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I really, really make an effort to walk the dogs every day. We shoot for the mornings, because then Delaney will come with me, but sometimes it doesn’t happen until the evenings. I love walks with the dogs. When we have fosters, it’s the perfect way to integrate them into the pack. It’s also a great way to work on leash skills if they aren’t used to leash walks, because they have Lark and Annie as role models. I also love when Delaney comes with me because we always have the best conversations. And I love that she makes the effort to get out of bed early to go on these with me.

Daisy and Charlie really love walks, so it’s fun to watch them get super excited and wag their tails. It never fails to make me smile!

There are times when I walk them myself when I think I’m a little crazy, but when this happens, I think I must be some sort of dog ninja!!

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Daisy & Charlie

Meet Daisy & Charlie! They’re our newest fosters! They are 10-year-old shih tzus (Daisy I think is shih tzu/poodle mix?). They were surrendered by their owner, and since they’ve been together for 8 years, we’re adopting them out together.

When they first arrived at our house two weeks ago they were a little nervous, but clearly found comfort in each other. They slept curled up next to each other and would only eat when I put their food bowls next to each other. After a few days they were comfortable enough to sleep in separate beds (Caden & Charlie have bonded, Delaney & Daisy) and their personalities really started coming out.

Charlie is a total fluff ball. He’s 7 lbs of fluff! He loves to curl up in a ball right next to you, and chases squirrels with great ferociousness.

Daisy loves attention. If you’re petting her and stop, she’ll gently nudge you with her paw to remind you to get back to it! She sleeps stretched out, off to the side where she has enough room.

One thing I love about them? They don’t mind going outside in the snow! I think they kind of love the snow? When it was snowing last weekend Charlie would come in covered in snow. It was so adorable. They really want to run through the snow, but don’t seem to understand it’s deep. These two definitely have me laughing more than our other foster pups.

They’re potty trained, but don’t love crates. I tried using an x-pen in the basement, but they broke out of that in 10 minutes so now I just leave them on the main level with doors to everything closed. I’ve kept an eye on them with our security camera and they sit on top of the couch and look out the windows all day. This also means that as soon as we come home they curl up and fall asleep.

Interested in adopting them? Head on over to Warrior Dog Rescue and fill out an application!

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Blankets for Doggos

I posted on Facebook about how I’m busier than ever. I’ve taken on some new responsibilities with the dog rescue, my R+F business is growing, plus work, plus getting ready for vacation, there’s a lot going on! But it’s all stuff I’m excited about, and I’m in the mindset where I really want to do these things so it feels good.

For the rescue, I’m in charge of fundraising. Someone suggested an idea that people could sponsor dogs as they came into our rescue, and that they could also purchase a blanket for the dog. Because we have dogs coming up on Saturday, I really needed these blankets done quickly. Because we are vacation prepping my time was limited and I decided I’d just sew the six blankets myself. Maybe not the best plan? It didn’t take a ton of time to sew them once I figured things out, but my eyes were so tired by the end. All that focusing was exhausting. But the blankets turned out really cute! If you’re interested in donating one or sponsoring a pup, go here!

Let’s all take a moment to admire my straight freaking lines. This was clearly the last blanket I sewed and I had figured out how to keep things from bulging everywhere. But didn’t the blankets turn out so cute? It was really hard to pick the fabrics, there are SO many adorable fleece prints! We bought enough to do three different designs, and I”m going to try to get back to JoAnns to buy more while the fleece is still on sale.

Beyond sewing, we hit up the Club for dinner Friday and breakfast Sunday. I do so adore going out for dinner on Friday nights. I look forward to someone else cooking, and a glass of really good wine with really good food. Our dinner was perfection! (Breakfast was too, they really do a great job with the food there and so many gluten free choices for me.)

The girls also finally watched Wonder Woman! I kind of forgot about it and then realized it was on HBO and we didn’t even need to rent it. They loved it!

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Guys, this is Tito. He’s our newest foster. I’m going to cry so hard when he gets adopted. He is Foster Gold. He is small, mostly potty trained, gorgeous, and has the best personality. It’s come out more and more each day and last night he was playing with Annie, climbing into my lap, sitting like a champ, and snuggling with us on the couch. Fosters don’t get any better than this!

So locals, can we do this? Can someone we know adopt him? I’d like to keep in the family. He was found in Alabama in the woods in an abandoned logging camp. The woman who found him took him in and fostered him until we could take him. She was very attached and I can see why! He had big dog siblings there, and has small dog siblings here, so he gets along with dogs of all sizes.

