The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Tiny Bits

on January 10, 2019

Our life is insanely boring these days guys – sorry!

  • I’ve had a cold since before Christmas. I’d get better for a few days, then get worse again. It hasn’t helped that everyone at work is sick now too, so we just pass it around and around. I finally went to Urgent Care and the doctor said nope, just a cold, you need to get more rest. But, my reflux is awful right now and I don’t sleep well at night. His recommendation was not to eat or drink anything after 5:00pm. Um? Last night I wasn’t even home until almost 5:30? So I’m shooting for 6, or whenever we can get dinner on the table. So far it’s only been two nights so it’s too early to tell, but it will definitely curb my sugar cravings after dinner!
  • It snowed, then it melted, then it rained, and now it’s cold and we have ice everywhere. I feel so bad for the people who deliver packages. My driveway is an ice rink! The backyard is a brown ice rink, which is lovely. I’m over it. But I think if it all melts at this point that would be even worse for the grass?
  • I probably should have put this as the first bullet, but letters came home about middle school parent info night! Our house is both excited and terrified of middle school. The bus will come insanely early (7:05am I believe), and the different class schedule will definitely be interesting, but the girls are ready for a challenge so it should be good once we find our groove.
  • Our dogs are the laziest dogs ever. They sleep all day every day, it amazes me!
  • The first half of winter break was rough, with the girls fighting a lot. But then they bonded over their LEGOs, and things have turned the corner since. They’ve been building things together on Minecraft (I think they built a zoo and an aquarium?) and it’s just been so nice to hear them laughing and giggling, rather than shouting and stomping.

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