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Life with identical twins

Early Release

You guys. Where did May go? The girls only have two more weeks of school left!

Monday. Caden got a few dresses for Christmas that were short sleeves and so hadn’t been able to wear them yet. Over the weekend I pulled all of the winter dresses from their closet and replaced them with their summer dresses. She was so excited to wear this! It’s super soft. (Delaney was running late.)

Tuesday. The beginning of the rain. Caden is obsessed with 3/4 sleeve tops, so she was super happy to see this dress again. Delaney was super happy to not be late.

Wednesday. No Delaney again. Caden grabbed another dress from Christmas! This dress actually reaches her knees, but I hate how so many dresses for kids are so short. Is that really necessary?

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Rain and Snow

The girls had riding lessons last night and once again, they had a really great lesson! They are doing more cantering now and Caden is beyond joyful about it. She just beams afterward. Delaney is working through her feelings about cantering, but with a little more time to get used to it, she’ll be fine. I had no plans to do lessons this summer beyond the two weeks of camp we’ll do, but then I decided I really want to keep the momentum going so maybe just lessons in June. But when I was talking things through with their trainer I pretty much signed up for the whole summer. Every week. Wednesdays at 7:45am. Does Caribou let you order ahead from your phone? I’m going to need that enhancement completed by June 14.

Tuesday. I finally moved us outside! They really look like twins here don’t they?

Wednesday. Rain. Although Caden loves that umbrella so it doesn’t bother her. No picture from Thursday because it was so cold we all had to get out our winter jackets! No bueno.

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Back to Cold

Sunday it was 60 and gorgeous, today it’s going to be 20 and cold. I’m not thrilled with a chilly weekend, but next Friday the 50’s are back and hopefully they will stay!

This was last Thursday? Nevada in her cone of shame. Little girl is all healed up from her spay now though!

Monday. It was so nice out we took the picture outside and the girls wore their thin spring jackets!

Thursday. These two pictures show why it’s hard to get pictures in the winter. Caden is in all of her gear and ready to go.

Delaney is just putting on her coat. At least we only missed the bus once this week?

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It’s Friday! And the girls have a four day weekend! I meant to as well, but you know what happens when you don’t block off your work calendar? People book meetings. And then you have to work. Oh well. It’s going to be 60 degrees this weekend so we will survive.


Last Friday. Clearly no one was happy with me this day.


Wednesday. With most of the snow gone, the girls don’t have to wear their snow pants to school so Caden doesn’t start getting her gear on super early, which means I have a chance at getting a picture! My favorite part of this is the serious side eye Midas is giving. Sorry buddy.


Thursday. Delaney was running super late and god forbid, I reminded her to brush her hair. I forgot to ask them if they tried to coordinate the last two days, or if it just happened by chance.

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Short Week

The girls were off Monday and Friday this week and of course, Friday caught me off guard. Luckily, it’s a quiet day at work with very few meetings, so I’m just going to work from home. Woo! It’s also steak night at the golf club so I don’t have to cook dinner either! It’s shaping up to be a winning day.

The cloudy mornings were not my friend! Pretty sure I need to bump up my ISO when shooting indoors these days. But, we did get three pictures this week. Caden is always ready before Delaney, so sometimes she has her snow pants on. I’m tempted to take the picture right after we get up from the breakfast table, but Delaney would probably have crazy hair and we can’t have that.


Tuesday. So Delaney’s mad at me, probably because I asked her to brush her hair? It’s tough to know these days.


Wednesday. They are both wearing shirts! And not t-shirts!


Thursday. Delaney had a huge tangle in her hair at the back of her head, so yeah, not the greatest morning.


It’s Cold

It’s cold! It’s been below zero the last few nights and today it barely got above zero. This morning it was so cold that when Demi and Lark came back inside they cried. I think the cold maybe makes the concrete patio extra cold? I’m going to see if I can find some straw to put down to help with that.


Wednesday. A few weeks ago I realized Delaney had outgrown some of her shirts, but last week I realized she had outgrown all of the size medium shirts. Awesome. Luckily Old Navy had an awesome sale and we were able to pick up long sleeve t-shirts for $6 and under. I thought maybe a large would be huge on her, but it fits perfectly. (To be fair, I think this shirt is from the Gap and we got it during their 50% off sale last week. The next one is definitely from Old Navy though.)


Thursday. Caden lives in her hat these days. A hat, dress, and leggings seems to be her go to outfit. Keeps her warm and cozy!

