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Life with identical twins

Lego Robotics

Caden loves dresses. She wears them year round so we have a lot of them. With this week being Lego Robotics camp week, I suggested that she wear a dress every day since they wouldn’t be climbing or running or doing things like that. She loved the idea and immediately picked out five dresses and hung them on her closet door. And then she asked me to braid her hair every day! It was a fun week.

Monday. Simple black dress. I did a single braid down the back and she added in the headband. Perfect!
We missed Tuesday.

Wednesday. I love this LLR dress! It’s swingy and a gorgeous print and just perfect for her. She asked for a braid that went into a ponytail. Done!

Thursday. Another LLR dress! Same style as yesterday, just one size up. Love the stripes! We did pigtail braids which I adore on her.

Robotics camp! They loved it. Every day they had some task or obstacle they had to get their robot to do. The coding they do is similar to some of the coding I’ve seen on Tynker, where you assemble blocks of code by grabbing pieces of code. It sounds simple, but I looked at some of the routines they coded and it got complex! This is such a great introduction to coding for them, really getting them to think in steps and blocks. Next year I am definitely finding a real coding camp for them. I think they’re ready!

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Sleep Needed

It amazes me how tired the girls are these days. I’m not sure if it’s school or if they’re growing or what, but they are tired and we have a lot of tears as a result. Sleep is such a constant battle for us!

oct 19

Monday. Short sleeves! It has been fairly warm in the mornings which is nice for everyone, dogs included.


Wednesday. You can see in these photos that Caden wears her coat every day, Delaney does not. Delaney’s is shoved into her backpack at least, but most of the time I wish she would just wear it.

oct 22

Thursday. I didn’t realize they matched until I looked at this picture! That headband. At least she only wore it once this week.

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Only two

I only have two pictures this week and one is blurry. Apologies. It worked so well to take pictures in the driveway as we went out to meet the bus, it’s always last minute when I try to take them upstairs. But, I love the picture from the backyard, so my goal is to do that every day next week. It should be warm enough!

oct 12

Monday. I talked Caden into wearing a different headband! That is her go to sweatshirt when I tell her it’s going to be cool. Why oh why can’t she just wear her jacket?

oct 14

Wednesday. There’s the sweatshirt again! This week, Delaney was unable to pick out her own clothes. She’s been so tired this week, and that one task in the morning seems to be more than she can handle. I don’t really mind, at least she doesn’t argue with what I pick out!

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It’s been a long week and I am ready for a beautiful weekend.

oct 5

Monday. First of all, I think I’m going to try these out on the patio next week if it isn’t too cold. The light in the living room is okay, but not fabulous. Clearly. Anyway, I remembered to take a picture at the last minute so their coats are on. Boo. But! You can see that we did a little curling of the hair before picture day to try things out.

oct 6

Tuesday. Picture day! We got up extra early and I did flat iron curls in their hair. It looked gorgeous! And hopefully lasted until lunchtime when they had their pictures. I can’t remember why Delaney was so mad here. And you can tell I sprayed hairspray in her eyes, they are super red. Oops. Midas made a few appearances this week.

oct 7

Wednesday. Every day they start out standing next to each other with fake smiles on their faces, so I make them move and pose.

oct 8

Thursday. We bought Delaney’s ‘dress’ last year and it makes me so mad! Look at how short it is already! And it’s a size 6-7! And my kids are not that tall! Oh well. It works well over leggings.

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Homecoming Week

sept 28

It’s Homecoming week this week so the girls had dress up days every day. Monday was crazy socks day. Caden wore a pair of new socks that had acorns on them, and Delaney wore some neon yellow socks. I tried talking them into other socks, or even just pull your socks up high but no go.

sept 29

Tuesday. Wear your favorite sports team apparel. They went with their softball jerseys and medals!

oct 1

Wednesday the second graders wore blue, but we were late for the bus so no picture. This is Thursday, dress your best! Delaney went with the twirly dress, Caden chose sequins.

oct 1b

And one more because Delaney really wanted to get some poses in!

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Happy Friday!

The forecast for the weekend is 80 and sunny. Yes please! We are hoping to get some fall activities in finally!

sept 21

Monday. It was a lot of serious faces and headbands this week.

sept 22

Tuesday. I love this one. They are the very best dorks.

sept 23

Wednesday. Laney really committed this week didn’t she?

sept 24

Thursday. Caden did not want her picture taken, so Delaney went with the classic ninja kick pose.

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Catch Up

Last week’s outfit pictures.

sept 14

Monday. My mom bought the girls these outfits earlier this summer and they wear them nonstop. The skirts are cute and colorful, but also comfy and they have shorts.

sept 15

Tuesday. Mixing it up a bit and posing on the stairs!

sept 16

Wednesday. Goofballs!

sept 17

Thursday. I think this was day 1 of Caden wearing that headband four days straight. My parents were not amused.

sept 18

Friday. We were late so I ran out the front door and snapped a pic from the top of the steps. Of course we then waited 5 minutes at the bus stop so who knows why I thought we were late.

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They’re Back!

I do enjoy these so.

sept 9

Skipping Tuesday since that was already documented, here is Wednesday. The girls wanted to show off their new shoes! Caden’s are electric blue! Her favorite color is blue, so she trends towards that in everything these days. Delaney’s are pink and purple and god bless them, are velcro closures. Tie shoes did not work so well for us this summer.

sept 10

Thursday. My favorite of the group. Delaney had a mid-morning dentist appointment as well as a cough, so instead of sending her to school for a few hours, then picking her up, I kept her home. Someone was less than thrilled.

sept 11

Friday. Ninja kicks! When we were at the State Fair it was supposed to be hot, but ended up being cool in the morning. My dad bought the girls these tie dyed shirts to keep them warm. I also got Caden that headband and she loves it. So boho chic.

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Leopard, and then a little more leopard

photo (8)

Saturday night I met Amanda out for drinks and some girl time. After drinks and food and house tours and dog greetings, she pulled out a bag of clothes for the girls. Her step daughter is a year older than the girls, so when she grows out of things, Amanda hands them down to us. Amanda is a bit of a fashionista (more than a bit?) and the girls love the funky hand me down clothes they get from her.

First she showed me a leopard top. A few pieces later was a leopard skirt. I immediately said “They will have these two pieces on, and will pull out the leopard coat you gave us last spring before breakfast.” Word.

At 7:20am Delaney was at my bedside saying good morning. By 7:30am she was standing there in the leopard top, skirt, and headband asking me where I put the coat. Ha! I know my kids well.


The Coat

coat 1

My girlfriend Amanda has a stepdaughter a year older than my girls. Her stepdaughter has long legs, my girls have long torsos, so sometimes things don’t match up. But, sometimes they do and when they do, my girls go crazy for the hand me down clothes she brings over. Case in point – The Coat.

coat 2

As soon as Delaney saw it she claimed it. She wore it all night and the next two days to school. She was The Talk of the class! All the girls wanted her coat.

coat 3

Once it was Caden’s turn, it started raining so the poor kid resorted to wearing it to dinner. It’s the best kind of hand me down because it’s not something I would buy them, but oh is it something that they love and adore!