The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Tiny Bits

on May 17, 2017

* I didn’t pack swimsuits for the girls because it was early May and I figured even though it was going to be 80 degrees out, the lake would be cold. Caden was so angry at me! The lake was really calm and she wanted to paddle board. After our boat ride my mom and I went inside to get dinner started and my dad snuck off with the girls and the paddle boards. They just paddle boarded in their rompers and since neither fell in, no one got wet. Caden was so proud of herself! She loves to prove me wrong.

* It’s like Nat Geo Wild at the lake. My mom has bird feeders everywhere and there are so many beautiful birds! We watched the Orioles swoop in and out on the back patio, and two hummingbirds came next to me on the front deck. It was crazy. Makes me want to do bird feeders at our house.

* It’s my birthday today! I share a birthday with a coworker (separated by only 20 years, which is awesome) so we decided to have a birthday donut breakfast at the new fancy donut place downtown. I’ve heard they have an oatmeal bar, cross your fingers on that one. For lunch, my other coworker is taking me out to a gluten free restaurant I’ve wanted to try for a long time. So excited!

* We’re supposed to have our first softball game tonight, but there is heavy rain forecasted. I can’t decide if I want the rain, or if I want to play.

* I need to write a post about how much I love age 9. Seriously, it’s the best so far.

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