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Life with identical twins

Battling their hair


The girls’ hair is a constant battle. It is always full of tangles, even if we just brushed it 15 minutes earlier. They also hate to brush their hair. Their scalps are sensitive, and because their hair is always tangled, it hurts to brush it. I finally booked them in with my stylist to see if she could help us out.

Here’s our plan. Haircuts every three months instead of every six at my salon. Previously we’d gone to a few different places, but I think the last place cut their hair blunt across the bottom, and apparently they need long layers for less tangles.

More product in their hair. I used to use styling creme in their hair when they were little, but I stopped doing that a long time ago. We’re back to doing that, and I’m adding in some argan oil as well.

Before you tell me about your fabulous wet brush, we already have two. The problem with those is that they do great when their hair is wet, but when it’s dry they only get through the top layer of hair, leaving a snarled mess just below the surface. We are working on learning how to brush the underside of our hair as well, but I’d rather ditch those brushes and get them used to a real brush that will get through the tangles faster. I’m also doubtful I’ll get them to make this switch.

Their hair is a huge battle every day, so at this point, I’m willing to do just about anything to ease that pain. The stylist who cut Caden’s hair commented that the hair growing in seems to be thicker than the hair at the bottom (which she referred to as baby hair). I’m hoping that maybe their hair is a late bloomer, and given another six months of growing will grow out of this tangled phase on its own!

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Real Twins


Yesterday morning I was at the dentist chatting up my hygienist. I brought the girls along, which I don’t normally do, and she hadn’t met them before. She asked if they were identical or fraternal, and upon hearing they were identical, commented that they didn’t look alike at all. I told her they used to look more alike when they were younger, but now that they’re older and their hair is different, they look completely different. It was one of those conversations where you forget the kids are in the room and listening.

Fast forward to later in the morning and the girls have hatched a plan for the haircuts that we were getting later in the day. The previous plan was for both of them to get a trim, but suddenly they wanted the same haircut so they could look alike, like “real twins”.

haircuts 2

I cracked up because when you’re pregnant with identical twins you worry about treating them differently and letting them be individuals, and the next thing you know they are purposely getting their hair cut the same so they can look exactly alike. And whoa do they look alike now! Especially from the side or behind. I cannot get used to Delaney’s short hair and legitimately called her Caden twice. The top photo is deceiving, because they’re only 1/4″ apart in height right now too. We shall see if they fool their camp counselors today!


She knows what she wants

hair 1

I get my hair cut every 10-12 weeks. Since the girls’ hair doesn’t grow very fast, I schedule an appointment for them every other time I get my hair cut. It works out well. While my color processes, they get their hair cut. Here’s a before shot. Their hair was in need of a cut! Last time Caden got her bob, this time around she wanted to go even shorter. She kept putting her hand right around her jaw line. My mom kind of freaked, but this kid hates having her hair brushed, so I knew short was the way to go for her. Delaney get her ends trimmed.

hair 4

And after! I could kind of kill them for this because you can’t really see the gloriousness of their hair at all. I even bribed them with chocolate to get this shot.

hair 5

Caden’s hair is short and stacked in the back, with a few layers framing her face in the front. Delaney got curls (which I did again on Sunday, and she said she wants them for school as well, luckily they are easy to throw in).

hair 6

This is from Sunday breakfast and you can see her cut better here. I just cannot. stop. staring. at her. This cut suits her so well! And she looks terribly old with it. I’m so glad she knows what she wants, because she has great taste!

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I do love haircut weekends. Now that we have the whole dance class/haircut timing worked out, it’s not as stressful as it was the first few times. Both of the girls definitely needed their hair cut. It was tangled and out of control. We usually cut their hair twice a year, but we might need to bump that up.

Caden went first this time. Both girls had said they wanted their hair to look just like mine. Could Sally paint their hair dark too? Um, no.

She’s so funny because she just looooves to watch herself in the mirror. Sally blew dry her hair and then curled it with a flat iron. OMG it was so adorable. And! It lasted all day! That night she had perfect curls. I wanted to take a picture of it and save it for when she’s 16 and tell her “This! This is your perfect hair cut. Stick with it.”

