The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Planning Ahead

on April 13, 2018

First, everyone is going to the doctor today. Of course they are! We are starting the day with Midas’ eye recheck before school, then the girls have their eye appointments at 5:00, and Daisy and Charlie need to go to the vet once we’re home from Target. Good thing their vet is open late!

So San Diego got really expensive. With all of the parks we visited, plus eating out two meals a day, it added up. The thing is, the girls were just as happy eating the sandwich from the deli at Sprouts, as they were going out somewhere nice. It got me thinking about how I want to do our summer road trip differently and not just eat out constantly.

I really need to go through the hotels I’ve booked to see which ones have kitchenettes, and which ones have at least a microwave and a fridge. We’ll be able to bring staples from home, so PB&J’s should be easy sandwiches to bring with us. I can’t eat rotisserie chicken every day, but it will work for a lot of meals on the go.

What else should go on our list? I’m thinking we need things that are either A) good road trip foods or B) easy hotel meals.

Well, obviously those little single serve mac and cheeses are on the list too.

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