The Munchkins

Life with identical twins


on July 17, 2017

Our summer has been full of activities and while we’ve loved softball, it’s been so nice to have our weeknights to ourselves again. We stayed home this weekend without any real plans, which was also so nice. We had some plans, but were also able to be spontaneous and work in a sleepover and a playdate.

Friday afternoon I picked the girls up early from YMCA and we went and got our toes painted. I had intended to grab a quick pedicure by myself, but at the last minute I decided to include the girls. I thought it would be fun and it was, but it was also way more expensive than I had planned for AND, Caden ruined her big toe as soon as we left the salon. That happens every single time! After we tried out a new (gluten free friendly) Chinese place. I was super excited to have lemon chicken except, the chicken wasn’t breaded (wrongly assumed it would be) and the sauce was way too sweet. After dinner we quickly packed an overnight bag for the girls and they headed to a friends to go see an outdoor movie and have a sleepover!

The next morning I picked the three girls up and we headed downtown for donuts and a library run. Caden asked to explore a new library since she’s pretty much shopped our current one out of graphic novels. I figured the downtown library would have the biggest selection and I was right! The girls had so many to choose from! We’ll definitely head back there again. There was a big of shenanigans since I had planned to walk from the library to the donut place, but not with a bag of heavy books so we headed back to the truck and then drove to the donut place, but had to find parking which was a huge pain since downtown was busy. The bakery had a bunch of gluten free options though, so that completely made up for it. (I got three cake donuts and a scone. I always over buy gluten free stuff to a) have it for later and b) buy enough so they keep making it.)

It was a hot day so we headed to the pool. It was such a hot day you needed to either be in the water or the shade which we tried to do, but wasn’t always possible. We were at the pool from 1-4 and that was about an hour too long. We took breaks, but the heat just sucked all of the energy out of us. Everyone was droopy and we all collapsed on the couch after.

Sunday was supposed to be much cooler, so I figured it would be the perfect day to use our free zoo tickets from work. Except, it wasn’t as cool as I thought it would be and every single animal was hiding/sleeping in the shade. The bears were clustered in one corner with their paws covering their faces. So we zipped through things, grabbed some (awful) lunch, then hit the bird show. We used to be members of the zoo, and even still we go once a year or so, but we have never been to the bird show! It was THE BEST! So much fun we all kept wondering why we had never been before! We peeked in on the 11:00 show just in time to see a hawk fly over the crowd, so when we went back for the 1:00 show, Caden picked seats right in his flight path. He flew over us three or four times, and a few other birds flew super close to us. We stayed after to watch their training session with a new parrot, who pooped right next to us much to Caden’s delight.

One response to “Weekend!

  1. Grammy says:

    Caden has a fascination with birds!

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