Delaney was up next. Her main request was she wants her hair long, like Mommy and Rapunzel. Her hair is actually getting quite long in the back, so she’s on her way. I thought about evening up her hair into more of a bob, but the shaggy look works for her, so we left it.

She asked to have her hair straightened at the end. So she had long, glossy locks.

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Crazy Hair

The girls are really starting to be aware of their hair. They were shaking it last night at dinner. I love it post nap when it’s all crazy everywhere.

Pudding smile!

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Year in Review

Last year a few of the blogs I follow posted a picture from each month at the end of the year. It’s always fun to see how kids change throughout a year, but for me, I remember noticing how fast the girls hair grew. I found myself going back to the posts later to see if their hair at the beginning of the year was about where my girls was, and when possibly could I expect my girls to actually get some hair?

And so, our year in review, of hair growth. Because we actually have some now! Maybe soon we’ll have actual hair styles?

January. Caden’s hair was … not really there. Delaney had little bangs that I loved to sweep off to the side.

February. Not much change in Delaney’s hair. Caden is finally getting some!

March. Again, not much change. It maybe grew a little in the back?

April. Some change! Their hair is getting longer on top.

May. Enough bangs so I could put little barrettes in!

June. They were just out of the tub here, but you can see Delaney’s bangs are getting longer. Caden is getting a nice little flip in the back.

July. Caden has pigtails in so it’s hard to tell, but Delaney is definitely getting more hair, especially around her ears.

August. Caden has pigtails in again, but this is a nice view of the back of Laney’s hair. It’s nice and thick!

September. Caden is getting some bangs!

October. Pigtails for Laney so it’s hard to tell, but her hair really started filling in. Caden’s is definitely growing!

November. My dad took this picture the day after Thanksgiving while my mom and I were shopping. Bed head, but you can see Laney’s bangs are getting longer and Caden’s mullet is filling in in the back.

And this morning. Both girls bangs are getting long enough that I ask to do barrettes every morning. Otherwise we’re sweeping them out of their eyes all day. Laney’s almost in need of another haircut and Caden’s is finally getting thick.

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The Weekend + Haircut #2

Naps on the weekend are rough. The girls are in a good nap groove at school, and I think they get used to having someone police them to ensure they sleep and don’t party. Which means I have to do the same at home. I’m fine sitting in their doorway and reading a book, but it never goes well and it makes me insane. I know they still need naps because Saturday they got shortened naps in the car and Caden was a beast that evening. On Sunday she didn’t take a nap at all and was again, all akimbo. It was like she wasn’t in control of her body, and was going at full speed. Not good. Next weekend will be two naps at home, so hopefully we can find our groove Saturday so that naps on Sunday go well.

Haircuts! Delaney’s hair was breaking off all over the place and her hair was becoming one giant poof of fuzz. I didn’t want much length cut off, just to have everything cleaned up. We had talked and talked and talked about this haircut. She knew Sally was cutting her hair and that morning we had talked through what would happen. I think she was most scared that she would have to get her haircut, while Caden got to do something fun with Grammy. Luckily, they came along as well so no fun was missed.

Laney loved it. She sat with her sucker in her mouth and didn’t move unless Sally directed her to. Her hair looks so much better now! I would do before and after pictures, but I think they would probably look the same. It *feels* different now though. You can actually run your fingers through it without snagging on a knot. Saturday night we went out to dinner with my friend Amanda and were talking about Laney’s haircut. Laney piped up “My hair is broken.” It was so cute! Girl is always listening.

I hadn’t intended to have her cut Caden’s hair, since I kind of like her mullet at the moment. Her bangs are wispy and getting longer, and it curls up in the back. But, her hair was becoming poofy in the back as well and since she was there, might as well trim it. She had a little grin on her face the entire time.

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Fluffy hair

You know that cartoon dog that has floppy hair? That’s who Caden is starting to resemble. Both of the girls hair is really growing in now. Except, it’s growing in the back and on top. The back is getting nice and thick! And the top is getting longer, but the sides? They aren’t growing so much. We are treading in baby mullet waters again! I’m hoping the sides kick it in gear soon.

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