When he first got to our house he fell asleep on the hardwood floor. It took me a while to get him to sleep on the blanket, and then finally to realize the dog bed was where it’s at. He’s still a little independent at this point. He is just figuring out that the couch is good, but likes to sit on the chair or in his bed where he has his own space. He doesn’t like the cold, but doesn’t mind coats and sweaters. And he looks good in pink. He hasn’t barked yet, and sits quietly in the kitchen waiting to see if food drops. And he gives the best kisses!

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Ramsey Update

We’ve had Ramsey for about two weeks now so time for an update!

It took about a week for three things to happen:

1. He figured out how to come in our back door. Prior to that he was too scared to, so we would have to put a leash on him and lead him through the garage to the front door. But one afternoon I called all of the dogs in and he just followed everyone in and all was good!

2. He figured out the stairs. One day he had two feet on the top stair, and the next day he was willing to go down. He did a lot of exploring in the basement and seemed to want to be down there all the time until he realized there isn’t anything really fun there.

3. He’s potty trained! This happened in only a few days. He goes to the back door when he needs to go, and he has a spot in the corner of the yard where he poops. I don’t even worry about him marking anymore. This is nothing short of amazing!

It took a little more than a week for Annie and Ramsey to become friends. She finally realized he was a good partner to chase the squirrels in the backyard, and now everyone lives together cohesively. All four dogs napped on the guest bedroom bed together on Tuesday when I worked from home. It was super sweet!

We still do walks in the morning and evening. Sometimes we go once around our loop, sometimes we go twice. It really depends on how many scents he picks up. If he doesn’t pick up any scent, he’s awesome on the leash. He’ll walk right in front of me or next to me and we have a very pleasant walk.

Because he’s so big, we’re working on manners. He needs to learn sit, stay, and leave it. Like soon.



Internets, meet Ramsey! He’s our newest foster. He’s a 2-3 year old hound mix, and weighs about 60 lbs. He’s a big guy, which is definitely different for us. We are used to the 5-15 lb dogs, not 60! But it’s also been really fun to have a big dog in the house again. He takes up the whole couch! And snores really loudly. It’s great. We are hoping to help him lose a little weight, so we’ll be doing daily walks.

So far, he’s been very chill, but those first 24 hours often are. He’s taken a lot of naps on the couch in between walks outside to go to the bathroom. He came from a shelter in Alabama, so we weren’t sure how he would like the snow but he’s done really well in it! I got a coat for him, but because of his size and prey drive we double leash him which makes it hard to put a coat on since we need to be able to hook a leash to his harness.

I was worried about how a 5 lb chihuahua and a 60 lb dog would get along, but he’s ignored our dogs so far so no worries there. He loves the girls, and his favorite spot is on the couch with his head in their lap. I always hope that our foster dog will sleep with them, and so far we are two for two. To be fair, I think if he didn’t sleep with them he’d probably sleep on the couch so I think I’m safe.

If you’re interested in Ramsey let me know! He’s ready to live the good life!

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Weekend Wrap up

Because we had the Santa Brunch on Saturday, we switched our piano lessons to the 8:00am time slot because that lesson canceled. While I wouldn’t want that time slot every week, it worked perfectly and made sure everyone was up and moving on time.

After the Santa Brunch we changed clothes and then drove this little girl to her new family. She freaked out when we did the hand off, which we knew she would, be he sat in the back of his car with her until she calmed down. She couldn’t have landed in a better home. The guy knows the breed, knows what to expect, and was super excited.

That said, I was so emotional. After she broke her leg, Midge became aggressive at times. I think she bonded too much with me since I was her primary caretaker. It definitely caused problems, but in between she was so sweet and such a snuggler we worked through it. While our house is definitely calmer now, I miss her like crazy. There’s of course a whole mess of guilt and responsibility tied up in all of this, but it’s been an emotional few days.

Sunday was the Christmas program at church. We take a very low key role in the program and just sing the songs so there aren’t any extra rehearsals. They did a great job with the program this year! It’s a great mix of an updated telling of the story, along with a few songs.

We raced home after church to change clothes and then head out to the horse barns for the holiday show. Last year we were far too new to even go to this, so we were all excited to watch. It’s essentially a horse competition, with four different skill levels. In the middle, the super advanced riders came out and jumped the big jumps. We’ve never seen the girls trainer ride, so that was super fun! She’s such a natural on a horse. It was also crazy to watch the owner ride her gigantic horse. They had the jumps high, and some of the horses were clearing them with a foot to spare. And the horses! Stomping their feet as they cantered, you could tell they LOVED it. The girls agreed they will definitely be in the show next year which will be fun, since we can invite family to come watch them.

