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Every week when I’m thinking about my posts for the week I think about doing an Ode to Midas. I usually don’t because I try to balance out the posts and lately there has been foster stuff, but he’s such an awesome dog he gets a post this week!

Midas is a mama’s boy. I’m his favorite person. If I’m not around he’s usually looking for me, and if he sees me from afar he will haul ass to get to me. It’s the cutest. He’s a professional snuggler, and loves nothing more than to snuggle into my lap when we watch tv.

We have zero photographic mojo though. I took 20 pictures of him and in every one his head is down. Luckily, Caden captured him perfectly.

I worry about Midas a lot. He’s the oldest of the three dogs, and the one with the most medical issues. His knees slip in and out, so when I pick him up I can often hear joints clicking. I worry almost nonstop about his eye. Is it red? Is it bulgey? Is he in pain? He masks pain really well (most dogs too, but I think puppy mill dogs do better than most since it’s such a constant in their lives) but has a few tells that I try to look out for.

While he has the most medical issues, he also is the dog who loves the vet the most. Every time he goes, they make him feel better. When he was diagnosed with glaucoma, he fell asleep in my arms once the pressure decreased. He’d probably had a headache for weeks at that point! Same with when he had the corneal ulcer, the vet gave him pain meds and poof! His crushing pain was gone. This summer he had a cyst thing on the back of his neck. By the time I took him in it was swollen and super painful. The vet scooped it out and instant pain relief! It’s no wonder he charms every vet and vet tech he comes across.

Listen, I get that big dog people don’t always understand small dogs. But I do get really angry when people act like he isn’t a dog. Let’s be honest, he’s the BEST dog. 13/10 would pick him up and snuggle every time. **

**Who gets that joke? They’re good dogs, Brent!

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We have not been apple picking in years! Work sponsored an outing this fall so we made the trip. I of course forgot my big camera and even though I snapped a few with my phone, I didn’t get a good shot of the girls! Oh well.

Since we have priorities, we headed straight for the apple donut stand. After that was the shop so the girls could pick out some candy. Then off, to the orchards. They only had two types of apples to pick. I think all of ours are haralsons? But the signage wasn’t the best so who knows. We only did a half peck since neither of the girls are big apple eaters this year. They have requested apple sauce, so that’s what we’ll do.

After apples, we wandered back to the attractions. The face painting line was long and they didn’t want to ride the kiddie train, so we headed back to the apple sling shot. This thing was the best. If you hit a circle on one of the targets you got a caramel apple and we wanted it bad! The girls came within a foot twice, but we couldn’t hit it. We laughed a ton though. Caden was just a little too little and needed me to hold on to her so she could pull the sling shot back far enough. Definitely worth the price of admission.

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Always Hungry

The girls are always, always hungry after riding lessons. It doesn’t matter what I feed them beforehand (and I always feed them before) they still are starving after. Last night we went from riding lessons to a home visit for the rescue, so we didn’t have time to stop and get food. Oh man. Caden was in tears by the time we got home. That was a mistake.

Last Friday. Again, Delaney was running late.

Monday/Tuesday. I can’t remember which day we missed. The white balance on my camera seems to be off. Doesn’t matter what I have it set to and if the sky matches that, my pictures seem to be coming out with a heavy blue/green tint to them which is not so easy to correct.

Wednesday. LuLaRoe leggings, sweatshirts, and headbands!

Thursday. Aren’t these sweatshirts cute?

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Hazel Bazel

When we first got Hazel I was not sure about that name for a dog, but it turns out, there are a million nicknames for Hazel and I think we used most of them!

Whenever I get a new foster my hope is that they will attach to the girls and sleep with them. It usually works for a few days, but then they figure out that I’m the one that feeds them and they like me best. But Hazel loved the girls best, right up until the end. She slept with them, she hung out with them, and she snuggled with them. It was the sweetest.

