The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

New Habits

on April 16, 2018

We are a family of routine. If it’s not part of our routine, it often doesn’t happen. There are a few new habits I’d like to cement, so I’ve been focusing on them the past few weeks. I thought I’d share what’s working and what isn’t in case it sparks something for someone else!

1. Bedtime for the girls. While I used to be the staunchest enforcer of bedtime, I’ve let it slide for a few years now. Most of the time the girls got into bed at a decent time, but I let them decide when lights out was and they would often read until 10:00pm. Once the pediatrician said this was a big growth time for them, I realized we had to snap this back in line. Bedtime is now 8:15ish. If we start the process around 8:15 they’re in bed by 8:30. The big difference? I tell Alexa – Alexa, at 9:00pm remind me to turn the lights out and go to bed. Magic! It was the missing piece! And they do what she tells them to do! We’ve been doing this for a week now and Delaney actually told me the other day that she likes getting to sleep earlier. They willingly go to bed rather than fighting me on it, and I’m sure I’ll see a mood difference eventually. Solid win.

2. Exercise for me. I’ve chased an exercise routine for the past 10 years, and have never been able to find something I can stick with long term. Either I’m bored, I’ve done the program once and don’t want to do it again (Beachbody), or I exercise too hard too quickly and end up exhausted. Here are the little mind hacks I’m using this time. It’s only been two weeks, but I’m not mentally trying to get out of my morning workout which is more than I can say for the last year’s attempts.

* I’m exercising 3 times per week. Whatever three days I feel like. I used to try to exercise 5 or 6 days a week because that’s what the program was, and would burn out quickly. Exercising every morning just isn’t sustainable at this point.

* I exercise until 7:30am. If I would get up late or the dogs would take too long eating, I would scrap exercising because I didn’t have enough time to finish the show. Now, I have zero expectations of finishing! I go until 7:30am, skip to the cool down and that’s it. Some days I get 30 minutes in, some days 20. It is what it is.

* I’m currently doing Beachbody’s 80 day Obsession. I love it! It’s more weights than cardio, but I always feel like I got a workout in. Plus, every day is a new video for the entire 80 days! And since I’m only doing 3 workouts per week instead of 6, this program will last me forever.

* In Rachel Hollis’ book Girl Wash Your Face, she talks about not lying to yourself. If you tell yourself you’re going to work out, do it. You wouldn’t bail on your friend, don’t bail on yourself. It’s a nice little reminder.

3. Drink enough water. I’m not going to bury the lead with this one, I suck at it. I want so badly to drink enough water every day that I’m not parched constantly, but I’m awful. To help, I grabbed the app Plant Nanny. Every time you drink water it waters your plant. The app reminds you if you haven’t had any water in a while, and you can easily see how many glasses you still need to drink. Two days I’ve gotten enough water, the rest of them I’ve been anywhere from 16-48 ounces off. The days I drank enough I drank a bottle of water in the morning before I left for work. It’s key, but it’s not part of my morning routine so I forget until 10:00am when the little app is yelling at me. Still a work in progress. Who has mental hacks for me on this one?

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