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Our Weekend

On Saturday we went to a baby shower for Alyssa, who was the girls nanny before they went to daycare. The girls were super excited to see Alyssa, but they were most excited for the present. They kept thinking it was for them. Caden would say “Oh Mommy! You bought me a present!” Um, no.

They were also super confused as to the party. Alyssa is tall, so the last few times they’ve seen her her baby bump hasn’t been super obvious. They also don’t always get the baby in the tummy concept. Delaney asked me “So … the baby is going to be in the shower?” Despite the confusion, they were enthusiastic present openers and enjoyed the cupcakes. And Delaney was really happy to see her nanny.

Sunday we headed to Target to do their three year pictures. Their outfits looked cute, we were on time, and I was hopeful. My hopes were mostly dashed. Delaney was uncooperative. They had white shirts on and he did a white background. I kind of hate the color on color thing but, I thought we were doing some on a brown background. Not so much. At least Caden was the perfect model. She executed his direction flawlessly, it was kind of adorable. And why do I always forget to tell them that not every shot has to be a smile? There were quite a few moments where the photographer in me was shouting “That’s the shot!” But did his shutter click? No, it did not. I did a few cute collages and ordered some 5×7’s, but I don’t think they’ll replace any of the fall shots.

On our way out of the mall there was some sort of Irish folk dancing thing. Caden shouted “There’s a show! Let’s go see the show!” Ever since Disney, that girl loves a good show.

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Goodbye Nanny!

Today is our nanny’s last day. In January she heads off to college in northern Minnesota. We’re not sure why she chose a place even colder than Minneapolis to spend the next three years, but she did and we’re very excited for her. Alyssa, you’ve been a second mother to these girls. Thank you for all you’ve done for us the past two years!

On Monday they went to the nature center with some friends for a final playdate. The girls loved looking at all of the animals!

Well, maybe just Caden liked the animals. Delaney seems to be on the run in all of her pictures!


Swimming lessons!

Last Monday was our last swimming lesson.  Because of how awful the first lesson went, I dreaded them every week.  We never knew if the girls were going to enjoy them (which they did 90% of the time) and who really wants to put on a bathing suit Monday night at 7:00pm?  Despite all of that, the lessons were awesome.  The girls got used to the water and that has translated to the splash pad, to their water table, and to the bath tub.  They dump water on themselves, put their faces in the water, and run through the sprinklers.  This would have been one LONG summer without swimming lessons.  That said, we won’t do them again until next summer.

Because it was the last lesson, we brought the nanny along to document.  The first video is how we start the lesson every week.  We get in a big circle in the pool and sing “Wheels on the Bus”.   Amanda has Caden, I have Delaney.  I should also note that Delaney is wearing her Gap swimsuit because 30 seconds before we left, she pooped in her other swimsuit.

The second video is of the girls “jumping” off the side of the pool.  They love it, and it’s so fun to see the reactions on their faces.  In the middle of it, Amanda decides we should dunk them under the water.  It’s late enough in the lesson that if they melt down, we could leave so we decided to do it.  Delaney went first, then Caden.  They were champs!

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Because the girls eat breakfast earlier now, we all eat breakfast together on the screen porch. It’s nice, and gives me a little time with the girls in the morning. They still wear bibs while they eat, but the nanny is much more strict about having them wear them than I am. For her, they have to keep them on while eating. For me, it’s the end of the day anyway so if they tear them off, I don’t fight it.

This morning Caden had eaten all of her cereal so the nanny went into the kitchen to get her some more.  As soon as she turned her back to leave the screen porch Delaney could not move fast enough to rip off her bib and throw it on the ground, turning to look at me and grin.  I laughed and said “You’re in trouble now!”

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Feeding the goats

The nanny and the backup nanny (aka favorite cousin aka AJ) took the girls to the zoo today. I sent along the video camera and asked them to get some video of Caden and her goats. There was some technical confusion, but they finally captured it. Although this time around she seemed almost more fascinated by the goat food machine than the goats. I do love how she bonked her head on it, but it didn’t even phase her.



I take 90% of the pictures for this blog on the weekends.  I try to take some during the week, but our evenings can be somewhat rushed, and the fun things just seem to happen on the weekends.  Come Monday, I have to decide which stories I’ll tell and in what order.  Some weeks it’s easy, some not.  This is one of those weeks where it’s hard!  We didn’t really have any plans, but it was a gorgeous weekend and somehow I ended up with a lot of pictures.  So for this week we’ll go in chronological order.  With maybe a food post thrown in somewhere and their 15 month stats on Wednesday.  

Monday through Thursday I lay out what clothes the girls will wear.  Friday is Nanny’s Choice day.  At this point I know her taste well enough to guess which outfits she’ll put them in.  Friday she was taking them to the zoo, so it was extra important they look cute.  She went with matching t-shirts over their camo pants.  As a side note, can I just say that those are 12-18 month pants on Caden and they fit!  


Trying to decide what they want for breakfast.  


Post zoo with the stuffed animals she bought them.  Delaney got a monkey, Caden got a panda. 


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Nanny Grammy

Two grammies were the nannies for today – my mom and Sue.  I think Sue had Caden giggling before I even left, so I knew they were in good hands.  I left the camera with them as well and this was one of the pictures they took.  I’m pretty sure they’re watching tv which wasn’t on the approved list of activities, but I’ll let it slide since they cleaned my house!  Thank you grammies!


Nanny Amanda

The girls usual daytime nanny took a few days of vacation so their evening nanny filled in today.  She’s been with us since the girls came home from the NICU, but has never had a full day alone with them so she was super excited.  I left my camera home with her and asked her to snap a few pictures throughout the day.  She got some good ones!

Two smiley babies and four teeth!

We’ve been taking the girls in the basement to play to see if they can get some traction on the carpet.  No scooting yet though.  I think Delaney thought about going for a run on the treadmill, but decided instead to chomp on her fingers.  In case anyone was wondering, this is also the exact position Laney sleeps in most of the time.

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