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Life with identical twins


We had our ten year well check on Monday. Let’s just cut to the chase shall we?

68 lbs (34%) 55 3/4 inches (67%)

56 lbs (6%) 54 1/4 inches (46%)

Delaney gained 8 lbs and grew almost 3 inches! Caden gained 5 lbs and also grew 3 inches!

So. This is a growing season, which means we need to focus on calcium and sleep. We suck at both, but are working on it. Also for Caden, calories. Calorie dense foods, preferably dairy, since she isn’t a huge eater.

I’m not sure how much of Caden’s weight to discuss here, but it’s documented on the blog that she doesn’t love being small. Let’s be honest, there are 5 year olds that weigh more than she does. She is no longer allowed to eat veggie salads at school, since she had been closer to 58 lbs at one point this winter. The pediatrician gave us Pediasure drinks for her to try. I bought whole fat yogurts, cheese she thinks she’ll like, and she’s willing to try guacamole. We’ve been down this road many times before. There are years where we don’t fight her body type, and others where we try to add calories. I feel like this is a key growth period for her and she’s going to need all the calories she can get, so we’re trying to add some foods to the rotation.

Sleep! I’m not the best at enforcing a solid bedtime every night. There are some nights where we’re snuggled up on the couch watching a show together, and I don’t have the energy. But, that always bites me when they’re awake at 10:30pm and still coming out of their bedtime for drinks of water. This week we’re doing an 8:30 bedtime, with an Alexa reminder set at 9:00pm to turn their lights out. It’s working, since they are both fast asleep when I go to bed.

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Last week we had their 9 year well check. I’m came prepped this time around, there was no way I was going to be shamed like last year. When in doubt? Lie. Do my kids eat a lot of vegetables? Yes they do! Although it wasn’t the interrogation it was last year, so I didn’t have to say much. It was after Midas’ eye appointment so perhaps I looked like someone who was not up for a fight?

60 lbs (34%) 53 inches (58%)

51 lbs (8%) 51 3/4 inches (39%)

They both gained 6 lbs in the last year, although Delaney grew 3 inches while Caden only grew 2 inches. We have never had a height gap like this! They wear different size pants and shirts, it’s definitely weird.

I was concerned about Caden’s lack of weight gain, since she’s been hovering around the 50 lb mark for six months, but she’s following her growth curve so it is what it is. She is definitely aware of the fact that she is smaller than a lot of people in her class. I think she’s both on the short end, and one of the lightest. We’ve talked a lot lately about how she was born smaller, and her body is different than everyone else’s. Some day I’m sure that will come in handy, but in third grade it can be rough.

The doctor said to start expecting more questions about their body and the changes that are coming. Woo. I’m guessing that will more be this summer, when they will be the youngest kids in their group rather than the oldest as they have been the last few years. The things that get discussed on the YMCA bus always shock me.

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8 Year Stats

54 lbs (38%) 50″ (44%)

45 lb (6%) 49.5″ (36%)

While both girls continue on their growth curves, this is the widest gap in their weights maybe ever? They are usually within 4-6lbs of each other. Caden is tall and skinny though, and whether I focus on feeding her high calorie foods or not doesn’t seem to matter. She is picky but not awfully so and has a good attitude towards food right now, so I hate to get in the way of that.

I love our doctor, but this time around I got a lot of “They don’t eat many vegetables? They don’t do their laundry? They don’t make their beds every day? They get allowance without doing chores?” Normally I love her advice, but at this point, I’m full up on people telling me how my kids should be doing more or how their kids do all of these things around the house. Our house is a battle ground on the daily. It is not a fun place right now. I nag my kids constantly and it doesn’t seem to matter since their room is always a mess, their hair is never brushed, and they generally only want cereal for most meals. If I ask them to do something it’s like asking them to walk through fire. They tell me I’m the meanest mom ever on a weekly basis, if not daily.

I’m exhausted and while I’m tired of fighting them on everything, I’m still trying. On the way home we had yet another come to jesus discussion about how things need to be different at home (our third?). I’m all done so I told them if they don’t start helping, I’ll just take their shit away. I expect it will get worse before it gets better, but what can you do?


6 Year Stats

43 lbs (39%) 45.25″ (49%)

37 lb (7%) 44.75″ (40%)

Delaney gained 5 lbs in a year, and grew 3 inches. Caden only gained 3 lbs, but grew 3 inches as well.

I don’t want to say that Caden is going through a picky phase right now, I think it’s more that I’m struggling to find meals that we are all willing to eat. I’ve perhaps trended more towards food I want to cook and eat lately, rather than food I know they’ll dig in to. But, they need to expand their food horizons one way or another, and we’ve talked a lot about that and healthy choices lately. A lot.

No concerns at all at their 6 year visit. They passed hearing and vision and were exceptionally chatty with the doctor. And best of all – no shots!

