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Awesome Weekend

We had an amazing weekend! The weather was beautiful, and it was just one of those easy weekends where everything falls into place and everyone is happy. I also finally had time to set up my new laptop, which I’m typing this post on. Yay right? Wrong. I hate setting up new computers. I’ve of course forgotten what I did to my Windows 7 computer at work to make me like it, and everything is driving me crazy, including the crazy touchpad mouse. Until I can purchase a mouse, no pictures. This touchpad is too crazy to spend time going through the pictures and tweaking them!

I thought Saturday was supposed to be cold so I figured we’d hit a movie. And then Saturday turned out to be beautiful! But, the girls were dead set on going to a movie. We went to the theater directly after dance class to see what our options were. Luckily, The Lion King was playing in 30 minutes! The girls loved the movie! I loved that it was a matinee, so if it was too scary it wouldn’t be too much money down the drain. We made it through the whole movie, possibly helped by the fact that we were the only people in the theater.

The plan was to go home, eat a light lunch and then take a nap but the weather was beyond gorgeous and I couldn’t bring myself to call the girls inside. Instead they went over to the neighbors while I finished a few things up. No nap means an early bedtime, which was good for everyone.

Sunday we hit the zoo with Amanda. I hate getting up and racing out the door both mornings on the weekend, so we took our time getting there. It was another perfectly sunny day. I love fall days at the zoo because it’s never crowded, most people are at pumpkin patches or apple orchards. We saw the new penguin exhibit, the tiny baby gibbon monkeys, and spent a bunch of time with the horses and the goats. The girls took a quick nap at home and then we headed over to the neighbors for pizza. Everyone’s kids are old enough now that they require very little adult supervision while they’re playing which is awesome.

We all ended the weekend with smiles on our faces. I don’t know if it was the sunshine or the activities or what, but there were very few meltdowns, very few breaks, and very few tears which is something we haven’t had in a long time!

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Pool party

Last Thursday they were predicting the temperature would get to 100 degrees so I knew we needed to break out the pool. The most fabulous thing about this pool is that it’s big and more than just my two can play in it, so we invited the neighbors over for a little pizza and pool time.

I mowed our lawn on Tuesday, which proved to be a poor decision. The kids get in and out of the pool nonstop, so there was grass everywhere. They didn’t seem to mind, but it definitely kept the parents out.

They loved to “ride” the pool. They would also lay on the sides, which if there’s enough air in it, will support a small child or two.

Once our guests arrived I put down the camera and picked up a beer. I find myself doing that more and more these days. Yes I want to take pictures and capture moments, but I also want to just enjoy the moments without worrying about my camera. Obviously things are still being documented so I think we’re doing alright.

Ahh, the cheeseball smile. I do love this one.

The girls swam again Friday morning and then we sent the pool down to the neighbors to be enjoyed all weekend. Since it takes an air compressor to blow it up, we wanted to get some use out of it! And seriously, it’s the perfect pool for a hot day.

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Last night we went to a neighborhood barbecue. Side note – I told the girls we were going to a barbecue on the ride home and they could not stop saying that word. They had no idea what it meant, but they kept saying it over and over.

Anyway, the barbecue was quickly planned and midweek and absolutely perfect. Hot dogs, brats, fruit, potato salad, corn. It was easy and casual. I love midweek things like this because we rarely have things going on, I don’t have to get a babysitter or make dinner, and we get some much needed socialization in the evening. As a single mom, those things are key. Bonus was that my neighbors had a pool that my girls loved playing in, so now when we hit Target I know exactly which pool to buy!


Easter Egg Hunt take 1

We have awesome neighbors. Awesome neighbors. Since there are so many kids in the same age range, we (and by we I mean Pam) are trying to organize some annual events. One of which being an Easter egg hunt! The plan was for each family to give Pam 10 eggs for each child, labeled in some way, to be hidden. That way each kid would know which eggs to look for.

You can tell Pam is a teacher. Look how intently the girls are listening to her give instructions!

I love this picture of Laney. She had just woken up from her nap so she needed both her hat and her sunglasses to brave the day.

Not gonna lie, I never thought this would work. I totally thought the kids would pick up whatever but it worked! All of the kids totally knew the deal. My girls had a blast. Caden kept parroting one of the dads saying “Keep looking!” and Caden would shout “Mine has a C and D on it!” *

Each kid even had a labeled bucket!

Mom I found more eggs!

I painstakingly filled those eggs with candy and coins and all the girls really wanted were the Pez that Pam put in their buckets! At least now I know.

*Everyone else put an initial or a sticker per kid. Me? I put ‘C&D’ on 20 eggs. Me, the one who tries not to put the girls in matching outfits so they have their individuality, just lumped them together. Although oddly enough, they each found 10 eggs so it all worked out.


Wrap it up

First things first, Delaney tore her upper frenulum. We were at my parents and she slid off the stool to the ground. I thought she was just scared, but when she came up for air there was blood everywhere. The possible good of this is that her frenulum is attached all the way down her gumline between her front teeth. Eventually they were going to snip it. Perhaps she did this on her own? I’m calling the dentist this morning, but I’m hoping there is no need for stitches. I will miss the gap between her teeth though, since I’m guessing that will slowly go away now.

Next up was Disney planning with my parents. We mapped out our route in each of the parks. We have dinner reservations for each night, but I might see if we can cancel one night and do the character dinner in our hotel. Caden really, really wants to meet Goofy and he’s at our hotel. Maybe one night we’ll want to stay close to home?

Yesterday we went to a bowling birthday party for one of the neighbor boys. The girls had so much fun! They would push their first ball down the lane, then turn and run to grab another ball immediately. Luckily they didn’t have much momentum going, so it all worked out timing wise. Before the party they kept asking “Will there be cake?” Do you think there will be birthday cake?” They were front and center for that part.

The girls and I have a pedicure appointment today and I’m hoping that somehow the nail salon is open and the roads are passable because I really, really need a pedicure. If not, the neighborhood kids are going sledding. Of course our snow boots are at daycare, but I think someone said they had some we could borrow. I’m not really thrilled about the snow though, so trudging up and down a huge hill doesn’t sound like a good time, but we shall see.

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Walk it out

Last night was much more of a normal night for us. They went potty when we got home and before bed. It was nice. Unfortunately, even though the girls have been in bed by 8:00 lately, they were super tired tonight. Delaney kept tripping and falling, she skinned her knee up but good. And there were lots of tears for no good reason. They wanted to go to a playground, but I went with a walk instead. The Lu needs exercise too! We timed it well and met a neighbor just as she was headed out for a walk. After the walk we got out the bikes and went on a short bike ride with our other neighbors. Love the cooler weather that has everyone out and about!

eta: The tripping continued this morning. I don’t know what it is about Laney’s iCarly Keds, but the toe caught as she was going down the stairs this morning. To be fair, she’d only been awake for about 10 minutes. She went face first down the majority of the steps, then tumbled the rest of the way. She only cried for a bit, mostly she was just scared, no injuries. When we got to school I noticed she had two rug burns on the side of her face. I have a feeling I’ll be carrying her up and down those steps for a while! And perhaps it’s time to retire the Keds.

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