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Skinny feet

In the grand scheme of back to school shopping, shoe shopping is my least favorite by a mile. It’s incredibly stressful to have two opinionated children trying on every pair of shoes they can get their hands on, running away from you so you can’t see if they actually fit, and wanting you to buy them ugly shoes. I hate it.

Caden’s feet grew seriously overnight. One day her shoes fit, the next day they were too small. It was a sad day because she had the cutest pair of grey pumas that I loved! I hit up Target and picked her up a cute pair of purple sneakers. Her toes were right at the end, but they fit, she liked them, and it wasn’t stressful! Win.

I bought Delaney’s sneakers at Stride Rite last fall at this time and amazingly, they still fit her. But, they were looking rough and since they had their BOGO sale, we hit up the store on Saturday. My intention was to get each of them one pair of shoes. Sneakers for Delaney, and casual shoes for Caden. Caden tried on five pairs of shoes? None of them fit, her heels kept slipping out no matter how narrow the shoe. Poor thing. Delaney of course had her pick of shoes and found a super cute pair of navy/pink sneakers, and a pair of hot pink ballet flats. Caden settled for a pair of boots that were on clearance.

I put the call into my mom to see what she could find. She found two pairs of narrow shoes and sent them up yesterday. Caden excitedly tried them on only to find out both were too big. Size 11 puts her toes at the end, 11.5 has her feet swimming. Ugh. Delaney was happy though, because both shoes fit her!


I had a babysitter last night so after my run I went to Target. I picked up a few of our final school supplies, and grabbed two pairs of shoes for Caden. The black pair I knew would fit. They are super narrow and with the criss cross across her foot, they will stay snug. I wasn’t sure about the pink pair, but she tried them on and they fit perfectly. Again, her toes are at the end so if her feet grow anymore we’ll be screwed again, but at least this should ease the crying every morning when she can’t find a pair of shoes that fit and match her outfit.

I told the babysitter I kind of hate that Target shoes seem to fit her best. They are cheap and don’t last long. I would much rather pay more for Stride Rites that will last, but what can you do?


Easily Distracted

Laney’s sassy hot pink sneaks, and Caden’s casual brown sneaks. Love them both!

For the girls every day shoes I prefer Stride Rite. They’re expensive, but they are high quality and if you catch them during their BOGO sale, at least you get some discount. But, the store I go to has awful customer service. This past shopping trip was no exception.

The first person to help us quickly measured their feet. When I mentioned Caden generally has a small selection of shoes to choose from because her feet are narrow, he promptly told me that he’d never looked for shoes for her before! But then he gave me zero suggestions. He grabbed the shoes I requested and then left me to wait on someone else. Lucky me, I got to unstuff six pairs of shoes and wrestle them onto the girls, checking for fit. All the while the girls did their best to dismantle every shoe display near us.

They had some cute simple black dress shoes that weren’t crazy expensive, so when a different salesperson came up to us I asked her to grab them for us in their sizes. Five minutes later she comes out from the back room and immediately starts helping someone new! So I said “Excuse me, our black shoes???” Oh yes, she got distracted! Super.

My mom asked if the girls can’t wear something other than Stride Rite. Yes, they can, just not every day. Target shoes don’t fit them well, and they also wear out quickly. We’ve had good luck at Kohl’s and Old Navy, but those shoes have never been their every day shoes. And truly, I love the Stride Rite shoes, I just hate the shopping experience at that store.

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* Caden had an accident at school today. She told the teacher she had to go, but she had just went 20 minutes ago and apparently had been asking to go all morning with mostly false alarms. So the teacher told her no, and she pee’d her pants. Like I said yesterday, she really likes that one on one time. We had a talk that she needs to only tell them when she actually has to go potty. I think another mother/daughter lunch is in our future.

* When I came into their room to pick them up, I saw the bag of clothes from Caden’s accident. I didn’t recognize the undies in the bag and that’s when I realized that I had put her in a diaper that morning! Yikes! They gave me their cold and I must have been really out of it when I dressed her. (The undies were an extra pair from her cubby.)

* Daycare sent Caden home in her spare capri pants and the room’s spare pair of shoes. The shoes have Elmo on them and are coveted. I was in the kitchen making dinner and came into the living room to see what was going on. Delaney had stripped off all her clothes and was buck naked, wearing the Elmo shoes, playing with her babies.

