The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

A much looser plan

on August 10, 2017

When we got back from vacation after the 4th of July I gave up cooking. I just couldn’t any more. Doing so was incredibly freeing. I was so burned out on not only cooking, but thinking about what I was going to cook that I just needed to shut that part of my brain off for a while. We went out to eat some, but with the summer heat, mostly resorted to easy, quick, free for all dinners at home. It was glorious. It’s amazing when your kids are old enough to figure out what they want to eat and cook it themselves! 

After a few weeks of this I realized I felt awful. The bowl of cereal, frozen waffle, and peanut butter toast were all easy to make, but all I was eating were carbs. My blood sugar was dropping during the day, I was eating way too much sugar, and I was cranky and tired.

We’ve hopefully found something in the middle. Delaney loves the frozen gnocchi from Trader Joe’s. It’s an easy meal that she can make herself so I buy a bunch of them. Caden loves chicken noodle soup (but only Campbells Homestyle because why not). I’ve tried to throw in a few cooked meals like spaghetti, tacos, and meat on the grill, so we’re getting some protein, and so I have leftovers to eat on other nights.

It’s working. I feel better and it’s not a full blown monthly meal plan that has me cooking for 45 minutes every night so I’m happy. It was also a good reminder that if I eat like crap, I’ll feel like crap. Since going gluten free I’ve kept my eating mostly in check, but that also means a lot of cooking and I know I get burned out. People who cook every day for large families or growing boys or any of that have my undying respect. So yes, happy medium and I’m already perusing recipes for when I get back to real cooking in September.

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