The Munchkins

Life with identical twins


on March 16, 2018

Our riding lessons are at 5:30. For much of the winter it was dark when we got there. About a month ago it was still light when we got there, but I would have to turn the lights on in the barn since the light was fading fast. Last week I had to turn the lights on just as the girls were finishing up their lesson, but this week it was light even when we left! It’s so nice to have this extra light!

With springtime comes shedding, and mud. It was a two person affair to groom the horses last night! Patrick clearly had fun during his paddock time!

Both girls had great lessons on their horses. There was definitely more trust between horse and rider this lesson. Snoflake has a very fast canter which can scare his rider. Caden was nervous, but sat tall in the saddle and did really well. Patrick is an older horse, plus he’s really tall. He can be slow some lessons, but this lesson he had just the right amount of pep in his step. He did awesome cantering and Delaney had so much fun with him.

It was so nice at the end of class they took the horses outside to walk around the barns. The girls love doing this! As they rounded the corner I noticed that Snoflake was being led, not a good sign! Apparently he got a little silly. Oh Snowy.

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