While we had quite a bit going on during the day, our evenings were completely free. Saturday I made risotto, which is the perfect cold weather dish. Sunday we had leftovers since we’d all eaten at the horse show. It was so nice to be able to end the day relaxing at home, and knock off a few of our dvr’d shows.

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Midge! She is so close to being off restriction! Less than two weeks left. She is so ready to be done. She really, really wants to run and play with everyone else. It sucks that she’s stuck at the end of a 3 foot leash, but we’re so close, we just need to stick it out for a little while longer.

The first six weeks were a lot of healing. She had a soft cast on for four weeks, and then the next two I think were a little painful. She was so used to having her leg straight, once she could bend it and sleep and lay on it, it was pretty sore when she straightened it again. But, I think we’re past that now and she’s back to her spunky, playful self. It’s been so good to see her sweet personality come out again! I forgot how funny she is. For such a tiny dog, she has a huge personality!

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Hazel Bazel

When we first got Hazel I was not sure about that name for a dog, but it turns out, there are a million nicknames for Hazel and I think we used most of them!

Whenever I get a new foster my hope is that they will attach to the girls and sleep with them. It usually works for a few days, but then they figure out that I’m the one that feeds them and they like me best. But Hazel loved the girls best, right up until the end. She slept with them, she hung out with them, and she snuggled with them. It was the sweetest.

I was worried about her adoption Sunday evening, but the girls handled it well. (I was the one who had to retreat to the office to give her kisses and cry in private.) Hazel got super excited when her new parents came in the door. She ran over to them, jumped to be picked up, and then settled happily in their arms. She looked like she was home, which definitely made me happy. Have an amazing life Hazel!

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Let’s highlight the dogs that have come through our house in the last week!

But first, a Midge update. Her surgery went very well! They put a metal plate in her leg, and she has a supportive cast for four weeks. The cast is to give her bones some time to heal before she starts putting weight on her leg. It was interesting talking to the orthopedic surgeon and hearing about how the toy breed specifically has bone and circulation issues that cause these breaks to happen, and make them harder to heal. Don’t breed teeny dogs people! It’s hard on everyone.

First up – Libby!

Libby is a two year old beagle. She has the sweetest face! Libby needed a place to hang for a week so she came to our house. Libby had a lot of energy so we took her for morning and evening walks. I really loved those walks and so did Annie! It was a nice way to start our day. Libby is crate trained, but is learning how to be a dog and so would need another dog in her furever home to help show her the ropes. She loved to run around the yard and sniff everything.

Most fosters stick with a breed or two. We foster chihuahua mixes and rat/toy fox terriers. We know the breeds, our dogs get along well with them, it’s just easier all around. I grew up with a beagle, so I’ve always been drawn to the beagles that we get in. It was fun to have Libby around for a week, but she and I were not always on the same page.

We now have Hazel. Hazel is a two year old chihuahua mix. I love chi mixes! They have such great personalities and are perfect playmates for Annabelle.

This is her and Lark but you get the idea.

Hazel is an owner return (through no fault of her own) so she already knows how to be a dog! With puppy mill dogs we teach them how to be picked up, how to go through a doorway (you’d be amazed how this one can be very difficult for many dogs), how to do steps, furniture, pee right away in the morning, all those things they never learned being locked in a cage all day. But Hazel knows all of these things! And she gives kisses. She adores the girls and cries outside their room at night until I let her in so she can crawl in bed with them. She needs to lose a bit of weight, so we’re continuing our twice daily walks, they’re just a bit slower at this point.

Magnum! Another foster picked this guy up from our house, so he was only with us for a few hours but he and Annie played chase almost nonstop for those two hours. It was so sweet! I’ve seen him at a few events and I love this guy. He’s three years old, and from what I remember, was found as a stray. He clearly used to be a house dog though, because he gives kisses and he loves to be held. He’s got a great personality, total snuggler, and would be a great playmate.

If you’re interested in any of these dogs, fill out an application at Underdog’s site! Hazel isn’t up on the site yet, but she should be soon. If you’re interested in adopting a dog, let me know. I’m more than happy to keep an eye out for a specific breed, or to try to play dog matchmaker.

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