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Our riding lessons are at 5:30. For much of the winter it was dark when we got there. About a month ago it was still light when we got there, but I would have to turn the lights on in the barn since the light was fading fast. Last week I had to turn the lights on just as the girls were finishing up their lesson, but this week it was light even when we left! It’s so nice to have this extra light!

With springtime comes shedding, and mud. It was a two person affair to groom the horses last night! Patrick clearly had fun during his paddock time!

Both girls had great lessons on their horses. There was definitely more trust between horse and rider this lesson. Snoflake has a very fast canter which can scare his rider. Caden was nervous, but sat tall in the saddle and did really well. Patrick is an older horse, plus he’s really tall. He can be slow some lessons, but this lesson he had just the right amount of pep in his step. He did awesome cantering and Delaney had so much fun with him.

It was so nice at the end of class they took the horses outside to walk around the barns. The girls love doing this! As they rounded the corner I noticed that Snoflake was being led, not a good sign! Apparently he got a little silly. Oh Snowy.

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Friday Style

Wednesday on Facebook I posted asking what chores the girls should be doing now that they’re 10. I feel like I do a lot of the cleaning in the house, and I’d like them to do more. People threw out a ton of ideas! And I realized, my kids do most of them. They vacuum, they clean their bathroom, they pooper scoop, they feed the dogs, they help me shovel, and they help with laundry. (Laundry is kind of a family affair, we all do it together. That may change this summer.) The two things they don’t do that were mentioned is take the garbage out and change their sheets. They help with both, but aren’t in charge of either.

All of this made me realize that they actually are doing a fair amount of chores, but our house is still messy, and it’s the day to day mess that drives me crazy. So that’s where we are focusing. We have two major areas that are dumping grounds for us, and I’m hoping if we can clear them off we have a shot at keeping them clean. I was listening to a podcast last night on the way to riding and he said his #1 tip to keeping your house clean is to empty bags as soon as you get home. Do you know what is sitting on the desk right now? Two gift bags from the birthday extravaganza last weekend. The girls also need to work on cleaning up the messes they make in the kitchen, but one thing at a time!

You guys! I took pictures two days this week! Considering we didn’t have school Monday that’s not bad! This was Tuesday, which was a two hour late start. I hate those. They are so hard to time!

Thursday. They both got hair chalk for their birthday so Caden has been spicing up her hair every day this week. I love it!

They were so straight laced I asked for a fun pose. Got it!

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Birthday Weekend!

Birthday weekend! The fun started Friday afternoon. The girls invited two of their friends to a slumber party at the Great Wolf Lodge. I picked everyone up and we met my parents at the hotel.

Let’s cover a few things about the hotel quickly. I booked a suite that had a queen bed with two bunk beds. The bunk beds were in their own room which was perfect. My bed was very comfy, but the girls said the bunk beds weren’t the best. They loved having their own tv though. The food was good, and I liked the interior changes they did with the hotel. They didn’t change the water park at all, but it’s much less crowded now that you need to stay at the hotel to get in.

Everything at the hotel is extra besides the water park. I added on the birthday package, but I don’t know it was worth it. We didn’t do the ropes course or any of the other activities. To really get your money’s worth when you’re staying one night, you need to spend the entire next day at the water park. We only swam for an hour Saturday morning since kids had things going on, but it would be fun to spend a weekend there and do all the things.

For us, smaller parties work much better, and even numbers work better than odd. They’ve had sleepovers with these two girls before and everyone gets along which made it so easy. The pure joy on their faces when they were swimming and going down the slides was worth every penny I spent. This was a really great birthday party venue.

After getting kids back to their parents we were able to have some down time at our house Saturday afternoon which was perfect. We did some planning and measuring and pinteresting trying to figure out what kind of desk will work in the girls’ room. I think we have it all figured out, we just need to wait until my dad is home and can build it.

Saturday evening we met my brother and his family at Benihana. Benihana is their favorite restaurant, and we’ve gone there for a birthday dinner every year since they were six (five was at a different hibachi place). Everyone loves the food and the entertainment, and it was so good to have the whole family there to celebrate the girls!