I was worried about her adoption Sunday evening, but the girls handled it well. (I was the one who had to retreat to the office to give her kisses and cry in private.) Hazel got super excited when her new parents came in the door. She ran over to them, jumped to be picked up, and then settled happily in their arms. She looked like she was home, which definitely made me happy. Have an amazing life Hazel!

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Corn Maze 2017

It’s fall, so it was time for our annual trip to the corn maze! We were originally supposed to go last Sunday, but it was cold and rainy so we decided to push it out a week and we got perfect weather. It was incredibly sunny and 70 degrees out, which was possibly a little too perfect since the place was packed. There were a few things we wanted to do but couldn’t because the lines were too long.

There are new animals in the petting zoo every year and my favorite this year was this fluffy goose. He had the best feathers!

It was really sunny and we weren’t prepared for it. I hadn’t brought the girls sun glasses and within a few hours Caden had a headache. Poor thing! Grampy shared his baseball hat. This picture was just after we navigated the corn maze. My parents came with us this year and my mom was not prepared for the size and complexity of the corn maze! It’s no joke. The girls did awesome navigating the first half, but once you have to turn the map around, it gets a lot more confusing. Even with all of the adults helping to navigate we missed a letter or two. We made it out though!

Just in time for some mini donuts. We normally go a little later in the day and I’m able to get some cool shots as the sun is setting, but we were in full sun yesterday so it was nothing but glare and shadows.

When I take a picture I never take just one, I snap a bunch off. I totally didn’t notice Caden eating a donut until I pulled this off the camera. Delaney and I were laughing because you could see her hand come up to put it in her mouth as I clicked through the pictures. (Two thumbs up for brightly colored dresses. At least the girls were easy to spot.)

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It’s been a week people! I’m very happy to switch to weekend mode.

Last Friday. Delaney is frequently late? And I realized that the reason my truck is in all of the Friday pictures is because I have to pull out of the garage in order to get the garbage bins to the curb.

Monday. Delaney is wearing the black and white leggings again, this time paired with a black and white striped shirt. Nicely done Lane!

Tuesday. Picture day. Caden left the headband in but took her pony tail out? Let’s hope she didn’t smile like that for the photographer. Delaney has already told me she wants retakes.

Wednesday. I cannot get the color right in this, but pay no attention to that! Last weekend we stopped at the saddle store and bought Delaney winter breeches. Caden found this coat which will be perfect to ride in this winter! Nice and thin, but still warm. And, turns out the coat we thought would still fit her this fall is too small so good thing we bought this.

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Fall tv

Isn’t it nice to have fall tv back? I watched a lot of vet shows this summer and it’s nice to finally be able to wind down and watch some quality television after the girls go to bed.

Last Friday! This is Caden’s new LuLaRoe dress. It’s a Scarlett, so it’s swingy. As soon as I saw the pattern I knew it would be perfect for her.

Monday. It was chilly and we were running late, so I didn’t really notice that they weren’t appropriately dressed until we got to the bus stop. I ran back to the house and grabbed a jacket for Delaney with five minutes to spare! Didn’t need to run.

Tuesday. Delaney is wearing new LLR leggings. They are a black and white pattern and I think they’ll be perfect to mix and match with their tops. Caden is wearing acid washed jeans, although you can’t really see them. It hurt to buy them.

Wednesday. Delaney is wearing another pair of LLR leggings. Once she realized how soft they were, she wore them almost every day! I did make Caden untuck her shirt.

Thursday. LLR leggings on Delaney, LLR 3/4 sleeve top on Caden. And a little personality in the photo! Hazel made what might be her last trip to the bus stop? We’ll see if her adoption is finalized this weekend.

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Sticky Weekend

It was hot and humid in Minnesota this weekend. Crazy hot! Some people were saying it was too hot for September, but you will not hear me complain about the heat!

