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Life with identical twins

Rich color

on August 1, 2017

Spring of 2016 we had the new fence put in. They recommended we wait to stain it. We probably could have stained it last summer but didn’t, so it was high on the list of projects for this summer. Unfortunately, every weekend we were home and free it was either rainy or cold, so we couldn’t do it. Finally, the stars aligned and we were able to get some staining done on Sunday.

I wanted to try to match the stain color to my house color, so I went for a darker, reddish brown. I had rebate checks for Menards, so that was where I headed. There are two kinds of Pittsburgh outdoor stain, and even though I’d tried to research it, I couldn’t figure out what the difference was between the two types so I asked at the paint desk. Here’s how the conversation went.

“What’s the difference between these two stains? The Ultra and the Paramount?”

“Well, they’re … different.”

“Different how?”

“They’re just different. The Paramount is new and they say it’s better.”

Um, seriously? Isn’t it your job to know this? Since my preferred color was in the Paramount line I went with that (Canyon Sunset for the win). A different guy mixed the stain and tried to get an answer for me. He said that the Paramount line is supposed to more of a satin finish, but I’m not really sure about that either.

We started Sunday morning about 9:30am. I had bought one of those hand pump weed sprayers to use, we also had a roller and the block brushes. It took us a bit of trial and error to figure out what worked best, and how to control the splatter and drips. The roller was great to get the stain on when we had big surface areas to cover, but the sprayer got the stain into the tighter areas. I rolled, and the girls came behind me and worked the stain in with the brushes. We would spray stain where I couldn’t get with the roller, or in the nooks and crannies behind boards.

The six foot privacy fence sections took forever, but once we got beyond those the shorter sections went relatively quickly. Unfortunately, that was right about when the sun came out and it got hot fast. The girls very quickly wished me luck and headed into the air conditioned house. Luckily, after one more section I was in the shade and was able to finish without passing out by 1:00pm. Not too bad? I had thought that we could stain some, take a break, stain some more, take another break, but I forgot how messy staining is. I bought latex gloves for us to wear which was key, but once you’re dirty, you’re only going to clean up once so I just kept at it and had the girls bring me water.

The color is gorgeous. It’s a rich, dark brown and I cannot stop staring at it. I’m really hoping the rain stays away so we can do the other side of the yard next Sunday. Now that we’ve started, I want this project complete!

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