The Munchkins

Life with identical twins


on September 12, 2017

Let’s highlight the dogs that have come through our house in the last week!

But first, a Midge update. Her surgery went very well! They put a metal plate in her leg, and she has a supportive cast for four weeks. The cast is to give her bones some time to heal before she starts putting weight on her leg. It was interesting talking to the orthopedic surgeon and hearing about how the toy breed specifically has bone and circulation issues that cause these breaks to happen, and make them harder to heal. Don’t breed teeny dogs people! It’s hard on everyone.

First up – Libby!

Libby is a two year old beagle. She has the sweetest face! Libby needed a place to hang for a week so she came to our house. Libby had a lot of energy so we took her for morning and evening walks. I really loved those walks and so did Annie! It was a nice way to start our day. Libby is crate trained, but is learning how to be a dog and so would need another dog in her furever home to help show her the ropes. She loved to run around the yard and sniff everything.

Most fosters stick with a breed or two. We foster chihuahua mixes and rat/toy fox terriers. We know the breeds, our dogs get along well with them, it’s just easier all around. I grew up with a beagle, so I’ve always been drawn to the beagles that we get in. It was fun to have Libby around for a week, but she and I were not always on the same page.

We now have Hazel. Hazel is a two year old chihuahua mix. I love chi mixes! They have such great personalities and are perfect playmates for Annabelle.

This is her and Lark but you get the idea.

Hazel is an owner return (through no fault of her own) so she already knows how to be a dog! With puppy mill dogs we teach them how to be picked up, how to go through a doorway (you’d be amazed how this one can be very difficult for many dogs), how to do steps, furniture, pee right away in the morning, all those things they never learned being locked in a cage all day. But Hazel knows all of these things! And she gives kisses. She adores the girls and cries outside their room at night until I let her in so she can crawl in bed with them. She needs to lose a bit of weight, so we’re continuing our twice daily walks, they’re just a bit slower at this point.

Magnum! Another foster picked this guy up from our house, so he was only with us for a few hours but he and Annie played chase almost nonstop for those two hours. It was so sweet! I’ve seen him at a few events and I love this guy. He’s three years old, and from what I remember, was found as a stray. He clearly used to be a house dog though, because he gives kisses and he loves to be held. He’s got a great personality, total snuggler, and would be a great playmate.

If you’re interested in any of these dogs, fill out an application at Underdog’s site! Hazel isn’t up on the site yet, but she should be soon. If you’re interested in adopting a dog, let me know. I’m more than happy to keep an eye out for a specific breed, or to try to play dog matchmaker.

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