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Advanced Riders

on June 28, 2017

This is what happens when your kiddos come out of their first day of horse camp, excitedly talking about how they cantered (even the kid who has been afraid of cantering!). You go to the saddle shop to pick up a couple bags of $1 horse treats, and you come out with all new breeches and riding shirts! Oops.

Delaney has not been feeling super confident lately during their riding lessons. She’s ridden a few different horses, some of whom are cooperative and some who aren’t. Some of their lessons are outside which adds to her nervousness, and when asked to canter she would immediately panic. We’re doing lessons every week this summer and she told me at one point that she was fine with every other week. I figured a week of horse camp would push her one way or the other on things, and I really wasn’t sure which way it would be. I was beyond thrilled (and surprised!) when she said that she cantered and had fun doing it.

They are definitely the most experienced riders among their fellow campers, and their trainer had them demonstrate trotting, posting, two point stance, and cantering. They were so thrilled! We went to the saddle shop just to restock on horse treats, but you have to walk through the clothes to get to the treats and I couldn’t resist just checking their prices on breeches since the girls will need a new pair soon and well, the next thing I knew we had multiple outfits in our hands and were heading to the dressing room. Don’t they look adorable though? The shirts and breeches are big enough they should last for at least a year, and with lessons every week plus camp, it will be nice to have an extra pair of breeches so we aren’t digging through the laundry all the time.

3 responses to “Advanced Riders

  1. Grammy says:

    Now they just need some boots!

  2. Scott says:

    This reminds me of when Granpa Curt demonstrated trotting, posting, two point stance, and cantering to me after he went to riding school. Oh wait a minute. Maybe it was, get on and hold on and the first one around the grove wins. Some how we survived.

  3. […] far as shirts/jackets go, they wear regular t-shirts for most lessons. We bought cute riding shirts earlier this summer and they love those, but they are totally not necessary. Last winter Delaney […]

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