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No Clothes Buying – 3 months in

on March 31, 2015

Back in January I decided to do a challenge where I don’t buy any clothes for myself for a year. We’re three months in and I’m horrible at sticking to these things, so I thought now would be a good time to check in!

I won’t bury the lead – I haven’t purchased any clothes for me! I did buy a few pairs of shoes for the girls, so I didn’t make it the six months there, but I have learned a ton from just these first three months.

I am someone who loves a good deal. Old Navy has 40%? 75% off sale? I bet there’s something in there I need to buy! Unsubscribing from all of those emails has been incredibly freeing. No more mental energy wasted on deleting them every day. No more mental energy wasted on online shopping for things none of us need. I will resubscribe at the end of the summer because I hate paying full price, but I will be much more calculated in what I buy.

Also? I’ve realized that buying clothes ahead when they’re on sale can backfire too. I used to start Christmas shopping in September. By the time Christmas rolled around I had way too many gifts purchased. I would forget I had bought something, or I would see something that was perfect and just had to buy it. I did the same with the girls’ clothes. I bought way too much ahead of time, and then when they did need them, I would buy even more because they would be on sale.

My goal is to really pare down what they have this spring. We’re having a garage sale and I intend to sell everything I can. I would love to get down to a reasonable amount of t-shirts, skirts, and shorts. Anything that might not fit will be gone. For next fall, I will really pare back my purchasing. Delaney is a jeans girl, will wear them every day if possible. Caden likes dresses and leggings. This year we had too many leggings, and too many dresses. Luckily, I think a good chunk will still be fine next year.

For me, I’ve realized the urge to shop is STRONG. It’s hard to go into Target and see the cute purses and the cute scarves and all the cute spring clothes. It’s hard not to want to buy something. I found myself seeking out fancy bath products, since I wasn’t buying clothes. I smell good, but that maybe wasn’t the best way to handle that.

I’ve always liked the saying “You can have anything, but you can’t have everything.” It’s been good to remember that when I need some focus. With two big home improvement projects this summer, I need to make sure my money is going where I want it to go. I checked last night and last year I spent $1170 in clothing January – March. This year? $200. Those numbers are absolutely insane to me, but there you go.

2 responses to “No Clothes Buying – 3 months in

  1. Laraf123 says:

    Wow! This is inspiring. Keep up the good work–and keep us posted!

  2. […] This post from three months in covers the basics perfectly. The first 3-6 months were the toughest. Shopping had become so routine, it was hard to break that habit. I also found myself trying to find loopholes. When summer rolled around I realized that I only had a few t-shirts. Surely I couldn’t make it through the summer with five t-shirts? Turns out, you can! I forced myself to wait and see if I really did need more and in the end, realized I didn’t. When we put the house up for sale I had to really pare down my clothing to fit into one dresser instead of two. I have loved having fewer clothes to choose from when I get dressed. It makes decision making easier, and I don’t feel guilty because I wear everything I have. Once we move I will be making another trip to Goodwill. […]

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