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Life with identical twins

NYC Recap & What’s Next

on June 15, 2017

When I told people I was taking the girls to New York a lot of people said “What are you going to do there?” I began to question it myself a bit, but I also knew that my girls would love the city and they did!

My biggest advice to anyone going to New York is not to stay in Times Square. It’s too crazy. There are hotels that are a few blocks away that are great, I highly recommend the W Union Square if you can swing it, otherwise do your research and find an airbnb apartment. Being in a neighborhood made a huge difference for our trip. The girls loved hanging out on the fire escape watching people walk their dogs, and it was so nice returning to somewhere quiet after a day walking around the city.

1. We never did pizza. I had scoped out a few pizza places that had gluten free pizza, but I figured we’d hit one of the slice places for lunch at some point. I’m not sure we even saw any? I didn’t even see a Ray’s Pizza! Maybe we were in the wrong areas, but I feel like New York has changed a lot in the last few years.

2. I need a new baseball hat and saw the perfect NYC hat on our walk to the boat. I didn’t stop because I figured we’d see it again but we never did!

3. Brooklyn. I really thought this would be the trip we’d finally make it to Brooklyn but nope. Next time.

4. The High Line. If we’d had better weather, we definitely would have hit the high line. Our apartment was just a few blocks from it and I think everyone would have loved it.

A few months ago I was talking with a coworker who just got back from Thailand. She was telling me how cheap everything was there so I started doing some research. Thailand is actually not a bad place to take kids. There are lots of beaches, and the food is kid friendly, but the girls weren’t necessarily on board. After some discussion, we decided to go to Paris for next year’s spring break. We were all excited and even started learning French! But, after this trip and all the walking, we discussed it again and agreed we wanted a beach vacation instead. So next year we’re headed to San Diego! It’s about time I bring the girls to my other home state of California. I found an ocean front condo in Solana Beach that we are all excited about. We can take walks along the beach, there’s a community pool we can use, and it’s centrally located between my friends and family in San Diego. I’m super excited and so are the girls.

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