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Life with identical twins

Perler beads

Last weekend Delaney lost access to her iPad Friday evening. While it’s a consequence for crap behavior, it’s almost always a good thing in our house. If one twin can’t play on their iPad, the other twin won’t either. They are then forced to find other things to do.

Delaney likes to create and build things. Caden is very into legos and while Delaney often joins her, Lane is more crafty. She likes Qixels and Perler Beads.

I don’t remember what her first perler bead project was, but she quickly started googling (on her sister’s iPad) Christmas designs. She made an ornament, present, reindeer, and a Christmas tree. Then she found something that gave her the idea of making a 3D Christmas tree where there were slots so they locked into each other. She even made a custom stand so it actually stood up. Unfortunately, she gave the tree to one of her friends at school yesterday so I just missed getting a picture of it. The present in the back of the picture above? Is the same concept as the Christmas tree. I was so proud of her! My brain definitely doesn’t work this way, so I love that she has really found things that play into her strengths.

Caden made her own perler bead designs. She did eyes, eyebrows, mustache, and a mouth. It’s pretty cool. I do think Lego villages are more her jam though. Our basement is crazy with her lego creations!

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Santa Brunch 2017

Picture overload! This was our second year at the Santa Brunch at the golf club. They do a really good job at all of their events. The food is amazing, and we always love the crafts. And it’s nice to get dressed up as a family and do something for the holiday.

Also, the girls are always open to fancy hair do’s when they get dressed up which is fun for me.

Crafts this year were frosting cupcakes and squirting paint into ornaments. The girls loved both, but along the way we lost Delaney’s ornament and her cupcake and that did not go over well.

Caden was all in for talking to Santa, Delaney not so much. Luckily it was short and sweet and as last year, Santa and Mrs. Claus were really amazing.

Thank you Taylor for taking another great family photo for us!

Last but not least, the reindeer sleigh ride. They had to stop so one of the reindeer could pee and Delaney thought that was the funniest thing ever.

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December horses

New month, new horses! Caden was supposed to ride Daily, who is a black pony with spunk. (Is there a pony who isn’t spunky? I’m beginning to think no.) But, their trainer switched her to Lacey. We’ve all ridden Lacey and love her. She’s a bigger horse, very sweet, and has a great canter.

Delaney is riding Ziggy. Ziggy used to be the horse Caden rode all the time, I think this is the first time Delaney has ridden him? She loved him clearly, by the grin on her face.

Some months based on the horse/rider combo, they keep things relatively tight and there isn’t a lot of cantering. Last night they did a super fun jump combo that was perfect for some cantering between jumps if they wanted to, but if they didn’t, they got to canter a few laps after. I love to watch the girls canter. It’s such a display of their confidence and skill!

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Bake Day

Oh man. This has to be the first time I’ve ever skipped posting Monday and Tuesday! I meant to post yesterday, but here’s what went down that threw our night.

Monday afternoon I was walking out of work when my phone rang. It was Caden. She said “Delaney didn’t get off the bus and Annie’s kennel wasn’t locked!” At least she prioritized? Apparently Delaney was reading her book when the bus came to our stop and she just kept on reading. I got off the phone with Caden and immediately started trying to figure out where Delaney would be. Did she get off at the next stop? I started calling neighbors trying to brainstorm what to do. One of my lovely neighbors ran outside to see if she could see her walking back to our house. Nothing. She recommended I call the bus company, but of course I don’t have their number saved and by this time I’m in the car. Thank you Hey Siri! Hands free searching and dialing. In between, I’d also called Caden to confirm that Delaney had not come home. The bus company was amazing, and after I explained the situation they put me on hold, called the bus, and came back and told me that she was on the bus and they were bringing her back to our bus stop.

Luckily traffic was light and I made it to the bus stop just as the bus did. I knew she was likely safe, but the whole not knowing where she was or if she would attempt to get off the bus and walk home was crazy making. I think Caden and I were more frantic about the whole situation than Delaney was! My adrenaline crashed about 6:00 and I was ready for bed by 7:00pm. Caden will now drag her sister off the bus if need be, and hopefully we never go through this again.

Bake Day!! We were a little late because of piano lessons, but we rallied to catch up. Everyone brought three recipes. Ours were peanut butter cups, chocolate peanut butter cookies, and chocolate crinkle cookies. The girls were continuously asking for something to do, so they went from station to station helping people out. They mixed, they frosted, they rolled out dough, they were troopers. We didn’t have any crazy difficult cookies this year, and the only ones that bombed a bit were my chocolate peanut butter cookies (dry). When we got all of the cookies on the table so people could take them home, I realized we had baked A LOT of cookies. I bought three tupperware containers and we filled all of them! The girls definitely have their favorites (which are now gone).

