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Weekly Menu Plan – 7/8/13 – 7/13/13

Here’s out gluten free weekly menu plan.

Sunday – Steak fajitas.

Monday – Zucchini pancakes. These are from my Practical Paleo cookbook and it calls for coconut flour. I really, really hate coconut flour so I’m having a bit of a dilemma here. What else to use and how much? Hopefully google and some experimenting can help me with that.

Tuesday – Avocado sonoma chicken salad

Wednesday – Spring stir fry

Thursday – Quesadillas

Friday – Dinner out

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Weekly Menu Plan 5/12/13 – 5/18/13

Here’s our gluten free weekly menu plan.

Sunday – My neighbor brought over tator tot hot dish. I wasn’t going to eat it until I realized it wasn’t the normal tator tot hot dish! It appeared to be gluten free which was enough for me after a long day. Everyone loved it, need to get that recipe.

Monday – Overnight chicken. I marinated this for Sunday, baked it Sunday, but we’ll eat it Monday.

Tuesday – Honey Lime Shrimp

Wednesday – Chalupa bowls

Thursday – Scrambled eggs and waffles

Friday – Birthday dinner out!

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Weekly Menu Plan 5/5/13 – 5/11/13

Here’s our gluten free weekly menu plan.

Last week we seemed to have an abundance of groceries already in our fridge, so I bought a rotisserie chicken and figured we’d eat it in different ways throughout the week. That didn’t work so well. I need a plan when I get home, not the hope that I can look in the fridge and magically come up with a meal. That said, we only ate out once and given our week last week? That’s a huge win.

Sunday – Mexican Polenta Pie. This recipe was so disappointing I went back and left a comment on the recipe. I love polenta, but everything got lost in this dish. The beans/pork had no flavor, the proportions of things were off, and after a long day working outside I just wanted a good meal! Two thumbs down. Sadly, this will also be my lunch tomorrow and Tuesday, so let’s hope it reheats better.

Monday – Berry baked oatmeal. I actually made this for breakfast Sunday morning, knowing there would be plenty of leftovers for dinner Monday night. Everyone loved this! The only con to this is that it has to bake 45 minutes, so it isn’t a quick meal.

Tuesday – Creamy Chicken Taquitos.

Wednesday – Burrito Bowls.

Thursday – Beef & Cheddar sausages on the grill. We bought these today at Costco. I LOVE finding foods that proudly say – No MSG, No nitrates, gluten free!

Friday – Anyone’s guess. Leftovers? Out to dinner?

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Weekly Menu Plan 4/21/13 – 4/27/13

Here’s our gluten free weekly menu plan.

Sunday – Dinner out at Rojo

Monday – Leftovers from Rojo

Tuesday – Tacos

Wednesday – Steak bites with roasted carrots

Thursday – Lime Mango Chicken Skewers

Friday – TBD

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Weekly Menu Plan 4/14/13 – 4/20/13

Here’s our gluten free weekly menu plan.

Sunday – Chicken enchiladas with mexican rice. This is a basic cheese enchilada recipe. I make cheese for the girls, and use leftover roast chicken mixed with cumin and chile powder as the filling for mine.

Monday – Crockpot beef tacos from the freezer

Tuesday – Honey Lime Shrimp This is by far our favorite shrimp recipe!

Wednesday – Smothered Chicken

Thursday – Huevos Rancheros

Friday – Dinner out

Saturday – Dinner at my parent’s house

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Weekly Menu Plan 4/7/13 – 4/13/13

Here’s our gluten free weekly menu plan.

delaney cook

Sunday – Bacon, egg, and leek risotto. The picture above is Delaney tending to the risotto. I started this dinner way late, and needed to multistask as the rice was cooking. Delaney loves stirring, and once I showed her how and when to add more broth, she took care of things. She was so excited to add back the bacon and leek at the end, that I told her that I was going to fry an egg to put on top of mine, and did she want to try that too? She did! This is when I love her people pleasing tendencies. She knows how happy it makes me when she tries new foods! This was a huge moment in our house. She loved this dish. She broke her runny yolk and stirred it in, and loved the leeks! The only problem is that it makes so much. I almost halved the recipe and definitely should have.

Monday – Quesadillas. Gymnastics starts up again tonight, so quesadillas will move to Mondays.

Tuesday – Leftover risotto.

Wednesday – Sausages and roasted broccoli.

Thursday – Fried rice.

Friday – Peanut noodles.

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Weekly Menu Plan 3/24/13 – 3/30/13

Here’s our gluten free weekly menu plan. We’re a little burned out on chicken around here, so we’re doing our best to bust out of that rut. I’m also in a little bit of a menu planning rut, so we may be winging it a few nights as well.

Sunday – Braised Beef Tacos. This beef was so good! The girls loved these tacos. I checked it at 3 hours but it wasn’t done, so I cranked the oven to 350 and baked it for another 20 minutes. It then sat on the counter for 20 minutes and by then it was falling apart. I also made a recipe of baked polenta that we ate Saturday evening with some sauteed eggplant and tomatoes. I cannot get enough of this polenta! It reheats so well, and was amazing for lunch last week, so it’s coming as lunch this week topped with this beef.

Monday – Shrimp and sausage with roasted broccoli. I use andouille instead of chorizo, and just saute everything together.

Tuesday – Leftover beef?

Wednesday – Greek Chicken Thighs

Thursday – Pancakes

Friday – Dinner out?

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Weekly Menu Plan 3/17/13 – 3/23/13

We have a lot going on in the evenings this week, so I roasted a chicken today that we’ll eat throughout the week. I don’t have a firm plan for meals, we’ll wing it. Maybe tacos, maybe quesadillas, maybe just reheated.

I also made an insanebaked polenta with tomato sauce to go along with it for dinner tonight. Polenta was one of the first gluten free foods I turned to to replace pasta. I love it, but it’s not low cal, so I don’t make it often.

You bake the polenta, which it makes a perfect Sunday dinner candidate. I topped it with the tomato sauce, roasted chicken, and parmesan cheese. It was divine. And I had more than enough left for two lunches.

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Weekly Menu Plan 3/10/13 – 3/16/13

Here’s our gluten free weekly menu plan.

Sunday – Chicken Enchiladas. I’m so happy to have found this recipe! I love enchiladas, but don’t always have the time to spend an hour plus on them. While this recipe is for cheese (which I made some of), I also made chicken enchiladas using leftover roasted chicken with some cumin and chili powder. Very good!

Monday – Smothered Chicken with Creamed Spinach and Mushrooms

Tuesday – Honey Lime Shrimp

Wednesday – Quesadillas

Thursday – Shrimp Egg Foo Young

Friday – Dinner Out

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Weekly Menu Plan 2/17/13 – 2/23/13

Here’s our gluten free weekly menu plan.

Sunday – Lentil soup with sausage and chard, buttermilk roast chicken. Loved this soup! The soup was filling enough that we wouldn’t have needed the chicken, but I like having roast chicken in the fridge throughout the week, so it seemed a good time to make it.

Monday – White cheddar and chicken spinach patties

Tuesday – Hamburgers and hot dogs

Wednesday – Quesadillas

Thursday – I have a work meeting, girls are tbd.

Friday – Out to dinner.

Saturday – Birthday dinner at Osaka!

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