After dinner was cake, pie (french silk gluten free!!), and presents back at our house. Everyone fell in love with Tito, and then we crashed.

Some birthday years are quieter than others. I tried to make this a really big year. I feel like 10 is something to be celebrated! It’s a milestone! I’m glad we were able to do some really fun, meaningful things. They thanked me over and over throughout the weekend for everything which was very sweet.

Thank you to everyone who celebrated with us, whether it was in person or virtually!


Happy Birthday!

Ten. I have not been weepy or sentimental about any of your birthdays thus far, but for some reason I am about this one. Ten seems like kind of a big milestone!

Happy birthday my loves! This has been a crazy ride so far, and I’m guessing the next years will be no different. We have three trips planned this year and I’m so excited to go on them with you! Travelling with the two of you is one of my very favorite things to do and I hope we continue to go on trips together for many years to come!

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Guys, this is Tito. He’s our newest foster. I’m going to cry so hard when he gets adopted. He is Foster Gold. He is small, mostly potty trained, gorgeous, and has the best personality. It’s come out more and more each day and last night he was playing with Annie, climbing into my lap, sitting like a champ, and snuggling with us on the couch. Fosters don’t get any better than this!

So locals, can we do this? Can someone we know adopt him? I’d like to keep in the family. He was found in Alabama in the woods in an abandoned logging camp. The woman who found him took him in and fostered him until we could take him. She was very attached and I can see why! He had big dog siblings there, and has small dog siblings here, so he gets along with dogs of all sizes.

When he first got to our house he fell asleep on the hardwood floor. It took me a while to get him to sleep on the blanket, and then finally to realize the dog bed was where it’s at. He’s still a little independent at this point. He is just figuring out that the couch is good, but likes to sit on the chair or in his bed where he has his own space. He doesn’t like the cold, but doesn’t mind coats and sweaters. And he looks good in pink. He hasn’t barked yet, and sits quietly in the kitchen waiting to see if food drops. And he gives the best kisses!

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On Saturday the rescue we work with got in a transport of 17 dogs. These dogs came from a shelter in Alabama that was at capacity, so they were a little exhausted after the long drive. Most of them were puppies. Tiny puppies. Fluffy puppies! Really fluffy puppies! They were so sweet and snuggly. Our job was to get pictures of each of them for the website. The girls came with to be my helpers and they did such a great job! Delaney even took a few of the shots since the dogs seemed to want to look at her but not me! One of the girls managed a list on my phone so I knew the order and the names of the dogs, and the other was the puppy wrangler, trying to get them to sit and look at the camera. There was pee, there was slobber, and I somehow got blisters on my knees from crawling on the floor to get shots, but it was SO much fun.

If you want to volunteer with a dog rescue but don’t want to foster, taking pictures can be a great way to help out! We always need photographers since great pictures help the dogs get adopted faster!

Here are a few of the dogs that we took pictures of! I was going to post outtakes, but then I realized I deleted all of them from my laptop! I took 555 pictures, so I had to ditch whatever I didn’t need. They aren’t on the site available for adoption quite yet, but they will go up in the next few days so keep an eye out here!

Diggs. He looks a little like a beagle, but his mom is definitely not a beagle.

Harry Pawter. Adorable shih tzu! Posed perfectly.

Keenum. It was so hard not to smuggle this one home. Her coloring!

Paris. Check that proud lab out!

Thielen. This guy was a tiny bit shy, but so sweet!

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

I love planning special things for Valentine’s Day! We were going to do heart shaped pancakes, but we had pancakes for dinner last night so maybe just heart shaped strawberries? And for dinner, it’s Caden’s favorite – steak and baked potatoes! I have mushrooms and asparagus for me, but the girls have been very brave with new foods lately so maybe they’ll try them?

A few weeks ago we went over to our neighbor’s house and she took a bunch of Valentine themed pictures. They turned out so cute! I kind of love how Delaney’s glasses match her dress. We all got a kick out of Caden’s socks. I didn’t think they’d show up in the pictures! Thank you Jaime!!