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Snownami Coming

This holiday season has been crazy for me. Work has been busy, and we’ve had a lot going on evenings and weekends. Almost every day I’m nonstop from the moment I get up. I had hoped taking yesterday off would give me some downtime, but I had so many things to do there was none. But, a big snowstorm is coming today and while it’s going to wreck a lot of plans, it will also force us to stay home on Saturday. Friday we have the Nutcracker and at this point, we’ll play that by ear. I thought maybe we could finally go sledding on Saturday? But I think the wind is supposed to bad, plus it’s going to be cold, so I have a feeling we will watch a lot of movies and stay home. Which is exactly what we need.

I have been absolutely horrible at taking pictures. If I do remember, they are in full winter gear, and most of those pictures are blurry.


My dates are iffy at this point, but I think this was last Monday. It’s a struggle to get Caden to take that hat off. She loves hats and would sleep in it if I let her.


Maybe December 6? Snow gear! We bought their coats last spring at a deep discount. I bought snowpants this year and they are just the wrong shade of teal. Oh well.


Likely December 9. Caden’s hat is in her hand because I made her take it off for the picture. Her shirt is one we bought to fit around her cast and I do love it. Delaney is wearing one from Old Navy that we got when we were looking for navy leggings.


December 13. This week! Caden would not indulge me by moving her head the other way. Not even a little bit.

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No School

I was going to do an Arizona wrap up post, but by the time I got done posting everything, I forgot what I was going to put in the wrap up! Guess it wasn’t needed. The girls are off school today, which means they are coming to work with me. I have to give a presentation in front of our office, which hopefully will be fun for them to watch? It’s more fun than work, but still.


Monday. It was not super cold so Caden made the most of the last warm day and wore her vest. This was also cast removal day so we dressed strategically in a short sleeve t-shirt with a cardigan over. It took me a few tries, but I finally figured out what to wear to doctor appointments! (And in excellent news, so far from the bills I’ve received, insurance is covering everything but the copays for her broken arm. Current total – $3000 and that is missing two ortho appointments. I will likely pay $300. Thank you Anthem.)


Wednesday. I’ve been trying to get them out of their t-shirt and jeans routine and wearing some of the dresses. As long as they wear leggings underneath, they work at school and gym class.


Thursday. We shopped at Old Navy a few months ago and found some really cute long sleeve shirts that weren’t t-shirts. These are two of my favorite. Delaney is also wearing the shirt that Caden had on when she broke her arm. Luckily, it isn’t cursed.

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Outta Here

It’s Friday fun a day early! Because we are getting out of here! Just in time for the cold to hit Minnesota, we are heading to Arizona to spend Thanksgiving with my parents. It’s not going to be super warm there, but it will be warmer than here and the Grand Canyon is there, so it feels like winning.

For this trip, we are having a dog sitter stay at the house. We’ve used boarding facilities in the past, as well as taking them to a dog sitter’s house, but for both my wallet and for Lark’s anxiety, having someone at the house seems to be the best. She has the comfort of her own surroundings, and it’s about 1/3 the cost of boarding. The dog sitter watched them while we were in Duluth in August, so I’m hoping this longer stay goes just as well.


Last Friday. I’ve been forcing Delaney to wear some of the shirts and dresses we have hanging in the closet. Poor Caden is stuck to about seven shirts, so I’ve got to get someone to wear this stuff!


Monday. This was the day we missed the bus so I’m guessing no one will be surprised that Delaney was unavailable for the picture.


Tuesday. She made a comeback on Tuesday though! Headband on and everything! Caden’s fall coat doesn’t fit over her cast, but luckily this hooded sweatshirt does. We have been so lucky to have warmer weather, and haven’t needed to figure out if she can get a winter coat, hat, gloves, and snow boots on with her cast.


Wednesday. When I say pose, Delaney immediately does a ninja kick and Caden turns to the side.

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Tough Week

Despite the look on Delaney’s face in most of these pictures, mornings have been going better. I do think it’s a result of the time change (sorry!), we are all getting up a bit earlier and that definitely has a positive affect on our mornings. I’ve been trying to work out in the mornings, but that only happened once this week. Here’s to hoping that trends upward next week.


Friday. No school so they came to work with me. Delaney’s fashion style leans more toward matching. She really likes to wear the same color in her top and her pants. A few years ago she wore a lot of black, which was kind of hilarious. This year we seem to have a lot of navy. Also, I didn’t notice until recently but Caden puts her cast behind her back a lot to try to hide it. She hates getting asked how she broke her arm. This throws off her posture though, so we’re doing weekly visits to the chiropractor.


Tuesday. We went for cozy but it ended up being hot out and they both came home in just the tank tops they had worn underneath. Oops!


Thursday. Delaney was almost out the door when I called her back for a picture. Clearly, less than thrilled.

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