* Caden no longer fits in the jackets she wore last spring, her arms are too long. Delaney has a hooded sweatshirt she wears, so I gave Caden Delaney’s yellow jacket. Oh boy! That was a bad idea. Delaney didn’t want Caden to wear her yellow jacket. Caden has a jean jacket, but that seemed a little much for what was really just a slight chill. I’m hoping it stays warm until I can convince Caden to wear the hooded sweatshirt.

* We went shoe shopping! Both girls got sneakers, and Caden got two pairs of casual shoes. One hot pink, one stone/pink. Gotta love Stride Rite’s BOGO sale. While we were there Delaney did not want to try on any of the shoes I had picked for her. She was whining and I said “No crying in the mall! We are shopping! We are happy!”

* Both girls wanted the ugg type boots bad. I told them to talk to Grammy on that one.


Tiny Shoes

Caden has very narrow feet. We’ve had some luck with Target shoes in the past, but not with this latest pair. Caden has been wearing them for a month now? And already they are looking worn. There’s no way they were going to hold up all summer. Plus, they’re too wide for her foot so we have to crank the velcro straps which leaves about two inches hanging. It’s not pretty.

I don’t have the best luck trying on shoes at Target or other stores. I buy them for Caden but somehow they always seem to fit Delaney better. Since the girls feet haven’t grown much in the last year, I decided we’re doing Stride Rite shoes from now on. They’re better quality, they measure their feet and they know which shoes are better for narrow feet. And, they’re having a sale! Caden tried on a lot of ugly shoes and I was nervous, but then I asked to see one more shoe and she had it in her size. As soon as it came out of the box I knew it was our winner. It is *perfect* for narrow feet. Finally, a shoe that fits!

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The girls are fascinated by shoes, have been for a long time. It was one of their early words and early signs. This summer they wore sandals, but since fall they’ve been wearing sneakers which aren’t the easiest shoes to get on when you’re trying to do it yourself. But, the girls are wearing the same size right now so I’ve been bringing out some of the shoes I bought last fall including these mary jane’s, which are much easier to get on when you’re trying to do it yourself! It’s so fun to watch Delaney work and try to figure it out.

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Off to her sailboat

The nanny put Delaney’s new shoes on this morning and we both cracked up. She looks like she’s headed out to go sailing in her docksiders!


And a bonus photo of both girls since the nanny got them to sit nicely.

I’m heading over to Target at lunch to exchange some of the shoes. After thinking last night I realized I need to buy two sizes up instead of one. Hopefully they have what we need!

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More Shoes

I’m in fall clothes buying mode these days, so the next logical thing to buy was shoes. We’ve done Stride Rite’s so far and while I’ve been super happy with them, it was time to branch out into some shoes that didn’t break my pocketbook. The girls are good walkers and with fall coming up, I knew we could find some good options at Target. So this afternoon I dragged the nanny along and we massacred the toddler shoe aisle.

First, Delaney needed a pair of shoes to get her through the rest of summer. Caden can wear Delaney’s shoes (they’re a half size bigger than what Caden is wearing now) for at least another month. The first few I looked at were so rough they looked like they would tear up her little ankles. I was starting to regret straying from Stride Rite, but then we found some cute canvas shoes that were perfect.

Next up, sneakers! My strategy was to try them on in the size they wear now to make sure they fit, and then buy one size up. Caden wears a size 5 and can I just tell you that every shoe is cute in a size 5? They are so tiny! I found a few pairs that I really liked, but they didn’t have them in the sizes we needed. We finally found a pair of pink sneakers that fit both girls, but they only had Delaney’s size, so Caden got them in blue. I also found some cute brown mary jane’s for dressier occasions. They should be set until we need to do winter boots!

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Happy 4th of July

We had a mostly low key day today. No fireworks for us. Hopefully it will be a while before the girls stay up late enough for those!

From yesterday, 16 months old.

And a close up of the new shoes. I really like them. They’re cute and perfect for summertime.

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More new shoes

First, the girls are 16 months old today! For some reason I was thinking tomorrow was the 3rd. I’ll get a picture when they wake up from their nap.

Since I was off today, we ran to the shoe store to get Delaney some new shoes. Her toes were at the very edges of hers. The plan was to get her a new pair and to give her old pair to Caden. Of course that didn’t work.

Caden’s feet are very narrow. We put Delaney’s shoes on her and tightened them as much as we could, but they were still too wide for her. Laney tried a few pairs on, but they were a bit more shoe than I was looking for for summer. We finally found a pair that fit both of them well. I didn’t really want matching shoes, but matching shoes it is.

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