Friday evening my dad came up for our last pitching camp. We’ve had a great experience with these, and are hoping to keep going with it when they do open gyms this winter. Towards the end my dad threw the ball back to Delaney, it bounced off her glove and went in a straight line towards Caden hitting her forearm (the one that broke last year). I thought we might get by with just shaking it off, but as she told us, she was hurt badly. She hung out the last few minutes while Delaney finished up, then we headed to Pizza Luce for ice and garlic cheese bread. She needed ibuprofen that night, but was better by morning.

Saturday was a big day! My parents came up to watch the girls’ piano lesson while I headed off to help set up and work at the Underdog annual fundraiser. This year it was held at a local nursery (that I love and shop at!) which was awesome, except it was extra humid in there. I sweated through one shirt while setting up, then changed into my volunteer shirt to work. We had so many awesome silent auction items! Between my mom and I we bid on a lot of them, but luckily didn’t win everything. All of the bidding was online which was convenient later when we did a last second bid on a pet carrier and won!

I brought Hazel to this event because I knew she would get a lot of attention. Even before the fundraiser started there was a couple there that kept hanging out by the pen. Since she was one of two dogs in the pen, I asked if they wanted to hold her. They did, and they promptly fell in love with her. They put in an application, so we’ll see what happens from here. Hazel’s adoption will be hardest on the girls. I always hope fosters fall in love with them, since I already have our three that follow me everywhere. But no foster has quite like Hazel. She loves them so much, it’s so sweet to watch. Since we hadn’t brought any of our dogs, they asked to get their picture taken with Hazel. I’m so glad we did this, I think this will be a special one for them!

After the fundraiser we headed home so I could shower and change quickly, then we were off to the movies! After a crazy hot morning on my feet, a cool movie theater was perfection. My mom and I saw American Assassin (liked it, but the storyline is only vaguely the one in the book so be prepared) and my dad and the girls saw the new Lego movie (they liked it, didn’t love it, said it wasn’t as funny as the first two).

Sunday was not much? Library, groceries, a little organizing, laundry, and walks for the dogs before it got hot? Exactly what I needed after our crazy Saturday.

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Our cable and internet have never worked consistently since we moved into this house almost two years ago. Finally, Wednesday a guy came out and realized the issue and was willing to fix it. It took him almost five hours on Wednesday, and two more on Thursday to rewire everything outside and in and get it set up properly. Apparently quite a bit of our wiring was not “to code” for Comcast, so I will be calling them today to complain since we’ve had multiple techs out who overlooked all of that when fixing. So annoying.

Last Friday. Black and orange day! I continue to wish their school colors were something a little more in our color arena, but oh well.

Monday. I can’t remember why Hazel came to the bus stop with us on Monday. I must have had an appointment in the morning? She LOVES the bus stop. So many people to sniff!

Wednesday. No picture from Tuesday because we had a dentist appointment. No cavities! I highly recommend electric tooth brushes for kids. Anyway, I worked from home to deal with the cable guy, so both dogs got to come to the bus stop. Annie is down the other leash.

Thursday. The girls have been asking for blue hair. I bought manic panic dye, but before we committed, we bought some hairspray type color that washes out. It’s gross, but at least now we have a solid plan for the blue dye. Who wants to come over and help us do this?

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Homecoming Week

It’s Homecoming Week this week so there was a fun (easy!) dress up day every day. I like these because they’re easy to pull off, yet the kids feel like they’re part of something bigger.

Last Friday! Also known as Quick! Pose for a photo before we hop in the truck!

Monday. It was crazy sock day but we forgot. Oops.

Tuesday. Wear your favorite team jersey! The girls wore their softball jerseys, but Caden reported there were mostly Vikings jerseys at school.

Wednesday. This was ‘Read about it’. I was nervous we’d have to dress like a character from a book but no! Wear a shirt with appropriate words on it. Caden went with my personal favorite ‘Nope not today’ and Delaney is wearing ‘Run the show’. Bonus appearance by Hazel who LOVES going to the bus stop.

Thursday. Crazy hair day! Crazy buns and crazy pigtail braids.

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