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New horses for February

When we got out to riding lessons last night the girls were assigned different horses than we were expecting. Patrick had a sore leg, and RenoBob was switched to someone in an earlier lesson. The girls were now going to be riding Truman and Rocky.

Caden got Truman. Delaney rode him much of last year. I love Truman! He’s gorgeous. His coat is a dark brown, and he has black socks. He’s also a huge flirt! I do love a horse with personality! He snuggled right into me and was all in for kisses which I love.

As soon as the lesson was over Caden was gushing about him. He’s a great horse, and she loved his fast trot. She was absolutely in love with him which made me laugh. Every horse they ride is immediately their favorite horse. This definitely didn’t use to be the case, but I think now that they’re more confident riders they have a better connection with their horse and work better as a team.

Rocky! I rode Rocky for my lesson with the girls over the holidays. He’s awesome, but you need to be confident or he will do his own thing. Delaney fell in love with him! Apparently he has a bumpy canter, but she loved riding him and couldn’t stop gushing about him. He is now her favorite horse, and Ziggy has gone to a close second. I still made sure to give Ziggy lots of love though!

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Flower Girls

The girls are going to flower girls in my cousins Alyssa’s wedding this summer! They are very excited. We are making the most of this experience since who knows when they may get to do it again!

I bought my bridesmaid dress a few months ago, but we wanted to wait until after the holidays to go shopping for them. We had looked through the flower girl dresses then and there were a few options I thought would work for the girls. But, as our consultant walked up to us she said “Let’s go look at the junior bridesmaid dresses!” And I was all “Wha???????” Not really ready for that turn of events, but Caden’s eyes lit up.

Caden is definitely the more fashion conscious of the two. She cares more about what she wears. Not necessarily brands, but she likes to mix things up and has opinions. Delaney has some opinions, but will wear a t-shirt and jeans/leggings every day if left to her own devices.

She started showing us a few dresses and the girls were a bit timid with their opinions. We chose two styles and headed back to try them on. Dress A looked good on Delaney, but not on Caden. Dress B looked good on Caden, but not Delaney. Their body types and personalities are so different, it was obvious what worked and what didn’t. But we weren’t sold so we headed back out and found a few flower girl dresses to try on (I insisted, but the girls didn’t like ANY of them) and a few more junior bridesmaid dresses. By this point Caden was pretty vocal and was really getting into it. Alyssa and I had to hustle in that dressing room getting dresses zipped and unzipped and rehung!

In the end, Caden loved the very first dress she tried on and kept going back to that, so that was definitely her choice. Delaney waffled between two, but tried them both on again and picked one as well. Dresses are now ordered, and we will purchase shoes closer to the wedding date. If both girls grow about 1/2″, we should be good on dress length!

As we left Caden said to me “I could have tried on A LOT more dresses Mom.” I don’t doubt it kiddo!

** The girls turn 10 in a month and while it’s starting to sink in, every time I look at this picture I can’t help but wonder when on earth they got to be little ladies???

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Internets, meet Ramsey! He’s our newest foster. He’s a 2-3 year old hound mix, and weighs about 60 lbs. He’s a big guy, which is definitely different for us. We are used to the 5-15 lb dogs, not 60! But it’s also been really fun to have a big dog in the house again. He takes up the whole couch! And snores really loudly. It’s great. We are hoping to help him lose a little weight, so we’ll be doing daily walks.

So far, he’s been very chill, but those first 24 hours often are. He’s taken a lot of naps on the couch in between walks outside to go to the bathroom. He came from a shelter in Alabama, so we weren’t sure how he would like the snow but he’s done really well in it! I got a coat for him, but because of his size and prey drive we double leash him which makes it hard to put a coat on since we need to be able to hook a leash to his harness.

I was worried about how a 5 lb chihuahua and a 60 lb dog would get along, but he’s ignored our dogs so far so no worries there. He loves the girls, and his favorite spot is on the couch with his head in their lap. I always hope that our foster dog will sleep with them, and so far we are two for two. To be fair, I think if he didn’t sleep with them he’d probably sleep on the couch so I think I’m safe.

If you’re interested in Ramsey let me know! He’s ready to live the good life!

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