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Life with identical twins

Maybe not?

on July 27, 2017

Last weekend my dad asked how our back to school shopping is going. He knows me well and at this point in the summer we’ve usually purchased all of our back to school supplies, plus new backpacks and lunch boxes. Not this year though!

School supplies. This year our school offered a program where you could purchase them through the school. It was $27 so I said HELL YES. I’m guessing the girls will want maybe a special folder or two? But otherwise that is taken care of and we’ll pick them up on Meet Your Teacher night.

Backpacks and lunch boxes. Somehow, their backpacks are holding up really well this summer. Usually they are trashed by this point, but this year they still look really good, as do their lunch boxes. I’m not sure why, if they’re taking better care of them, but I’ll take it. I asked if they were willing to use them another school year and they both agreed. I think Caden may angle for a new backpack come September, but if she wants one it will need to come out of her allowance money.

Shoes. Again, their shoes are looking pretty good. They do go through a growth spurt in August generally, so we shall see. I think Caden may be able to at least get into September with her current shoes. Delaney mentioned her toes are at the end so probably not her? At least we aren’t in the dire situation we have been the last few summers where I’m hoping we can get to September though.

Clothes. Caden wore size 7 jeans the last two years. Will she wear them again this year? That is the question! I’m guessing no. The next size is up is size 10 and I can’t imagine Delaney wearing that size, so we might be good on jeans for the year since we have plenty size 8. Last year I bought a bunch of Large t-shirts for Delaney so we might even be good on that front as well. My hope is to not buy any clothes until the Christmas sales come out. It would be huge if we can make it that long. I will say, it’s weird to not be waiting for the Gap friends and family sale, or looking for the 40% off at Old Navy to stock up. The girls do better with fewer clothes, so I’m trying really hard to just hold tight.

Glasses. When the girls got their vision checked in April the dr told me to bring Caden back in just before school starts. She had a feeling her eyes were changing so much she would need a new prescription for the school year. Since I have plenty of FSA money, we’ll definitely do this. It’s probably too much to hope that they could just put new lenses in her current frames right?

One response to “Maybe not?

  1. Kyla says:

    When I was wearing glasses as a kid, we generally did new lenses every year, but new frames every-other. As long as they still fit right on the face, it was a great cost saver.

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