The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Cool Sunglasses

on July 25, 2017

Caden has asked a few times this summer for sunglasses. My intention was to go on the Zenni Optical site and order from there, but then I realized I have a bunch of FSA dollars, might as well get nice sunglasses from Target. Since Target had done their eye exam, we just stopped in on a Sunday while they were open and the girls picked out some sunglasses. They can do those lenses on any frame, but they started out trying out the Ray-ban frames. OMG they looked so adorable! They each tried on these two and decided very quickly. I was dying! Even better, Target is running a back to school sale, so you get free lenses when you buy Ray-ban Jr frames. Their sunglasses were only $70 each! And they were ready three days later, just in time to take them up to the lake.

I wasn’t sure how much they would wear them, but my mom reported they wore them quite a bit all weekend. I love it, since I know how hard it is on your eyes when the sun is bright. They have new cases for these, and I’m crossing my fingers they continue to take good care of them!

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