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Let’s Plan

on July 18, 2018

We leave for our National Parks Road trip in less than three weeks! We’re very excited and planning is in full swing.

I booked all of the hotels back in February, so that is taken care of. What I’m trying to nail down right now is food. I know from San Diego that eating out all three meals gets expensive quick, and since this is a two week trip, we need to be smart about food.

All of the hotels have a fridge and microwave in them, and I’m going to buy a cheap toaster to bring along with us since frozen waffles is a solid meal option for everyone. (The toaster I have is a cute yellow toaster that has been with me in all four of my houses and I am not chancing leaving it in some hotel!) I also ordered plastic bowls, glasses and silverware that we can take with us. We have a cooler for the car, but we only have maybe three or four long drives? (I did not buy a Yeti thanks to Delaney, but man I want that Yeti bag cooler so bad! But we settled for an Igloo bag that will work just fine.)

I have no idea what kinds of grocery stores we’ll be able to find along the way, but I do know there are zero Trader Joe’s in South Dakota, Wyoming or Montana, so anything from there will be purchased before the trip. Here’s what I’m thinking for easy food ideas:

* Apples with peanut butter
* PB & J (I’m going to bring along gf bread and bagels)
* Frozen waffles
* Rotisserie chicken
* Oatmeal packets
* Turkey sandwiches
* Yogurt (still searching for a decent dairy free yogurt)
* Mac & Cheese cups
* Soup

What aren’t I thinking of?

I have a Thirty One bag that I’ll use to organize the food stuffs in the car, and we’ll have the cooler bag to take things with us during the day. What else?

One response to “Let’s Plan

  1. Mita says:

    Not sure if these fall in your food restrictions or likes but this is what I thought of: chips, raisins, trail mix, tuna/chicken, potatoes (maybe even instant potatoes), soups, grilled cheese

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