The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Corgis and cupcakes 

on July 31, 2017


Every year we go to Canterbury Park to bet on the ponies and get their faces painted.  This year, I found out about the Corgis & Cupcakes event, which seemed like a combination of all of our favorite things and thus, the perfect event for us.

I had to drop some stuff off at another foster’s house, so we had to take the long way there and got there a little late.  We were all starving, and it was PACKED.  There were long lines everywhere.  We were definitely overwhelmed.  We headed up to the third floor because I thought there was a restaurant there, and my plan was to sit and eat and hope for the best.  The restaurant was closed for a private event, but the snack bar had short lines so we headed there.  After ordering, I frantically looked around for an open table to sit at to slowly realize they were all reserved tables.  A very nice woman saw the look on my face and said we could sit with her.  She had the perfect spot to see the races, and we sat and chatted with her through two horse races, and the first two corgi races.  If she hadn’t been there, we’d have been so screwed.  We could see everything perfectly, and while I love being outside for the races, it was hot and the air conditioning was perfection.

The corgi races.  Oh my goodness.  They were hilarious!  Some dogs had clearly trained, and knew to run to their owners.  Others, not so much, and that was even funnier.  Lots of super cute names too.  Tedford Woofington, and Fluffy Butt were two I remember.

After lunch we decided to head back downstairs and the crowds had definitely thinned out.  We perused a few cupcake vendors and found one with cake pops that the girls wanted.  The girls got their faces painted, we bought an over priced lemonade and watched the horses parade through before the race.  I think that was the biggest bummer.  Normally we can watch the race, run down and see the horses for the next race, bet, and find good seats to watch again but with the huge crowds, it just wasn’t possible.  We watched the second set of corgi races outside and while we were much closer, we couldn’t see much.  But, the crowd was super into it outside so that was super fun.  One dog started running after everyone else had already crossed the finish line, so everyone cheered super loud for him.

And then we left because that was all the people and sun we could handle.  They are doing wiener dog races September 4.  Caden really, really wants to go back for that.  We shall see.  Maybe we’ll head to the lake a day early and come back for it.

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