Thank you Lisa for hosting! It doesn’t feel like Christmas until we have Bake Day!

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Mr. Snowy

For the majority of the summer the girls rode the same two horses, but now that they’ve moved into fall lessons their trainer has assigned them a new horse each month. It’s been really good for the girls because learning to ride a new horse really stretches their skills. They both LOVED their November horses and were excited to ride them one last time!

Mr. Snowflake. Delaney rode him in October and then Caden had him in November. He’s this little dude, with so much sass, we all love him so much. He was so sassy last night as she was getting him ready that I thought for sure they would battle all lesson, but she is so confident on him she had zero issues. And she cantered on him! Just for a short distance, but he’s little and he canters like a crazy horse, so I was proud of her for handling him perfectly.

I will miss styling his crazy mane.

Reno Bob. Do you think they love each other? I want to ride this horse! He was so great for Laney and they were a perfect team. He was the perfect horse to show case just how far her riding skills have progressed in the last six months. Love this guy.


Remote Controlled Cars

Last year my mom bought my dad two remote controlled cars. There’s a little track near their place, and people race them in the parking lot across from their place. The girls loved to run them last year, but they were always trying to do that on the track which is windy and bumpy and just was super difficult. This year the track is in bad shape so they didn’t even attempt it, they just zoomed them around the parking lot.

The one downside to the cars is that you have to plan for them. The batteries take time to charge and they only run for about 15 minutes. Luckily, that was about the right amount of time before the girls started fighting, so it worked out well.

I stayed away from the cars. While it looks easy enough to drive them, I knew it wasn’t and my car probably would have just done circles forever and ever.

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We flew back on Friday and ostensibly had the weekend to get ourselves settled and yet everyone had an off day on Monday. Re-entry to the real world has been rough. Luckily we don’t have much going on this week!

Back to Arizona! My dad made friends with a guy who owns three mules. He was very excited for us to come over and ride them while we were down there and the girls were equally as excited to ride them. The mules were gorgeous! They looked so much like horses, but then had these big, huge, gigantic ears that I loved. We all took a turn riding, the girls even got her to trot for them!

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We’re back!

Before we left I was complaining because of course it had been hot the week before and of course it was cooling down when we would be out there. And sure, 80 isn’t cold but I wanted the heat! And Arizona delivered. The forecast kept bumping up while we were out there. Phoenix set a record high of 89 on Thanksgiving! It was glorious. Because the days were warmer, the evenings didn’t get as cool either. We wore a lot less of our cardigans and coats than we did last year.

Last year we played a lot of bocce ball, this year it was pickle ball. It’s kind of like tennis, but on a much smaller court. By the end of the week the girls were getting very good! They could keep a volley going for a few rounds, and held their own in games against the adults! It was a fun after dinner activity.

I did one on one time with each of the girls. My parent’s friends loaned us their golf cart, so Caden and I drove around the complex (it’s huge). We drove past an open house for a model home with a rooftop deck so we raced back to get my mom so we could walk through it. It was so cool! Really nice, and the rooftop deck would be a great place for the dogs to hang out on days when it wasn’t too hot. The next day we toured all of the models with Delaney and Dad. I know at some point I’m going to want to get out of the cold weather, so Arizona is the logical place to go. I’ve always wanted to retire early but didn’t know how I was going to get there. With Rodan + Fields, I finally have my path!

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Butcher Jones trail

My girls aren’t the best hikers. The hike we went on last year ended with me piggy backing one then the other back to the car. Not so fun, so this year we headed out in the morning and chose a hike around a lake (Saguaro) that wasn’t very long. It was the perfect hike! We hiked out 20 minutes, stopping for water breaks along the way and some snacks, then turned around and hiked back. Delaney even saw a snake on the trail! The scenery was gorgeous, with the mountains in the background and the lake in front of us. Highly recommend this trail!

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Long Week

It’s been a long week, and this is the only picture I took. Everyone has been off, and while it’s easy to blame daylight savings time, I’m not sure that that’s it. I do think the colder weather is affecting everyone. We’re all tired, and no one feels awesome. The mornings have been tough, just getting everyone motivated and moving. I thought our chill weekend would help, but we’re all still in our funk. So this weekend is much more social and perhaps that will do it!

Unfortunately, I only have this one picture, but at least it’s a good one! I was trying to get Caden to do all of our old posing tricks – ninja kick, fashion pose – but now that they’re older, they get a little embarassed to do them, but I did catch her mid laugh.

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