The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Friday Style

on March 9, 2018

Wednesday on Facebook I posted asking what chores the girls should be doing now that they’re 10. I feel like I do a lot of the cleaning in the house, and I’d like them to do more. People threw out a ton of ideas! And I realized, my kids do most of them. They vacuum, they clean their bathroom, they pooper scoop, they feed the dogs, they help me shovel, and they help with laundry. (Laundry is kind of a family affair, we all do it together. That may change this summer.) The two things they don’t do that were mentioned is take the garbage out and change their sheets. They help with both, but aren’t in charge of either.

All of this made me realize that they actually are doing a fair amount of chores, but our house is still messy, and it’s the day to day mess that drives me crazy. So that’s where we are focusing. We have two major areas that are dumping grounds for us, and I’m hoping if we can clear them off we have a shot at keeping them clean. I was listening to a podcast last night on the way to riding and he said his #1 tip to keeping your house clean is to empty bags as soon as you get home. Do you know what is sitting on the desk right now? Two gift bags from the birthday extravaganza last weekend. The girls also need to work on cleaning up the messes they make in the kitchen, but one thing at a time!

You guys! I took pictures two days this week! Considering we didn’t have school Monday that’s not bad! This was Tuesday, which was a two hour late start. I hate those. They are so hard to time!

Thursday. They both got hair chalk for their birthday so Caden has been spicing up her hair every day this week. I love it!

They were so straight laced I asked for a fun pose. Got it!

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