The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Let’s Talk Books

on June 23, 2017

Reading is very, very big in our house. I love to read, and both girls love to read. We made a trip to the library yesterday and as I was putting them to bed Caden was twirling around her room saying “I just love reading so much!” She was REALLY excited about the books she found.

Delaney has been requesting books from the library for the last six months or so? She’s really found her groove with the fantasy/superhero/myth/god books. I asked her why she liked them so much and she said she loves books that couldn’t happen, where she has to really use her imagination to think about what the characters or the animals look like. It’s been a little hard to realize that a lot of my childhood favorites she’ll never read, but it’s also been really fun finding new series for her. For the New York trip I downloaded a bunch of random books onto their Kindle and one was book 7 of a series called The Unwanteds. (I had no idea it was book 7!) She’s fallen madly, deeply in love with the series so we have a hold out on Book 1. We also found a Thor series that we put holds on as well. She still reads graphic novels, but mostly superhero stuff. She’s super big into Wonder Woman, Supergirl, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Well to be fair, anything superhero. I requested the first Black Panther and she devoured that too.

Caden is pretty much all graphic novels all the time. Occasionally she veers off and will get a chapter book, but those are usually about a dog or a horse, and I just don’t think the storylines can compete with what she can find in the graphic novels. She reads everything – all the superhero stuff that Delaney grabs, plus anything else she can get her hands on. She checks out between 12-20 books every week and reads everything twice. She could spend an hour on the computer searching through the library catalog, finding books to put on hold. She hits both the teen section as well as the children’s section, and will read about any and every topic. When I was putting her books in the return slot last night there was one book about a family that survived a tornado. No subject is off limits for her!

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