. Delaney said “Jackets?” Yes baby, jackets.

Relatedly, as we were parking the other morning the car in front of us was clearly perplexed by the parking ramp and was moving ever so slowly. I said “Honestly? Honestly! Is this so hard?!” and heard a chorus of “Honestly!”‘s from the back of the car. As we were walking in Caden dropped her blanket and Delaney said “Honestly!” Ha! Perfectly used Laney, perfectly used.

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We celebrate all of the big milestones

This morning Delaney put her shoes on all by herself!

I set the girls clothes out the night before, down to their socks and shoes. In the morning I change their diaper, then get them dressed, which includes shoes and socks. This morning Delaney did not want her shoes on. Fine. They were just slip on’s, easy enough to put on quickly later. At one point she even put on a different pair of shoes. They were more summer, but she had socks on so I didn’t care if she wore them. But then no, those had to come off. As I was brushing my teeth and gathering all of my stuff I said “You still need shoes on young lady” and lo and behold when I came back through the living room, she was putting them on! She even got them on the right feet!

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Flip the Switch

My girls have always been slow and steady. I didn’t teach them to clap in five minutes. They didn’t go from taking a step to walking full time in a few days. And there have been no word explosions. Since they’ve turned two, it’s a like a switch was flipped and everything suddenly makes sense to them. It’s all clicking into place.

The girls have counted sporadically for a while now. Sometimes they could get to three, sometimes they wouldn’t count at all for me. Saturday night in the bathtub I said something about counting (normally I will count their bath toys) and they both started shouting “ONE! TWO!” They made it all the way to ten without me giving any help! And they continue to count whenever I ask them to.

Similarly, they’ve been doing their ABC’s sporadically for a while now. Sunday, Laney sang the whole song without missing a letter. Caden can chime in as well, although she sometimes forgets a few.

Thank You has been the word of the day around here. I think it finally clicked for them, when they’re supposed to say it. I gave Delaney a Samoa cookie and she kept saying “Thank you. Thank you!” I opened the door to the basement for Caden and she said “Thank you.” I told her she was very welcome and she said “Always say thank you!” I do model ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ around the house, but we totally have Baby Signing Times and Choo Choo Soul to thank for learning those. The “Always say thank you” line comes from the Choo Choo song!

What else? You can have full on conversations with Delaney. You can have them with Caden too, but you’ll have to translate her Japanese babble when she gets on a roll.

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20 Months!

First off, Happy Birthday Grammy! We love you!


The girls are 20 months old today! This was the best picture I could get of them together this morning. No one wanted to sit nicely on the couch which is par for the course these days. They have one speed – run. As witnessed by Caden here –


Their problem solving skills are top notch. If there is something they want to get to, they will find a way. It usually involves pushing some piece of furniture over to where they want to be, and then using that as a stepstool to reach.

We have lots and lots of words. Delaney’s favorite phrases right now are “I scared” and “Coming!” She talks pretty much from the time she gets up until the time she goes to bed, only pausing to eat. Caden says “nope” and “mo(re)” in the tiniest voice ever. Her chatter voice is very different, but when she’s really communicating with you her voice is very tiny. I love it.

And still, they are the happiest girls ever. It is the comment I hear the most – Your girls are so happy! Along with Do they always smile so much?

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Finally Forward!


I was out of town last weekend and my parents watched the girls. Instead of switching cars, I just left the car seats for them. Tonight I wanted to run some errands, so the car seats needed to go back in. To keep them rear facing or face them forward?

I knew I wanted the girls rear facing until at least 18 months. Caden didn’t hit 20lbs until then anyway, and I didn’t want to forward face Delaney only. For the past few months I’ve been debating when to turn them forward. I kind of had early November in my head as when I would do it, but tonight it just seemed to silly to put them in and then change them in two weeks. So forward facing it is.

When people ride in the car with us they always comment on how quiet the girls are. No more! They were SO chatty when we were out and about tonight!

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18 months!


It was the best I could get this morning, but at least they’re smiling right?

I can’t believe the girls are 18 months old today! 1.5 years old. The time has flown by.

Some things they’re doing now:
* They get up at 8:00am, nap from 12-3ish, and go to bed at 7:30pm. We’ve been on this schedule for a while, and it works well. Nap can be pushed later, and likely will eventually be 1-3pm, but right now the girls really need three hours.
* We are nothing if not a family of routine. If we put on shoes and turn off the tv, they race to the backdoor. If I say it’s time for pajamas/nap/bed, they race to the gate and rattle it until I open it. In the mornings when I say I’m heading out, they both say “Bye!”
* There is so much talking going on! Lots of two word phrases, lots of mimicking. Last night as we were getting ready to go out to dinner, Caden pumped her arm in excitement and said “Go bye bye!”
* They are awesome when we’re out and about. They love going places, seeing new people and things, and pointing out every puppy they see along the way.
* Delaney will call Caden ‘Cadey’, but mostly if we’re naming who is in the pictures above the changing table. I’ve heard her use it a few other times, but not very often.
* They learned the sign for cereal recently and it’s so nice! When they’re hungry, we’ll often give them some dry cereal and now they can ask for it. So much easier!
* We’ve been working quite a bit on manners this summer. They sign please when they want things, although sometimes you have to prompt them. They know they’re supposed to gently set their sippy cups on the coffee table instead of dropping them on the floor, although they don’t always remember. But, they’ll do it if you ask them to. They sit nicely at their table for snack, and next we’re going to really work on drinking out of open cups.
* Delaney’s hair is starting to get long in the back and on top, but unfortunately it just gives her a mullet. My concern is that it’s really starting to curl and I don’t know what to do with it! I should know, since I have curly hair, but it’s such an odd length, plus she has no hair on top. I’m mostly hoping it works it out on its own. Caden still has no hair. I think it’s going to take until she’s three to really grow in.
* They are both still utterly fascinated with phones, but at least they don’t call anyone anymore. =)

I’ve said this quite a bit recently and hopefully it won’t bite me anytime soon, but I feel like 18 months is this awesome honeymoon period. They are so much more verbal, they understand what we’re saying to them, but they haven’t hit the tantrum/attitude stage yet. It’s bliss!


Last bottle

I think I’ve talked about this before, but because Caden stayed on formula until she was 15 months, she continued to get a morning bottle. With the formula it made sense. She drank 8 ounces quickly, and then had the rest of the day to drink her other 8 ounces. But with milk, it really didn’t make sense. I’m not as focused on how much milk she’s drinking, so a quick 6 ounces in the morning doesn’t matter.

But Caden loves that morning bottle. She races for it, sometimes shaking she’s so happy to get her milk. So I was hesitant to drop it.  I thought about slowly taking ounces away from it, but that seemed silly.  She doesn’t care where she gets her milk from, sippy or bottle, so it wasn’t that kind of transition.  In the end, I decided she could have bottles as long as I had bottle liners.  Once those were gone, the bottle was gone.

And Saturday, was the last bottle day.


I was very interested in how she would handle things Sunday morning. Would she look for her bottle? Would she throw her sippy cup? Ha! Nope. Normally, she would drink her bottle before breakfast, while she was running around. With breakfast she would have water. Sunday, she left her sippy cup on the ottoman and played. But, she easily drank 6-8 ounces of milk with breakfast.

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