The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

New Groove

First, a cute story. We went out for dinner last night at a pizza place near our house. We sat near the front of the restaurant, kind of by the kitchen and cash register so a lot of people were coming and going. At one point the manager said hello to the girls as he walked by us. As he was walking towards again a few minutes later Delaney said “Hi! I have mac and cheese!” She was super chatty! Later she chatted with a woman waiting for her to go food, showing her how she could use a fork. She’s definitely coming out of her shell.

I know potty training is supposed to be a step forward, but I feel like for us it’s been a step backward. With Caden, it hardly factored in, yet felt like such a huge accomplishment. With both of them, I feel like all we do is go potty. It doesn’t help that the evenings is when they poop, which involves sitting on the potty over and over and over while they get up the courage to poop. (Which Caden does, and Delaney does once I put her in a diaper.) We had to leave the restaurant and the playground early because of this. I’m not even going to attempt the state fair because I would spend all of my time hunting down bathrooms. We had such a good groove going before, it was so easy to be out and about with them. I know this period won’t last, but I also feel like it won’t get a lot better for at least a few months.

And to close, a family picture from Saturday. I need to teach my dad how to compose pictures and to use my lens to zoom in. I cropped quite a bit because no one really needs to see their giant tv!


Sick Mama

For the first time since the girls were born, I was sick and without backup help. I’ve been sick before, but back then we had the nanny so she watched the girls while I recovered. Friday night as we ate dinner, I felt worse with each bite. My stomach is a bit wonky, so I chalked it up to that. At 2am I finally decided to throw up, felt better and thought things would be fine in the morning. Except I already had both girls in bed with me due to a huge thunderstorm. And they saw fit to wake me for some reason or another every hour.

When we woke up Saturday morning I felt awful. Food did not sound good, but my blood sugar was super low and I felt like I was going to faint. I made some oatmeal for breakfast and got some down. It was beautiful outside and originally, I had wanted to visit a nearby farm but that was clearly out. Instead I set up their tent outside. I must say, it was a brilliant idea. They hadn’t played with it in a few weeks so they were super excited. Plus, I could lay inside it and stay cool and recover a little.

All morning long I kept running through my options. As long as I wasn’t standing, I felt okay. My parents were out of town, my brother was out of town, and my friends that live close were busy. I could ask the neighbor girl to come over and help out, but I knew that wouldn’t go well, the girls would just cling to me. I felt like if I could get to nap time and sleep while they slept, I’d be okay. Nap time came, we all laid down, and the next thing I knew the clock said 4:15! The girls haven’t taken a three hour nap in ages, so this felt like manna from the heavens.

Saturday night I went to bed early. The girls woke up at some point, maybe midnight? But I was adamant they sleep in their own beds, and eventually everyone calmed down enough to do that. Sunday morning I felt fine. Like I hadn’t even been sick the day before. So weird!

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First Fish

Growing up, we went camping a lot. Part of camping was fishing. My memories aren’t necessarily fond of these fishing expeditions. They’re more of the “why am I being forced to sit in this boat and use this cane pole” variety. And yet, I really wanted to get the girls out fishing this trip. There were some lily pads just around the corner from the cabin that the guys had had really good luck with, so we headed over there one sunny morning (somewhat helpful that it be sunny to catch sunfish, or so they tell me).

Within minutes, my mom had a fish. Caden helped her get it in the boat. And so, Caden’s first fish!

I caught one soon after. Delaney’s first fish!

Caden’s second fish! She tried to kiss it and apply lip gloss she loved him so much.

And Delaney’s second fish. Can you see her behind me? After this she gave up all pretense of wanting to be involved with the fishing. Instead she was in charge of putting water in the live well whenever we caught a fish big enough to keep. She was *all* about the water.

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I want the sprinkles back!

I used to do all of the flower buying and planting by myself. But I’m not the best at remembering how many pots I have, or determining how many of which flowers I need. Plus, it’s backbreaking work to do by yourself. Carting dirt from the back of the yard, shoveling, and hauling pots around. Much more fun to do it with your family. And truly, my mom is much better at the flower picking than I am.

We’ve done it often enough that we have a system down. My dad fills the wheel barrow with dirt and brings it up. I bring out the pots and fill them with leaves. My mom hauls up the flowers and starts placing them in the pots. We’re a well oiled machine! And this year we had extra helpers.

The set up.

Laney is back with me. She picked out which purple flower would go into the orange pot. Caden is up front sprinkling the fertilizer into the pot. My mom is trying to get her to sprinkle a little less.

Caden *loved* to sprinkle! Hopefully we spread it around enough so that the flowers aren’t over fertilized!

Watering everything doesn’t take too long, but everything gets wet because the girls insist on holding onto the hose!


My Weekend

I got sick Thursday night, but by Friday afternoon I was feeling better. A little food, some advil to take care of my fever, and a nap helped things greatly. But Caden was not so lucky. Her fever kept on and on. She was better most of Saturday, so we did hit Sesame Street Live, but we definitely paid for that outing on Sunday, when her fever came back and she was Grouchy.

Here was my Friday.

And my Sunday afternoon after they woke up from a two hour nap, when Caden really needed a four hour nap.

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Adventure #7 – Twins at the Twins game

It was Multiples Day at the Twins game so we took advantage. It was also hot, we had to stand in line for a bit, the girls are getting heavy and I hiked up and down the Dome steps with a 20lber a few times, so I’m exhausted. Let’s just get to the pictures shall we?


Multiples parade before the game. The girls went crazy once we got on the field. Delaney had a huge smile on her face the entire time!

Caden and me!

Me and Lane!

I really, really wanted Laney to take off towards the dugout. That would have been such a bummer to have to chase after her!

The tiny one *maybe* got in trouble for making a break for center field.

Hot dogs & potato chips.

Next year – outdoor baseball!

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