The Munchkins

Life with identical twins


on April 20, 2018

* My day started with being woken from a deep sleep because the house alarm was going off. Normally I hear Caden come out of their room, but I didn’t and she opened the back door to let the dogs out and set the alarm off. Took a bit for the adrenaline to wear off from that one. We haven’t set the alarm in off in two years, but we did it twice this week! (Once I thought I had turned it off but clearly hadn’t.)

* After that my day was awesome! Got highlights put in my hair and they turned out amazing. I’d been jealously looking at everyone else’s gorgeous spring hair and lamenting the fact that I went dark for winter, but it was finally my turn! I finished up some work stuff faster than I thought I would, which always makes me happy. It was a great day.

* The girls had state testing last week and this week. The evening of the second day of testing is a bear. They’re mentally exhausted, and it’s just not a good scene.

* This carried over into riding lessons where they were both getting frustrated getting their horses tacked up. Normally the horses brighten our days, but everyone, including the horses were in a mood today.

* During their lesson, both girls fell off their horses, one right after the other. Because everyone’s head was turned towards Delaney as she fell off Frodo, no one saw Caden until we heard her hitting the wall. Both are sore, but fine. We are heading to the chiropractor this morning for adjustments, and a concussion check for Caden. Woo. (Caden doesn’t have a concussion, but she hit her head so I want to be safe.)

* Our weekend is jam packed which should be fun after being house bound last weekend with the snowstorm!

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