The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Rescue Weekend

on March 12, 2018

Let’s start with Friday. Some weeks I plan meals and I execute them and we eat really well. Some weeks I just don’t have time to plan at all, so we wing it and that never really goes well. Last week I made chicken Sunday, thinking we could eat it in different ways all week, but it just didn’t work that way. I worked from home on Friday, so I spent a little time looking in the fridge to see what we had, and hunting down a recipe online for shrimp and asparagus risotto. Risotto goes over really well in our household, everyone likes it and it’s a group cooking process that Delaney really loves. While I prepped dinner, the girls got in the spirit and made gluten free chocolate chip cookies! It was really nice to eat a good meal, and to have all of us in the kitchen together.

Saturday! We had piano lessons after having a few weeks off. Sometimes having a week or two off can throw off our practice schedule, but we stayed diligent and the girls had a really good lesson! Delaney is playing a jazzy piece that I just love. She loves it too and even the piano teacher was surprised by how well and how fast she could play it.

Saturday was a fundraising event for the dog rescue. I’m now in charge of our fundraising events, so if anyone has tips or tricks or great events, send them my way! This rescue is a fairly tight group of people, so it’s fun to see everyone at these events.

We also hit a 6:15 showing of Wrinkle in Time! I wasn’t sure if we’d see this movie based off the trailer, but the stars promoted it every morning last week on Good Morning America, so by Thursday both girls wanted to see it. Our usual theater didn’t have the best times, so I looked at a theater the bus stop moms had recommended that has recliner seats. They had the perfect time, it was smaller so less chaotic, closer to our house, and a better snack bar. Granted no one there knew what was gluten free so next time I’ll do my homework, but we’re excited to have a new theater! AND, we all loved the movie. If your kids are into the fantasy genre, or love the stories that are set in big worlds that really require your imagination, they will love the movie.

Sunday! An adoption event! I did my classic maneuver of “Are you here to see a specific dog? Oh, looks like someone is holding her right now let me introduce you to Tito!” One family seemed possibly interested in him? Although it was hard to tell. He was pretty overwhelmed by the puppies there, so someone held him most of the time. He did play a little, and he snuggled up to a few of the volunteers, but he was much less social than I expected him to be. Some good news though! Ramsey got adopted at the event! A few weeks ago we found a foster that was willing to do a foster to adopt scenario, and they loved him and decided to adopt him! She was telling me about him and I just had to shake my head. He really needed a big dog brother to help him be confident, and now that he has that he’s doing so well. Lesson learned, stick to the little dogs!

And after all of that, this introvert was done. We headed home and everyone headed to their respective space for an hour of peace and quiet. Well, I got peace and quiet, the girls built their ranch on Minecraft.

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