The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Daisy & Charlie

on April 18, 2018

Meet Daisy & Charlie! They’re our newest fosters! They are 10-year-old shih tzus (Daisy I think is shih tzu/poodle mix?). They were surrendered by their owner, and since they’ve been together for 8 years, we’re adopting them out together.

When they first arrived at our house two weeks ago they were a little nervous, but clearly found comfort in each other. They slept curled up next to each other and would only eat when I put their food bowls next to each other. After a few days they were comfortable enough to sleep in separate beds (Caden & Charlie have bonded, Delaney & Daisy) and their personalities really started coming out.

Charlie is a total fluff ball. He’s 7 lbs of fluff! He loves to curl up in a ball right next to you, and chases squirrels with great ferociousness.

Daisy loves attention. If you’re petting her and stop, she’ll gently nudge you with her paw to remind you to get back to it! She sleeps stretched out, off to the side where she has enough room.

One thing I love about them? They don’t mind going outside in the snow! I think they kind of love the snow? When it was snowing last weekend Charlie would come in covered in snow. It was so adorable. They really want to run through the snow, but don’t seem to understand it’s deep. These two definitely have me laughing more than our other foster pups.

They’re potty trained, but don’t love crates. I tried using an x-pen in the basement, but they broke out of that in 10 minutes so now I just leave them on the main level with doors to everything closed. I’ve kept an eye on them with our security camera and they sit on top of the couch and look out the windows all day. This also means that as soon as we come home they curl up and fall asleep.

Interested in adopting them? Head on over to Warrior Dog Rescue and fill out an application!

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