The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Almost Eleven

on February 7, 2019

The girls turn 11 in less than a month. I’m not ready! I have really loved this age, and truthfully, even years are always better for us than odd years.

Delaney is definitely the quiet introvert. She loves nothing more than crawling into her bed and reading her book all day long. There was a point last fall where I had to practically drag her out of her room to spend any time with her. Luckily, that phase seems to be past and while she still loves her alone time, she also likes to hang out with us too. She’s very scientific and tries to explain any sort of special effect that she sees on tv or in a movie. She is so looking forward to middle school! The variety of classes, the advanced classes, and the independence are all very exciting for her.

Caden is my sidekick. She crawls in bed with me, loves to go shopping and run errands with me, and is always looking for more ways to spend time with me. She loves cooking shows and anything with animals in it, and is constantly asking me when we’re going to foster again. She still hopes the tooth fairy will bring her a dollar, which I love. I swear she gets taller by the minute, and yesterday I noticed her face is changing too.

I remember being at the music concert last year and seeing the crazy difference between fourth and fifth graders. So much happens in this fifth grade year. They grow and change so much!

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