The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Mother’s Day 2017

on May 15, 2017

You guys. We are so close! On Saturday we had our last ballet class (recital is this coming weekend and they are doing pictures the next, but it’s Memorial weekend so um, no pictures for us). This week is our last piano lessons and then the piano recital is Sunday. We are all ready for summertime!

Saturday morning we ran Huey over to his temp foster so that as soon as ballet was finished we could grab the dogs and head up to the lake. We were there for exactly 24 hours and we packed it in!

It was a crazy beautiful day, so we knew as soon as we unloaded the truck we wanted to get out for a boat ride. Delaney was so fired up to fish! So we tucked into a little bay and did some fishing.

I let the girls fish with my dad while my mom and I chatted and enjoyed our cocktails.

My dad caught one keeper crappie, and Delaney caught this bass (threw it back) and a 22″ northern (also threw it back). We went out fishing again after dinner and caught a bunch of crappies, and then we fished again on Sunday morning and caught a bunch more. Enough for lunch on Sunday plus some to bring home! We seem to hit the crappies this time of year, and then once June hits it’s more sunfish. Regardless, it was really fun fishing.

The dogs don’t really go anywhere throughout the winter, so Lark was VERY nervous about the car ride and new location. Luckily, once she got on the boat and got her life jacket on, she settled in. All of the dogs had the best time ever. Midas ran all over the place, wagging his tail and just enjoying his little self. Annabelle actually did not want to leave. When I grabbed her leash to lead her to the car she turned around and headed for my mom. One of these days Annie!

The girls and my dad made my mom and I breakfast Sunday morning. They also made our gifts! It was pretty sweet watching them run downstairs after our weeknight activities to plot their crafts and wrap everything up. They were very secretive! All in all, a very solid holiday.

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