The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Blankets for Doggos

on March 19, 2018

I posted on Facebook about how I’m busier than ever. I’ve taken on some new responsibilities with the dog rescue, my R+F business is growing, plus work, plus getting ready for vacation, there’s a lot going on! But it’s all stuff I’m excited about, and I’m in the mindset where I really want to do these things so it feels good.

For the rescue, I’m in charge of fundraising. Someone suggested an idea that people could sponsor dogs as they came into our rescue, and that they could also purchase a blanket for the dog. Because we have dogs coming up on Saturday, I really needed these blankets done quickly. Because we are vacation prepping my time was limited and I decided I’d just sew the six blankets myself. Maybe not the best plan? It didn’t take a ton of time to sew them once I figured things out, but my eyes were so tired by the end. All that focusing was exhausting. But the blankets turned out really cute! If you’re interested in donating one or sponsoring a pup, go here!

Let’s all take a moment to admire my straight freaking lines. This was clearly the last blanket I sewed and I had figured out how to keep things from bulging everywhere. But didn’t the blankets turn out so cute? It was really hard to pick the fabrics, there are SO many adorable fleece prints! We bought enough to do three different designs, and I”m going to try to get back to JoAnns to buy more while the fleece is still on sale.

Beyond sewing, we hit up the Club for dinner Friday and breakfast Sunday. I do so adore going out for dinner on Friday nights. I look forward to someone else cooking, and a glass of really good wine with really good food. Our dinner was perfection! (Breakfast was too, they really do a great job with the food there and so many gluten free choices for me.)

The girls also finally watched Wonder Woman! I kind of forgot about it and then realized it was on HBO and we didn’t even need to rent it. They loved it!

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