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5 Year Stats

38.8 lbs (37%) 42.25″ (50%)

34.4 lbs (11%) 41.75″ (34%)

Everyone is sticking to their growth curve, and no one cried when they got shots! They even watched the nurse stick them, and not a peep. Caden said “I just thought that it wasn’t a needle. Delaney, what did you think of?” Delaney looked at her like she was a little crazy.

Delaney is visibly happier tonight. You can tell that the anxiety of the week has floated away for her. So happy, but also something I need to watch for come September since the rest of the house bore the brunt of that one.

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4 Year Stats

34 lbs (42%), 39.5 inches (45%)

31 lbs (10%), 39.25 inches (40%)

Delaney is perfectly following her growth curve. She grew 2.5 inches in a year, and is at basically the same percentile for height. Caden shot up! She’s only 1/4″ shorter than Delaney now, whereas a year ago she was a full inch shorter. Love it!

It was nice that Delaney’s pooping is in a relatively stable stage, so we could get solid clarification on when we can stop the Miralax. Both girls are doing awesome with fine and gross motor skills. Caden holds a pencil/crayon incorrectly, but that is more of a finger strength issue than anything, so we’re working on that.

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Gaining Weight

My kids are those odd kids who actually wear their clothes for an entire season. We never went through any phase where they were 3 months old wearing 9 month clothing. They’ve always pretty much worn their age. Every time we’re about to bump up a pants size I get nervous. Caden is so petite, will this size be the one where we need the length but the waist is gigantic? But every time, it fits. Then again, I bought mostly leggings for her this winter because seriously, she’s tiny, they look adorable on her!

Caden had her pre-op appointment last Friday and when they weighed her I about fell over. 29 pounds! That’s a three pound gain since March! She’s in the 13% for weight! She’s also 38 1/4 inches tall, which would be an over two inch gain. That kiddo grew over the summer!

Laney is growing right now. Literally, right now. Every day she complains about how her legs hurt. I so remember growing pains in my legs. That achy feeling that just doesn’t go away. The length of her 3T pants fit right now, so I’m hoping she doesn’t jump up too much or all my wardrobe planning will be out the window. But you know who has problems with her waistbands? Laney. The one with no butt to hold up her pants. I do what I can, but you can only crank in the adjustable waist so much.

Tiny update on Caden. She had a great day at daycare, but was done by 6:30pm. Instead of heading to Home Depot, we went home and snuggled on the couch. I’m hoping a good nap today will put her back to normal.

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3 Year Stats

The girls had their three year check up today. It was so cute to see them doing an eye exam! Both girls are following their growth curves. Delaney is smack in the middle for weight and height. Caden just inched onto the charts for weight, but is 20% for height.

29 lbs, 37 inches – 43%
She grew three inches in one year!

26 lbs, 36 inches – 20%
She grew three inches in one year, an inch in the last three months!

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Two Year Stats

Caden –
21 lbs 4 oz (1%)
33 inches (28%)

Delaney –
24 lbs 1 oz (17%)
34 inches (56%)

Before they were weighed I guessed Caden at 22 lbs and Laney at 27 lbs. Boy was I off! I really, really thought we had Caden to 22 lbs, but no go. She doesn’t eat that well at daycare, and that plus her activity level means she’s not gaining a ton. Since their 18 month appointment, they’ve both gained about a pound and grown two inches. Not sure if it’s odd or good that they’re gaining at the same pace. Identical twin powers, activate. The doctor is happy with where they’re at, so no worries.

At age two, adjusted age is dropped and everything goes by actual age, since they assume preemies have caught up by then. Caden could have caught up to Delaney, but honestly, I never expected her to. Both girls have always been slow and steady gainers. They’ve never packed on the pounds and have always represented the lower end of the percentiles. Caden will be petite, which we’ve known for a while. I’m fine with it now, but when she’s 16 and Delaney and I want to borrow her jeans but can’t because they’re waist size 24, I may not be.


Bullets again

* The girls hair is growing! And getting thicker! I tried to take a picture of Caden’s hair tonight, but it was bathtime and it doesn’t really show well. But yes, thicker in the back, and a bit longer all over. The leave in conditioner is definitely helping.

* Daycare had a Frosty the Snowman party today. I had no idea what to expect but apparently there was a magician and a big Frosty character. Their teacher said she thought the kids would be scared, but no! They all loved him. Caden sat in the front row, eyes wide, super interested. No fear. Delaney sat back a bit, but enjoyed it. They both got to pet a bunny and a bird. I can only imagine!

* Delaney got her H1N1 booster today, so while we were there I stripped Caden down and threw her on the scale. While sick she wasn’t eating at all. I got it, since I felt the same way but still, girl doesn’t have much to lose. She weighs 20lbs 11oz. When I saw that number I was actually relatively happy. I said “That’s not bad” to which the nurse replied incredulously “What does she usually weigh???” So yes. The last weight I had was oddlly 20lbs 11oz when we went to the doctor in early November for her diaper rash. She ate really well today, really well, so I’m hoping I can get her somewhere near 22lbs by their two year appointment. That would put her just barely on the growth charts, which is what we’re always aiming for.